Iceage - Voiced by Gerald Urquhart

Iceage was in the Sampson Caves searching for the Energems.  He spotted a young man (Tyler) inside the caves and chase after him.  Eventually Iceage assumed he had scared him away, as he no longer could see him.  After awhile, wearing a dark robe, Iceage approached the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum truck.  The flatbed was loaded with crates.  Iceage found a small box and pulled it towards him.  When he cracked the lid open, it glowed.  Iceage quickly took the box and walked into the woods.  Iceage found a rock and placed the box on it.  Iceage:  "Yes.  I finally found it!"  Iceage felt something rush past him and he turned around.  "Who's that?!"  Iceage didn't see anything.  "I must be hearing things."  Iceage turned around and spotted a young girl (Shelby) taking the box.  "Hey!  Get back here!"  Shelby raced away as Iceage fired at her several times.  Iceage:  "No one steals from me!"  Iceage blasted at Shelby and this time she was hit.  She hit the ground and the box tumbled out of her hands.  Suddenly Tyler swung by on a rope.  Tyler:  "Think again!"  Tyler snatched up the box.  Iceage:  "No!  Give that back!"  Iceage caught up to Tyler and Shelby.  He removed his robe.  Iceage:  "I don't have to hide.  Time to destroy you!"  Tyler dramatically reaches into his backpack and pulls out a banana.  He quickly tosses it aside and then pulls out underwear.  Shelby pretends not to notice and embarrassed, Tyler tosses it aside as well.  He reaches back dramatically and this time removes a small shovel. Iceage:  "Enough!"  Iceage fires at them both.  The shovel manages to block the blast.  Iceage continues to fire at them and Tyler manages to keep the blasts away with his shovel.  He even manages to knock one of the blasts back at Iceage.  Iceage is hit and is knocked against a tree before landing on the ground.  Tyler notices his shovel is now in flames.  Iceage gets back up.  "You'll pay for that."  Shelby stepped forward.  "Fire at us and you might destroy your precious...thing in this crate."  Iceage is impressed with Shelby's show of bravery.  Iceage:  "What I want will survive.  You won't!"  Iceage fires at them again.  Explosions erupt around them and they both fall to the ground.  Shelby drops the crate and the contents spill out, including a pink crystal.  Tyler's red crystal has also been dropped.  Iceage:  "Two Energems.  This is better than I hoped."  Shelby tries to reach for the pink one while Tyler tries to reach for the red one.  Iceage sees them reaching for the Energems.  "Don't even think about it."  Iceage uses his freeze blast on Shelby and Tyler.  They are quickly frozen.  Iceage laughs.  "Looks like you're frozen in fear."  Iceage takes a moment to gloat.  "Feeling a little frostbite.  Now to smash you into a million pieces!" The pink Energem glowed and it course through Shelby's body.  The red Energem is glowing and courses through Tyler's body.  The power of the Energems cracked the ice Shelby and Tyler were encased in.  Quickly the ice broke apart.  Iceage:  "What?  You broke my precious ice!"  Tyler and Shelby pick up the Energems and gazed into them.  Suddenly, encased in stone, Dino Charge Blasters appear in Tyler and Shelby's hands.  Tyler and Shelby placed the Energems into the Dino Charge Blasters and the stone broke away, revealing the weapons.  Excited Tyler began to play around with his Dino Charge Blaster and accidentally fired it.  The blast hit Iceage.  Sarcastically, Shelby told Tyler, nice shooting Tex.  Tyler apologized.  I don't know how to use this thing.  Shelby asked, what did you do?  Tyler gave a demonstration.  Shelby copied what Tyler was doing.  Iceage yelled at them, you're ruining everything!  Shelby and Tyler fired their Dino Charge Blasters.   Tyler and Shelby are morphed into Dino Charge Power Rangers.  Iceage is upset.  What?  They've become Rangers. Iceage yells at them, give me back my Energems!  Red Ranger responds, no way!  Iceage fires at the two Rangers.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger leap into the air and towards Iceage.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger fight Iceage.  Both Rangers land flying kicks on Iceage.  They also double punch Iceage, sending him flying and landing on the ground.  Suddenly the ground begins to shake.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger are surprised to see a T-Rex Zord heading their way.  Red Ranger asks, what is that thing?  Pink Ranger guesses a T-Rex.  Both Rangers leap out of T-Rex Zord's path.  As they hit the ground, they demorph.  Iceage recognizes the T-Rex Zord.  It can't be.  The T-Rex Zord picks up Iceage with his mouth and tosses it far away. 

Powers From The Past

Iceage Cloaked In A Black Robe




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