Scrapper - Voiced by Jeff Szusterman

The various monsters in prison are making lots of noise.  A lone monster walks down the center as monsters yell, give it to me.  The lone monster yells back, keep it down or you won't be fed tonight!  Once the guard leaves, a mechanical claw wraps itself between two bars in it's cells and pulls the bars together.  The claw laughs as it escapes the cell and flings itself from the bars to the pipes above.  Sledge yells, oh no you don't!  Sledge fires and the claw is shot at and falls to the ground.  Unable to stay contained inside the claw, the rest of Scrapper's body appears.  Scrapper knows it's in trouble as Sledge walks towards him.  Sledge tells him, so Scrapper, you want to escape?  Scrapper quickly replies no.  Sledge hauls Scrapper to it's feet and tells Scrapper, bring me an Energem and I'll personally chauffeur you to any galaxy you want.  Sledge pushes Scrapper away.  Scrapper agrees to the plan.  Sledge growls as he walks away.  Later, walking  through the woods are Scrapper, Poisandra, Wrench, and several Vivix.  Poisandra comments, oh look, it's the Rangers.  The five teens face them and Tyler asks, what are you?  A walking lollipop?  Poisandra responds, well, it's lovely to meet you too.  Not!  Allow me to introduce the most magnificent, inter-galactic bounty hunter in the universe!  Sledge descends from the sky and lands in front of his troops.  Poisandra continues, the one, the only, my future husband, Sledge!  Poisandra walks over and places her hand on Sledge's arm.  Sledge asks, this is a joke right?  You're the Rangers who destroyed my monster?!  Shelby responds, Power Rangers.  Sledge laughs.  As I was saying, you're the trouble makers that stole my Energems!  Suddenly Keeper appears in front of the teens.  Sledge recognizes Keeper as Keeper walks towards him.  Keeper tells him, the Energems belong to no one.  Especially not to you.  Sledge responds, my dear old friend.  You thought that blowing up my ship could stop me!  Think again!  I waited in deep space for million of years for a comet to pass.  I caught it with my electro nets and rode it all the way to Earth.  But it was worth it.  Because finally I will destroy you and then I will leave here with the Energems.  Keeper tells him, the Rangers posses the power of the Energems and the strength of ancient dinosaurs.  If you try to take the Energems, you will be the one who will be destroyed.  Sledge growls.  Keeper walks back towards the teens and then vanishes.  The teens are concerned and Riley calls out a shaky, Keeper!  Shelby, although scared, tells her friends, no prob.  We got this. I guess.  Tyler is still distracted by Fury, partly hidden above them.  Wrench taunts them, looks like you're going to cry.  Sledge shouts, bring it on weaklings!  Chase pulls out his Dino Charger and shouts, Dino Charger!  Chase notices Tyler doesn't have his Dino Charger out.  Koda asks, something wrong?  Shelby gets his attention and Tyler quickly pulls out his Dino Charger.  Sledge fires at them as they morph.  Poisandra cheers and tells Sledge, you destroyed them!  Red Ranger shouts, better get your eyes check!  The smoke clears and the Rangers ran towards Sledge and his troops.  Poisandra doesn't think this is fun and takes off running to hide.  The Vivix charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers and Scrapper, Poisandra, Sledge, and several Vivix battle.   Black Ranger is having an easy time battling several Vivix.  Suddenly Scrapper tells Black Ranger, I'll take you apart, and fights Black Ranger.  Black Ranger confidently responds, I'll like to see you try.  Scrapper manages to knock Black Ranger off his feet.  Black Ranger swirls through the air and demorphs as he hits the ground.  Blue Ranger had been fighting another set of Vivix, when Scrapper goes after him.  Scrapper hits Blue Ranger in the back hard enough to knock him off his feet.  Scrapper tells Blue Ranger, caveman strength is nothing as he knocks him off his feet once more.  Blue Ranger goes flying through the air.  Blue Ranger demorphs as he hits the ground.  The rest of the Rangers also end up being defeated and demorph as well.  Sledge comments, I'm getting too old for this as Scrapper, Poisandra, Wrench, and more Vivix walk over to him.  Chase and Shelby help Tyler to his feet.  Sledge gives the teens a last warning.  Hand over the Energems in an hour or I'll blast this planet to pieces.  One hour.  Sledge shoots up into the sky.  When the smoke clears, the rest of this troops are gone as well.  The teens split up.  Tyler goes after Fury as the rest of the teens hurry back to the city.  Riley, Koda, Shelby, and Chase race through the city, towards their Dino Lab, unaware that Scrapper is following them.  Koda, Shelby, Riley, and Chase enter the Dino Lab through the secret passage.  No one sees Scrapper hidden among the crates.  Scrapper is very happy to have found the entrance to their secret base.  Tyler (who realized what was happening and raced back to the city) reaches the docking area and calls out to Chase, but Chase doesn't hear him and slides down into the lab.  Scrapper tells Tyler he is too late.  Secret's out.  Oh I can't wait to get back and tell Sledge the news.  Scrapper laughs as he runs off.  A truck drives by and Scrapper compresses himself into just a arm and hooks himself onto the truck.  Tyler mutters, not if I can help it.  Tyler jumps into his jeep.  A little distance away, Scrapper leaps off the truck and removes some cardboard boxes to reveal a space shuttle.  Scrapper hopes the shuttle makes it back to the ship as it jumps into it.  The space shuttle starts to take off when suddenly Tyler's jeep hits it.  Scrapper is knocked out of the shuttle.  Tyler gets out of his jeep as Scrapper yells at him, you'll pay for that!  Scrapper summons several Vivix.  Scrapper tells the Vivix, get him.  Tyler morphs and fights the Vivix with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger destroys the Vivix and tells Scrapper he's next.  Scrapper tells Red Ranger he is going to turn him into scrap!  Red Ranger charges towards Scrapper with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster at Scrapper.  Suddenly Wrench appears in front of Scrapper and takes the blast and flings it aside.  The action hurts and Wrench sheds a few tears over it.  Red Ranger is surprised.  Wrench tells Red Ranger, you should have stuck with your friends.  You've messed up everything.  Red Ranger shouts, I'm just getting started and charges towards them.  Wrench runs towards Red Ranger.  Wrench and Red Ranger fight each other.  After a few moments of fight, Wrench pulls out his ax and fights Red Ranger with it.  Wrench strikes Red Ranger several times with the ax.  Eventually Red Ranger hits the pavement and demorphs.  Scrapper joins Wrench and states, I was almost to the ship.  You are going to regret getting in my way Red Ranger.  Wrench adds, say goodbye!  Scrapper and Wrench charge towards Tyler, who is still laying on the pavement.   Suddenly, several blasts hit near Scrapper and Wrench.  They are both knocked off their feet.  Tyler is struggling to get back up as his friends race over.  Scrapper gets back up and is ready to leave and tells Wrench, I still got to tell Sledge where their base is.  Tyler tells them, don't count on it.  Chase, Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley morph.   Red Ranger suggests they check out their new armor mode.  Using their Dino Charge Blasters and Dino Chargers, the Dino Steel armor is activated.  In addition, the Rangers have new weapons as well.  Scrapper has the Vivix form Vivix Zords.  Black Ranger fires both his Para Chopper and his Dino Charge Blaster at the two Vivix Zords.  Green Ranger fights Scrapper and Wrench with his Raptor Claw and Dino Saber.  Wrench fights back with his ax and taunts Green Ranger, is that all you got?  Green Ranger responds, not even close.  Green Ranger strikes Wrench with his Raptor Claw.  Blue Ranger fights Scrapper with his Stego Shield.  Blue Ranger strikes Scrapper with his Stego Shield as he tells him, we'll see how tough you really are.  Blue Ranger knocks Scrapper off his feet.  Red Ranger fights Scrapper with his T-Rex Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Scrapper several times with his T-Rex Smasher.  Scrapper complains, that thing hurts!  Tricera Zord destroys the two Vivix Zords.  Red Ranger fires at Scrapper.  Scrapper yells, I'm crushed as he falls to the ground.  Moments later, the magna beam hits Scrapper and he grows to giant size.  Scrapper gloats, I'm going to flatten you all!  Red Ranger states, we'll take care of that.  Red Ranger summons T-Rex Zord.  T-Rex Zord arrives and Red Ranger leaps on top of it.  Scrapper states, that prehistoric piece of junk is no match for me!  Red Ranger replies, bring it on!  Scrapper fires lasers at T-Rex Zord and Red Ranger.  T-Rex Zord jumps and strikes Scrapper.  T-Rex Zord lands on top of a building.  Red Ranger is impressed.  Nice move.  Blue Ranger summons Stego Zord.  Stego Zord arrives and does a spin, hitting Scrapper several times, knocking him off his feet.  Red Ranger leaps off of T-Rex Zord and onto the pavement.  Stego Zord, T-Rex Zord, and Tricera Zord stand together.    Red Ranger calls out, Dino Charge Megazord!  Tri-Stego Formation!  The three zords combine to form the Megazord.  Scrapper fires at Dino Charge Megazord, Tri-Stego Formation.  Dino Charge Megazord charges towards Scrapper.  Dino Charge Megazord strikes Scrapper.   Scrapper yells, you'll never defeat me!  Dino Charge Megazord strikes Scrapper again.  Scrapper tries to strike back, but Dino Charge Megazord blocks the move with it's shield.  Dino Charge Megazord lands more blows on Scrapper.  Scrapper shoots more lasers at Dino Charge Megazord.  Dino Charge Megazord jumps out of the lasers way.  Dino Charge Megazord bounces off a few buildings before turning around and using it's final strike against Scrapper.  Scrapper is destroyed. 

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