Slammer - Voiced by Nic Sampson

Fury greets Sledge.  Fury has Slammer with him.  Sledge, with Poisandra by his side, asks, what can this dirt bag do?  Slammer vows to get those Energems in no time.  Fury explains, he'll capture the Rangers in his cages.  He never misses.  Poisandra is doubtful.  Never misses?  Please!  Spoken by the one who couldn't find a single Energem in sixty-five million years.  Fury mutters under his breath, pink freak.  Sledge gets a hold of Slammer and tells him to get down to Earth and don't disappoint me!  Sledge kicks Slammer into the shuttle.  Slammer promises he won't.  Sledge fires the launch bottom and shuttle takes off.  Slammer arrives in a park in Amber Beach and immediately gets to work.  Koda notices a cage flying straight towards them.  Koda yells duck and leaps out of the way but Chase is caught in the cage.  Chase yells out a warning, Koda, behind you!  The cage and Chase vanish.  Koda sees Slammer walking through the park and scaring several people in the process.  Slammer states, one Ranger locked up.  Time to give him a cellmate.  Another cage dangles from his hand.  Slammer swings it towards Koda.  Slammer yells, you're getting a life sentence!  Without parole!  Koda kicks the cage away.  Koda picks up a shovel and charges towards Slammer.  Koda strikes Slammer with the shovel as he asks, where is my friend?!  Koda kicks Slammer with both feet and then falls flat on his back.  Koda jumps back up as Slammer replies, you'll be joining him soon.  Koda fights Slammer with the shovel.  Slammer knocks him to the ground and tells him, stop trying to break out before you're even in!  Slammer charges towards Koda and Koda kicks him away.  Koda lands several kicks on Slammer.  Slammer manages to grab one of Koda's legs and kicks him away.  Koda lands hard but quickly gets back up as Slammer tells him, the smart thing to do is come quietly.  But you're not very smart are you?  Slammer swings a cage.  Koda spots a young boy on a bike heading in their direction. Slammer releases the cage and it flies towards them.  Koda yells out a warning as he covers the young boy.  The cage captures them both.  Slammer yells, two's double the fun!  The cage vanishes.  Later, Slammer enters a cave.  Slammer is not happy to see one of the cage's empty.  What!  A jailbreak on my watch!  That Ranger is more clever than I thought.  Slammer picks up the bike and throws it.  Slammer takes out his anger on the bike as he yells, I'll crush him!  Chase tells Slammer, I'm pretty clever too.  Let me out and I'll show you.  Slammer walks up to the cage and tells him,  you want to show someone, show Sledge.  Chase backs away as Slammer continues.  He'll eat you for breakfast.  Now I have a Ranger to catch.  Slammer storms away.  Slammer begins to search the large cave, giving an evil laugh as he does so.  Eventually Slammer spots Koda and Peter just ahead of him. 

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