Spellbinder - Voiced by Callum Stembridge

Spellbinder looks like a large crow.  He wears a powerful cape that is capable of blocking every shot.  Spellbinder walks into Moana Kiwi Kurios, where Chase is keeping an eye on the place, but he is fast asleep.  Spellbinder comments once he does this Sledge will finally free him.  Spellbinder spots the item and comments, soon the Rangers will be under my control.  Spellbinder laughs and the sound wakes up Chase.  Chase quickly spots Spellbinder and yells at him to put that back!  The pendant attaches itself to Spellbinder.  Spellbinder casts a spell on Chase and quickly darts out of the store.  Spellbinder is certain Sledge will be so pleased.  Chase goes after Spellbinder.  He pauses for a moment and shakes his head.  Chase comments, what's wrong with me?  Chase hops onto his skateboard and feels like himself.  Chase contacts his friends and tells them he is going to need some backup.  As he rolls along, Chase morphs.  Spellbinder runs into a building, confident he can lose Black Ranger. 

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