Stingrage - Voiced by Peter Daube

Poisandra decides she is going to find Energems and enlisted a very reluctant Wrench to help her.  After awhile, Wrench picks up a signal and exclaims, oh boy, this is huge!  Poisandra hurries over and asks, what is it?  Wrench responds, I've intercepted a satellite search.  I bet it's the Rangers looking for Energems.  Poisandra asks, and what did they find?  Wrench replies, something big.  Poisandra releases Stingrage from his cell and sends him down to Amber Beach to search for Wrench has discovered hidden.  Stingrage and several are searching beneath the ground and find Ankylo Zord.  Stingrage stings the zord, which makes it very angry.  Stingrage hears Koda, Shelby, Chase, Riley, and Shelby above them.  Stingrage and several Vivix jump out from the hole.   The teens race towards the Vivix.  Koda kicks several of the Vivix.  Tyler fights another set of Vivix.  Riley kicks and swings Vivix away.  Shelby kicks another set of Vivix.  Chase also lands several kicks against Stingrage.  Stingrage tells him, you'll get a kick out of fighting me.  Stingrage kicks Chase in the chest and Chase falls to the ground.  Chase shouts, don't let him get away!  He might have the Energem!  Tyler tosses aside a Vivix and runs after Stingrage.  Riley checks the Dino Com and informs them that there is no sign of an Energem.  Tyler fights Stingrage.  Stingrage grabs Tyler by the back of his shirt and states, there might not be an Energem.  But I left a little something for you anyway.  Stingrage tosses Tyler aside.  Koda races towards Stingrage.  Koda fights Stingrage.  Stingrage is impressed.  Not bad Ranger, but not good enough.  Stingrage strikes Koda with his staff, knocking Koda off his feet.  As Koda falls to the ground, Stingrage uses his staff to shoot at Koda's back.  Koda cries out in pain.  Shelby fights the remaining Vivix.  Koda slowly gets back up as Riley, Tyler, and Chase run over to him.  Riley asks Koda if he is okay?  Koda pushes Riley away.  Stingrage shouts, bye bye!  Have fun fighting your friend!  Stingrage returns to Sledge's Ship.  Eventually Chase, Riley, Shelby, and Tyler are able to remove the stinger from Koda's back, which returns him to normal. On Sledge's Ship, Stingrage and Poisandra are in a room when Fury walks in and states, that pink featherbrain thought she could get an Energem on her own.  Sledge is right behind Fury.  Fury walks up to Stingrage and states, Stingrage belongs in a cell.  Sledge walks over to Poisandra and tells her that Fury thinks she is interfering.  That you took Stingrage to Earth.  Poisandra calls Fury a tattletale.  Poisandra asks Sledge, did he also tell you that I almost caught the Blue Ranger?  Or that we found the Rangers' zord and stung it!?  Stingrage backs her up.  My stinger made the zord go crazy.  It nearly destroyed the Rangers.  Sledge is impressed.  You stung a zord.  Not bad.  But if you don't bring me an Energem, you're going to wish you were safely behind bars.  Got it!?  Stingrage responds, yes, of course Master Sledge.  Stingrage returns to Amber Beach to search for Energem.  Poisandra, Curio, and several more Vivix also leave with him.  They are walking towards the hole where they discovered Ankylo Zord when they spot Shelby and Kendall.  Stingrage uses it's staff and points it towards Shelby and Kendall.  Shelby pushes Kendall out of the way and gets hits by the lasers.  Shelby is knocked into the hole.  Kendall is alarmed but Poisandra is pleased.  Hole in one Stingrage!  Stingrage commands the Vivix to attack Kendall.  Kendall quickly gets up and grabs a shovel.  She shouts get away from me as she hits several of them with her shovel.  Surrounded, Kendall drops to the grass and rolls out of the circle.  Once out of the circle, Kendall takes off running.  Kendall races through the forest area.  Poisandra shouts at the Vivix to get her!  Soon the Vivix catch up to Kendall and once more she fights them with her shovel.  Stingrage yells surprise and fires his staff at Kendall.  Kendall is knocked off her feet.  Stingrage and several Vivix face Kendall as she sits up.  Stingrage tells Kendall, one little sting and it will all be over.  Poisandra tells Stingrage to destroy her.  Stingrage fires his staff at Kendall.  Red Ranger leaps in and protectively stands in front of Kendall.  Red Ranger grabs the shovel and deflects the blast back towards Stingrage, Poisandra, and the Vivix.  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Black Ranger race up to Red Ranger and Kendall.  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger help Kendall up.  Kendall tells them Shelby fell in the hole.  Red Ranger asks, she's down there with the Ankylo Zord?  He becomes alarmed and takes off running.  Green Ranger asks Kendall if she can do an underground scan?  Kendall replies she can, from the base.  Kendall takes off running towards their base.  As Red Ranger runs past Stingrage, Stingrage shouts, you won't get away from me!  Stingrage leaps in front of Red Ranger.  Black Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger fight the Vivix.  Black Ranger goes after Poisandra.  Poisandra knocks Black Ranger aside.  Poisandra charges towards Black Ranger and Black Ranger jumps out of the way.  Poisandra charges towards Black Ranger and Black Ranger steps aside, causing Poisandra to fall.  Red Ranger lands a kick on Stingrage.  Stingrage uses his staff to knock Red Ranger off his feet and then punches him.  As Red Ranger goes flying, Stingrage fires several blasts at him from his staff.  Red Ranger lands on the pavement hard.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger hurry over to Red Ranger.  Stingrage, flanked by Curio and Poisandra, states, I'm going to knock you flat.  Stingrage fires his staff at the four Rangers.  It knocks all four Rangers off their feet.  Poisandra laughs and calls them defenseless Rangers.  Poisandra, with Curio, tells Stingrage to sting them and they will destroy each other.  The four Rangers struggle to get up.  Suddenly the ground shakes.  Ankylo Zord bursts through the ground with Pink Ranger standing on top of it.  Pink Ranger shouts at Stingrage that it has stung it's last victim.  Pink Ranger leaps off Ankylo Zord and fires her Dino Charge Blaster at Stingrage, Curio, and Poisandra.  Stingrage, Curio, and Poisandra are knocked off their feet.  Pink Ranger lands close by.  The rest of the Rangers race up to her, relieved that she is okay.  Pink Ranger tells them, I got the stinger out of the Ankylo Zord.  Red Ranger tells her she is awesome.  Pink Ranger notes, it looks like you guys are still working too hard.  Blue Ranger grabs her by the shoulders and tells her, next time we work smarter.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger that he was worried.  Pink Ranger replies, you should have been.  Pink Ranger looks around and comments, looks like it was a close call until I showed up.  Now let's finish this.  As Stingrage, Curio, and Poisandra get back up, Stingrage yells at them, you'll pay for that!  The Rangers do their role call.  Pink Ranger tells the them, I'll take down Stingrage. Poisandra commands the Vivix to attack as the Rangers charge towards them.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger fight the Vivix.  Pink Ranger fights Stingrage.  She yells at him for stinging a zord as she lands a powerful kick.  Pink Ranger actives her Dino Steel armor.  Stingrage tells Pink Ranger that she is really starting to bug him.  Pink Ranger charges towards Stingrage with her Tricera Drill.  Pink Ranger lands a powerful blow with her Tricera Drill.  Stingrage comments, looks like I got stung this time.  Pink Ranger boosts and that's how it's done as Stingrage explodes behind her. 

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