Bones - Voiced by Tom Wyner

Rita wanted a monster to trap the Rangers into a time warp.  Rita went to Finster.  Finster was working on his latest creation - Bones.  Rita liked him as he was so gruesome.  Bones was placed in the Monstermatic on high.  He dropped out the machine and tipped his hat towards Rita.  Rita was very impressed.  Later, Bones was sent down to Angel Grove.  Bones arrived in the amusement park in pieces, but quickly reassembled himself.  Bones had lasers that could shot out of his eyes.  He could also turn invisible and jump long distances.  Bones rode the Merry Go Round, while waiting on the Rangers.  The Rangers did show up.  Bones could take his head off, and he had it spin in the air as the Rangers watched.  The spinning head cause the Rangers to spin around and they were soon in the time warp.  Bones got them into the time warp.  Bones was there as well.  Several Skelton creatures came racing forward and battle the Rangers.  Baboo and Squatt were also there.  They were to light the bomb that would cause the explosion to seal in the Rangers.  Bones battle the Rangers as well.  Bones uses his sword and struck the ground, causing a crevice to appear.  The Rangers used their Blade Blasters against Bones.  Bones fell into pieces on the ground, but once more, reassembled himself.  Bones could not be destroy, unless his head was destroyed.  Blue Ranger raced forward and grabbed Bones' head.  Bones' body searched for his head.  Blue Ranger wrapped the head in Bones' cloak and then tossed it to Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger dropped the head into the crevice, destroying Bones.  The Rangers were released from the time warp due to another monster, Giant, arriving. 

High Five