Cardiatron - Voiced by Richard Cansino

Cardiatron is an ultra intelligent internal computer that is inside Hatchasaurus.  The only way to destroy Hatchasaurus was to disconnect Cardiatron.  The first battle the Rangers had with Hatchasaurus, they destroyed him with their zords.  Cardiatron put Hatchasaurus back together and the following day, Hatchasaurus was back.  This time, Rita placed a spell that made Dragonzord weak and unable to help the Rangers.  Once more the Power Rangers battled Hatchasaurus.  This time with Megazord.  Dragonzord had arrived but could not help them.  Hatchasaurus was destroyed by Megazord, but was soon back and this time with horns.  Red Ranger leaves the cockpit and leaps inside of Hatchasaurus.  Cardiatron immediately spots Red Ranger and comments, a visitor, how nice.  Pity I must destroy you.  Red Ranger is determined to destroy Cardiatron and takes out his Power Sword.  Red Ranger charges towards Cardiatron.  Cardiatron soon has Red Ranger encased in it's tentacles.  While in his grip, Cardiatron sends several electrical currents through Red Ranger.  Several explosions emerge from Megazord.  Megazord drops it's power sword.  The remaining Rangers notes that Hatchasaurus is charging towards them.  Megazord and Hatchasaurus battle again.  The Rangers continue to have a difficult time against Hatchasaurus.  Dragonzord struggles against the spell and soon falls to the ground. Yellow Ranger notes, he's helpless.   Black Ranger shouts out, Jase, the Dragon flute!  Although Cardiatron still has him in his grip, Red Ranger begins playing the Dragon Dagger.  Dragonzord continues to lay on the ground.  Cardiatron tells Red Ranger it's no use.  Your silly flute is no match for Rita's evil power.  Red Ranger is not about to give up.  He yells out, Dragonzord power!  This is enough to break the spell Dragonzord is under.  Dragonzord quickly gets back up and is able to move freely.  Megazord grabs a hold of Hatchasaurus.  Dragonzord walks over and uses it's tail to strike Hatchasaurus.  This knocks Red Ranger and Cardiatron out.  The rest of the Rangers are stun to see Cardiatron.  Cardiatron tells Red Ranger, he cannot defeat him.  Red Ranger leaps over to him with the Dragon Dagger and Power Sword drawn.  One of Cardiatron's tentacles grabs Red Ranger.  While in his grasp, Cardiatron fires at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger is knocked down.  Red Ranger gets back up.  Red Ranger runs towards Cardiatron with both weapons drawn.  Red Ranger strikes Cardiatron with the Power Sword and then the Dragon Dagger.  Cardiatron is destroyed.  Hatchasaurus is destroyed by Ultrazord.

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