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Terror Blossom had summoned Hatchasaurus and in doing so, also summoned Cardiatron, which was inside Hatchasaurus.  The Rangers arrive at the park.  Hatchasaurus greets them.  White Ranger asks, where's the flower monster?  Hatchasaurus replies, don't worry, we'll keep you company.  Several of Zedd's Putties appear.  White Ranger states, thanks, but no thanks.  Hatchasaurus tells the Putties, come on boys, let's have a little fun.  Black Ranger battles a group of Putties.  White Ranger battles another set of Putties.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger battle a group of Putties together.  Blue Ranger battles another set of Putties.  Red Ranger battles a set of Putties.  Hatchasaurus watches as the Rangers battle the Putties.  White Ranger kicks Hatchasaurus and knocks it's off it's feet.  Hatchasaurus becomes angry.  That's quite enough.  I'm not going to take this from you Power Brats again.  Lord Zedd has grown weary.  With Goldar by his side, he throws down his grow bomb.  Hatchasaurus catches it and grows to giant size.  White Ranger comments, great, just what we didn't need right now.  Hatchasaurus states, what a lovely day for a walk through downtown Angel Grove.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger summon their Thunder Zords.  White Ranger summons White Tiger Zord.  The Thunder Zords combine and form Thunder Megazord.  White Tiger Zord arrives and White Ranger leaps up and enters.  White Ranger has White Tiger Zord convert to warrior mode.  Hatchasaurus tells them, you won't stop me.  White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode punches Hatchasaurus, knocking it off it's feet.   Hatchasaurus gets back up and Thunder Megazord strikes it with it's sword several times, knocking Hatchasaurus off it's feet once more.  Thunder Megazord forms a powerful energy smoke ball and hits Hatchasaurus with it.  Hatchasaurus blows apart.  Alpha 5 has been watching the viewing globe and is very happy that the Rangers destroyed the Hatchasaurus.  But then he notices something else.  Alpha 5 informs Zordon that the pieces of the monster did not disintegrate like they usually do.  This can mean only one thing.  Cardiatron must still be alive.  The viewing globe confirms Alpha 5's reasoning. 

The Ninja Encounter, Part II














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