Commander Crayfish - Voiced by Tom Wyner

Rita had decided to use her Badges of Darkness to turn several Putties into the Mutant Rangers.  Goldar had gone down to the Angel Grove shoreline to train the Putties.  Five were selected to become Mutant Rangers - an evil counterpart to the Power Rangers.  Goldar declare that there was no Putty worthy of becoming the Red Mutant Ranger.  Later, Commander Crayfish was selected to become the leader of the Mutant Rangers.  He took the selected Putties back down to the shoreline and gave them more training.  Commander Crayfish tells the Putties, you have trained well.  With your Badges of Darkness and me as your leader, we shall destroy the Power Rangers!  Commander Crayfish laughs.  The next day, Commander Crayfish and four of the Putties arrived at the shoreline.  Soon Pink, Red, Yellow, Black, and Blue Ranger were facing them off.  The four Putties morphed into four of the Mutant Rangers.  Commander Crayfish fought Red Ranger with his sword as the rest of the team fought the Mutant Rangers.  After awhile, Green Ranger arrived.  Commander Crayfish summon Green Mutant Ranger and the battle continues.  Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers did well against the Rangers.  The Mutant Rangers also had weapons similar to the Power Rangers.  The Mutant Rangers formed their version of the Power Blaster and knocked the Rangers off their feet.  The Rangers had to retreat.  Within a few moments, the Power Rangers returned with more powerful weapons.  Once more Commander Crayfish fought Red Ranger as the Mutant Rangers fought the rest of the Rangers.  Again Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers formed their Power Blaster.  The Rangers also formed their Power Blaster and fired.  This time Pink and Yellow Mutant Rangers were destroyed.  Commander Crayfish and Blue, Black, and Green Mutant Rangers grew to giant size.  The Rangers summoned their zords and Megazord was quickly formed.  Commander Crayfish fought Megazord as Black, Green, and Blue Mutant Rangers fought Dragonzord.  Soon Commander Crayfish worked together with the remaining Mutant Rangers to fight Megazord and Dragonzord.  Ultrazord was formed and destroyed Commander Crayfish and Green, Black, and Blue Mutant Rangers.

Mighty Morphin Mutants