Dark Warrior - Voiced by Tom Wyner

Rita had been watching Trini's Uncle Howard when she got her next idea.  Rita headed over to the monster making room and hollering for Finster.  Rita told Finster she wanted a monster that was invincible and clever.  Finster responded by telling her he will combine the speed of the panther, the wisdom of the ages, and the strength of ten angry Octavian slime toads to create Dark Warrior.  Finster quickly started the Monstermatic and within a few moments, Dark Warrior dropped out of it.  They all leave for another room.  Finster lines up with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  Rita tells Dark Warrior that she wants him to keep an eye on Goldar, Baboo and Squatt when they go to steal the invisibility formula.  Dark Warrior vows he shall not fail and then he vanishes.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt located Uncle Howard's lab.  They find a formula.  Goldar gives it to Squatt to check it and he drinks it instead.  Baboo drinks some of it as well and they both don't feel good.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt return to the Moon Place.  Rita is furious with them.  Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo kneel before Rita as she beats them with her staff.  Dark Warrior is standing close by.  Rita yells as she asks how many times has she told them not drink anything without a label?  Dark Warrior states the formula was not in the lab.  Dark Warrior wants Rita to send the Putties to capture Uncle Howard.  Dark Warrior is confident he can get Uncle Howard to give him the formula.  The Putties are sent down and Uncle Howard is captured and taken to an abandoned cave, where Dark Warrior is waiting.  The Putties tie Uncle Howard up.  there are several cases of dynamite.  Dark Warrior demands that Uncle Howard tell him where the invisibility formula is.  Uncle Howard tells him he doesn't know.  Dark Warrior doesn't believe him.  Dark Warrior thinks Uncle Howard might have told his niece, Trini, where the formula is.  Uncle Howard tells Dark Warrior to leave Trini out of it.  Dark Warrior sets the bomb and tells Uncle Howard that he has one hour to tell him where the formula is.  If he doesn't, Uncle Howard and the cave will disappear forever.  Uncle Howard struggles to free himself.  Dark Warrior tell shim to stop and tell him where the formula is.  Uncle Howard cannot remember where he had put the formula.  Dark Warrior's eyes flash brightly several times as he threatens Uncle Howard.  Dark Warrior comes up with a plan.  Dark Warrior sends several black balloons to the Youth Center to be delivered to Trini.  Ernie delivers the balloons to Trini.  The balloons pop and a note drops to the floor.  The notes tells them if you ever want to se your uncle again, deliver his secret formula to me in Angel Grove Park.  Trini, unfortunately, did not have the formula.  Meanwhile, Dark Warrior headed off to the park and waited for Trini to show up with formula.  Instead the Power Rangers showed up.  The teens had just moments before rescue Uncle Howard.  Dark Warrior battled the Rangers and their Blade Blasters with his sword.  Dark Warrior also used his small cannon under his wrist and fired it at the Rangers several times.  Pink Ranger uses her Power Bow and fires several arrows at Dark Warrior - which Dark Warrior deflected.  Rita makes Dark Warrior giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords and the Megazord is formed.  Dark Warrior battles the Rangers in their Megazord in tank mode and in battle mode.  Dark Warrior battles the Megazord with a chain that has a curved blade on one end of it.  Dark Warrior is destroyed by the Megazord's Power Sword.   

Dark Warrior