Angel Grove High School was hosting Parents Day at the Youth Center.  This gave Rita the idea to kidnap the Rangers parents and for their release, the Rangers had to surrender their power coins.  Finster suggests they use the Dramole monster.  It comes with a perfectly delightful gas that can hypnotize anyone who breaths it.  Dramole travels beneath the ground, completely undetected.  The plan was to distract the Power Rangers and have Dramole hypnotize their parents an kidnap them.  Dramole was sent down to Angel Grove and traveled beneath the ground towards the Youth Center.  Several Putties are sent down outside the Youth Center.  Zack, Jason, Trini, and Kimberly are kept busy battling the Putties as Dramole continues to make it's way towards the Youth Center undetected.  A few moments later, the Youth Center shakes as Dramole is now underneath the place.  People begin to panic as gas fills the room.  Soon everyone in the room vanishes.  Dramole stays underneath the Youth Center for awhile.  Moments later, Billy enters the Youth Center.  Rita decides to use Billy to steal the Dragon Dagger.  Dramole releases it's gas and it seeps through the floor and surrounds Billy.  Billy is under Rita's control.  Billy steals the Dragon Dagger and gives it to Goldar.  This breaks the spell Billy is under.  Goldar quickly summons Dragonzord and sends him on a rampage through Angel Grove.  The Rangers battle Dragonzord with the Megazord, but are unable to defeat it.  The Power Rangers make the painful decision to give up their power coins in exchange for their parents.  The teens are horrified when they discover Goldar has tricked them and intends to keep the power coins and their parents.  Meanwhile, Dramole leaves the Youth Center, still under ground and undetected.

Zordon had Tommy teleported to the Command Center.  Zordon then infused Tommy with some of his energy.  Tommy was the Green Ranger once more, although this time with limited powers.  Green Ranger confronted Goldar and managed to get back the Dragon Dagger.  Green Ranger now had control of Dragonzord, which fought both giant size Goldar and monster form Scorpina.  During the battle, Goldar realized he left the power coins unguarded and vanished from the battle.  It was too late, while battling Putties, Green Ranger managed to get the power coins and was teleported back to the Command Center.  The Power Rangers were back.  Rita was furious and summon Dramole.   Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive and Dramole breaks through the surface behind them.  Pink Ranger finds his appearance gross.  Dramole immediately releases it's gas.  It washes over the Rangers.  Pink Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, don't breathe it.  The skies suddenly darken.  Dramole fires energy bolts at the Rangers.  It hits Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  The four Rangers clutch their helmets as Pink Ranger asks them, what's happening to you?  What's the matter?  Yellow Ranger gives the command to attack the Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger go after Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger tries to outmaneuver them, but she is soon caught.  Black Ranger and Blue Ranger hold her arms as Pink Ranger yells at them to let go of her.  Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger stand guard as Dramole steps forward.  Green Ranger arrives and fires at Dramole.  Dramole is knocked to the ground.  The skies clear and the spell is broken for the four Rangers.  Dramole gets back up on it's feet.  Red Ranger asks, what just happened?  Yellow Ranger is confused too, what's going on?  Green Rangers runs up to the rest of the Rangers and they are very happy to see him.  Pink Ranger tells Green Ranger, I'm so glad to see you.  Green Ranger replies, it's good to be back. 

Return Of An Old Friend, Part I


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