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Rita notices the dam.  Rita tells Fang to knocked the dam to the ground.  Fang likes the idea, we'll soak them.  Fang starts walking over to the dam.  The Rangers get the Megazord back on it's feet.  Green Ranger arrives and summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger.  Fang runs towards the dam, but Dragonzord stops him by hitting him with his tail.  Fang and Dragonzord battle.  Fang knocks Dragonzord back.  Megazord goes to stand by Dragonzord.  Dragonzord in Fighting Mode is formed.  Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord in Fighting Mode battle Fang.  Dragonzord in Fighting Mode tires to strike Fang with it's drill, but Fang knocks it away.  Fang hits Tyrannosaurus hard.  Fang grabs Dragonzord in Fighting Mode's drill, and pushes it aside.  Tyrannosaurus hits Fang hard.  Fang hits the ground, but quickly gets back up.  Fang uses it's horns to blast Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.  Titanus is summon and Ultrazord is formed.  Fang starts charging at Ultrazord.  Ultrazord fires all weapons.  Fang is destroyed.

The Yolk's On You!




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