Fighting Flea

When Rita saw Jason with a lost dog, it gave her an idea.  We can use that mutt to get to the Rangers.  Baboo thinks it's a good idea.  Squatt wishes he had thought it.  Baboo and Squatt follow Rita into Finster's room.  Rita tells Finster it's time to hatch my fabulous Fighting Flea.  Look out Red Ranger!  Goldar comments, that takes care of Red Ranger, but what about the others?  Rita replies, I'll cast a spell that will make the itch contagious and get them all.  Finster places the mold of Fighting Flea into the Monstermatic.  He had been looking forward to this for such a long time.  It will put quite a bite on the Rangers.  Squatt comments it's munch-a-roonie time!  Rita, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar all watch the mold go in the Monstermatic.  Soon Fighting Flea drops out.  Fighting Flea exclaims I'm ready!  I'm ready!  Rita then shrunk Fighting Flea and sent him down to Angel Grove park.  The tiny form of Fighting Flea lands on the dog.  The dog whimpers and Jason pets him out of concern.  Jason suddenly has an unstoppable itch, unaware that Fighting Flea has bit him.  Distracted, Jason doesn't see Bulk and Skull lure the dog away.  (Jason and Kimberly go to the Command Center, where Alpha 5 has a spray that helps the itch temporarily.)  Later, Bulk and Skull find a phone booth.  Bulk gives the dog to Skull and looks up the number on the poster.  Fighting Flea leaves the dog and lands on the grass and returns to his normal size.  Skull is the first to spot Fighting Flea.  Fighting Flea chants, I'm hungry!  I'm hungry!  Skull tries to get Bulk's attention by tapping him with the dog's paw.  Bulk tells him to be quiet, the phone's ringing.  Skull tells Bulk, I really think you ought to see this.  Skull uses the dog's paw to point in the direction of Fighting Flea.  Irritated Bulk asks, what is it?  Bulk finally notices Fighting Flea.  Fighting Flea greets them and asks, how about a bite to eat?  Bulk tells the person on the phone, we'll call you later and drops the phone.  Skull and Bulk take off running and screaming.  Fighting Flea doesn't mind.  Oh well, I rather have seconds of that tasty Red Ranger anyways!  Kimberly and Jason continue their search for the dog when suddenly Fighting Flea appears in front of them.  Fighting Flea greets Jason and tells him he is so happy to see him again.  Kimberly finds Fighting Flea more gross than what she thought.  Jason and Kimberly morph.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger face down Fighting Flea.  Fighting Flea blasts the two Rangers off their feet.  Unfortunately the itch has returned for Red Ranger.  Fighting Flea notices Red Ranger's dilemma and laughs.  Fighting Flea  asks, what's the matter Red Ranger?  I thought you were itching to fight me!  Pink Ranger pulls out her Blade Blaster and leaps towards Fighting Flea.  Pink Ranger strikes Fighting Flea, but Fighting Flea strikes her back.  Pink Ranger goes flying and hits the ground hard.  Red Ranger hurries over to Pink Ranger to make sure she is okay.  Pink Ranger reassures him that she is okay.  The itch becomes worse for Red Ranger and he flips and rolls around the ground trying to get rid of the itch.  Fighting Flea tells Pink Ranger, I'll take care of you when I finish with your friend.  Pink Ranger holds out her Blade Blaster and warns Fighting Flea to stay away from Red Ranger.  Fighting Flea asks, do you think you scare me?  Take that!  Fighting Flea shoots several needles at Pink Ranger, knocking her down.  Fighting Flea laughs and prances around.  Red Ranger gets mad and declares - that's it!  I'm not going to let Rita or her pesky flea get the best of me!  Fighting Flea knocks Pink Ranger and Red Ranger off their feet.  Fighting Flea laughs until he is blasted.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger run through the junkyard and towards Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger reassures his friends that he is okay.  Yellow Ranger suggests to Black Ranger, let's keep this guy busy!  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger race over to Fighting Flea.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger battle Fighting Flea.  The two Rangers have a tough time against Fighting Flea.  Fighting Flea knocks Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger to the ground.  The two Rangers roll towards the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger thanks them for covering for us.  Fighting Flea taunts, Red Ranger, still itching for a bite!  Blue Ranger steps forward and states, not anymore!  My antidote neutralizes the effects of your evil bite.  Fighting Flea gets mad and jumps up and down.  That's not fair!  You cheated!  The Power Rangers are ready to fight Fighting Flea.  Fighting Flea summons several Putties and has them attack the Rangers.  Red Ranger battles a batch of Putties.  Yellow Ranger battles another group of Putties.  Blue Ranger battles another set of Putties.  Pink Ranger is kept busy battling a group of Putties.  Black Ranger is battling yet another group of Putties.  Red Ranger uses his Power Sword to battle the Putties.  Fighting Flea shoots several needles at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger rolls out of the way.  The rest of the Rangers join him as the Putties are destroyed.  Fighting Flea faces them, stating, I've got you now!  From his antennas, Fighting Flea blasts the Rangers.  Red Ranger leaps out of the smoke with his Power Sword.  He leaps into the air and strikes Fighting Flea as he comes down.  Red Ranger fights Fighting Flea with his Power Sword and knocks Fighting Flea to the ground.  A few moments later, Fighting Flea grows to giant size.  Fighting Flea laughs and asks, what do you think Rangers?  The Rangers summon their zords.  When the zords arrive, the Rangers leap inside them.  Megazord is formed in tank mode.  Fighting Flea uses his antennas to fire at Megazord.  Megazord fires back with all canons.  Megazord goes into battle mode.  Fighting Flea and Megazord walk towards each other.  Fighting Flea states, I've had enough of this.  You're through Power Rangers!  Fighting Flea and Megazord fight each other.  Fighting Flea lands a kick on the Megazord.  Megazord lands a punch on Fighting Flea.  They grab a hold of each other and then Fighting Flea manages to break free.  Fighting Flea charges towards Megazord.  Megazord walks towards Fighting Flea.  Once more they fight each other.  Megazord lands several powerful blows to Fighting Flea.   Eventually Fighting Flea is knocked to the ground.  Fighting Flea leaps into the air, flies towards Megazord, and lands a strike against Megazord.  Fighting Flea does this several times.  Fighting Flea then blasts Megazord.  Megazord is hit hard.  Fighting Flea jumps and down and exclaims, I'm going to tear you Rangers apart! 

To Flea Or Not To Flea














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