Genie - Voiced by Tom Wyner

Rita had sent down Squatt to switch wires on one of Billy's inventions.  The machine was suppose to allow you to read minds.  The plan was to have Billy's brain so scramble, that the Rangers would be too busy with helping their friend to pay attention to Rita.  Squatt reported back to Rita that the wires had been switched.  Rita was very pleased.  Rita knew which monster she wanted to send down to destroy the Power Rangers - Genie.  Baboo and Squatt were sent to Canine 4 of the Wolf's Head Galaxy to retrieve the lamp that Genie was in.  When Baboo and Squatt returned with the lamp, Goldar told them to go ahead and rub the lamp.  Genie appeared on the balcony of the Moon Palace.  Goldar gave Genie's his instructions.  He was to go to Angel Grove in his lamp, so Zordon could not detect him.  Genie told him your wish is my command.  Once down there, he was to destroy the Power Rangers.  Squatt only had one question for Genie - can he destroy the Power Rangers.  Genie was confident that he could.  Genie returned to his lamp.  Baboo and Squatt took the lamp to Angel Grove's park.  Squatt accidentally dropped the lamp and Genie left the lamp once it was dropped.  Zordon became aware of a disturbance in the Morphin grid and sent the teens to the park to search for the lamp.  The teens teleported to the Command Center with the lamp.   Goldar and several Putties had been sent down as a diversion for the Power Rangers.  The Rangers battled Goldar and the Putties until Zordon had Alpha 5 teleport the Rangers to where the real danger was - Genie.  Genie immediately attacked the Power Rangers with several spears.  Genie then shot webbing out of his fingers which tangle up the Rangers.  The Rangers would be teleported back to the Command Center.  After awhile, the Rangers returned.  Rita fired them at first and then made Genie giant size.  Genie tried to stomp on the Rangers.  The Rangers summon their zords and form the Megazord.  Genie battled the Rangers easily.  He had a giant drill in his hand.  Genie had knocked the Megazord to the ground and was ready to drill into the Megazord.  Back in the Command Center, Alpha 5 had discovered the source of Genie's power was the lamp.  Carefully Alpha 5 destroyed the lamp.  Once the lamp was destroyed, Genie vanished.

Switching Places