Lion Head - Voiced by Richard Epcar
Goat Head - Voiced by Tony Oliver

Goatan, the Storm Bringer, is also known as Rita's evil Chimera monster.  Goatan has a lion head, a goat head on his chest, and a snake tail.   Goatan has the power to create blizzards, tornadoes, and even hurricanes to destroy the world.  This put the Earth at great peril.  Rita created Goatan by casting a spell on the Noble Lion trophy that Bulk and Skull stole.  Bulk and Skull had placed the trophy a small distance from them, as they tried to wash off the mud from their faces.  Suddenly the ground starts to shake.  The Noble Lion trophy is engulf with a golden light.  When the light vanishes, Goatan is standing there.  Bulk and Skull are terrified.  They glance at each other and then decide to make nice.  Skull tries to treat Goatan as if it was a cat, and tells it, here kitty, kitty.  Goatan calls them insolent fools!  Goatan shoots gold lines that encase Skull and Bulk.  Skull and Bulk make a break for it and jump into the lake.  Skull grabs a hold of Bulk's jacket and drags him through the water and away from Goatan.  Goatan laughs at them.  Goatan immediately created a severe thunderstorm and soon a tornado warning was issued.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger face down Goatan.  Goatan leaps over to them and strikes Red Ranger and Pink Ranger to the ground.  Pink Ranger declares enough is enough and takes out her Power Bow.  Goatan gloats, you have no power to match mine, puny Ranger.  Go ahead and try it!  Pink Ranger shoots several arrows at Goatan, but he bats them all away.  Then Goatan takes out his own bow and arrow and shoots one arrow towards Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger fires her arrow towards Goatan.  The two arrows hit each other in the sky.  Goatan's arrow strikes Pink Ranger.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger race over to make sure she is okay.  Red Ranger declares, I'll teach that fur ball some manners.  Red Ranger pulls out his Blade Blaster and fires it at Goatan.  Goatan is hit and goes flying through the air.  He lands by some logs.  He picks one up.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger charge towards him.  The three Rangers battle Goatan.  Red Ranger uses his Power Sword, Blue Ranger his Power Lance, and Yellow Ranger her Power Daggers.  Goatan manages to knock their weapons out of their hands.  The Rangers go flying and land in a heap together.  Goatan leaps into the air and fires lasers out of it's lion head's eyes.  The four Rangers are hit.  Goatan asks them if they have had enough and calls them pathetic weaklings.  Goatan's goat mouth opens and sends out a red tornado that encased the four Rangers.  The four Rangers are toss around and around in the tornado.  Goatan gloats, nothing can save you now, Power Rangers.  Soon, Black Ranger arrives on top of a cliff with his Power Ax.  (He had been on a date with Angela.)  Black Ranger is alarmed to see his fellow Rangers spinning around inside the tornado.  Black Ranger fires the Power Ax at Goatan.  Goatan is knocked back several feet.  Goatan gets back up and notes Black Ranger has arrived.  Black Ranger tells Goatan, he is one messed up looking cat.  When the Power Ax struck Goatan, it freed Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger from the tornado.  The four Rangers are very happy to see Black Ranger.  Black Ranger tells Goatan, you are going to pay big time!  For messing with my friends, and especially for messing up my date!  Goatan tells him, he's all talk.  Black Ranger replies, and you're all goat!  Black Ranger leaps off the cliff and strikes Goatan with his Power Ax.  Goatan is knocked to the ground.  Black Ranger comments, that ought to change your mind Goatan.  Both of them. 

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