Goo Fish - Voiced by Robert Axelrod

Rita discovered Billy had a fear of fish.  Goldar suggested this was the perfect time to send down the toxic Goo Fish.  Goo Fish carried a lance, with a fish decoration close to the top, as a weapon.  It also had a toxic venom that immobilizes anyone or anything it touches.  Goo Fish was also capable of shooting lasers out of it's eye.  Goo Fish also has explosives in the form of sand dollars, starfish, and fish.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger arrived and quickly battled and defeated several Putties.  Goo Fish leaps out of the ocean and arrives on the beach.  Pink Ranger finds Goo Fish's appearance gross.  She tells Blue Ranger, we're going to need some help.  Goo Fish states, I am the Goo Fish, you are no match for me.  Goo Fish battles Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  During the battle, Rita casts a spell that intensifies Blue Ranger's fear of fish.  Suddenly Blue Ranger is crunching down in fear.  Goo Fish laughs as Blue Ranger hides behind Pink Ranger, pleading with her to keep Goo Fish away from him.  Goo Fish continues to laugh at Blue Ranger.  That's right, be afraid!  For soon you will suffer my wrath!  Blue Ranger continues to plead with Pink Ranger to keep it away.  Pink Ranger contacts Zordon and tells him they need help as Goo Fish walks towards them.  Suddenly the rest of the Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger fires his Blade Blaster at Goo Fish, just as Goo Fish was about to strike Pink Ranger.  Goo Fish is knocked aside.  He tells the Rangers, another time, and dives into the ocean.  Later, the Rangers arrive on the beach and find Goo Fish with several Putties.  Pink Ranger tells the team that she and Blue Ranger will take care of the Putties, they can take care of Goo Fish.  Goo Fish instructs the Putties to attack.  The Rangers are kept busy battling the Putties.  Red Ranger uses his Power Sword as he battles the Putties.  Goo Fish approaches Blue Ranger.  Pink Ranger yells out a warning.  Blue Ranger is immediately filled with fear.  He yells at Goo Fish to go away.  Red Ranger sees Blue Ranger is in trouble and leaps over with his Power Sword.  Goo Fish knocks Red Ranger aside before Red Ranger can strike.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger race over to Red Ranger to make sure he is okay.  Red Ranger is okay.  The three Rangers are ready to fight Goo Fish when he shoots out his toxic venom on the three Rangers.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger cannot move.  Red Ranger yells out to Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger, that they are stuck.  We need help!  Blue Ranger crunches down in fear and tells them he can't.  Goo Fish is ready to go after Blue Ranger once more.  Pink Ranger leaps in the air and fires her Power Bow.  Goo Fish uses his lance to knock the arrow away.  Pink Ranger lands in front of Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger and stands protectively in front of them with her Power Bow at the ready.  Goo Fish throws several starfish and sand dollars at Pink Ranger.  When the starfish and sand dollars hit Pink Ranger there is several explosions.  Goo Fish then throws a couple of fish at Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger is hit again with several more explosions.  Pink Ranger falls to the ground.  Red Ranger yells at Blue Ranger, come on buddy!  You can do it!  Blue Ranger confesses he wants to, but I'm afraid.  Pink Ranger pleads with him.  Billy please, we need you.  Blue Ranger remembers Zordon's advice.  If I face my fear, I can break Rita's spell.  Blue Ranger breaks Rita's spell.  Blue Ranger leaps over Goo Fish's head several times.  Goo Fish shoots out his venom, but it misses Blue Ranger and hits his own face instead.  Goo Fish screams in pain.  Blue Ranger faces down Goo Fish with his Power Lance.  Blue Ranger declares, I've faced my fear and overcome it!  Blue Ranger is back!  Blue Ranger strikes Goo Fish with his Power Lance.  Goo Fish is knocked aside, but quickly gets back up.  The rest of the Rangers are freed and race over to Blue Ranger.  The Rangers face down Goo Fish with their power weapons.  Goo Fish grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords and they quickly arrive.  The Rangers leap into their zords and quickly form the Megazord.  Goo Fish charges towards Megazord with it's lance.  Megazord walks towards Goo Fish and they battle.  Goo Fish strikes Megazord with his lance.  Goo Fish makes another strike, but this time Megazord knocks the blow aside.  Goo Fish strikes Megazord once more.  Brace for more Rangers.  Goo Fish swings it's lance around and then charges towards the Megazord once more.  Goo Fish tries to strike Megazord with his lance, but Megazord blocks the blow.  Goo Fish tries to kick Megazord, but Megazord blocks that as well.  Goo Fish manages another strike against Megazord.  Megazord grabs the lance and spins Goo Fish around.  Megazord smashes the lance.  Goo Fish becomes angry and shoots it toxic venom at Megazord.  The venom lands on the Megazord's feet and it can't move.  Goo Fish gloats, try this on for size.  Goo Fish shoots a red laser out of  his eye. 

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