Hatchasaurus - Voiced by Kirk Thornton

Rita had Finster send down her Hatchasaurus to Earth.  It was buried near the power plant.  Hatchasaurus was an ugly monster with an ultra intelligent internal computer, Cardiatron, inside it.  Hatchasaurus begins attacking the city.  The Rangers arrive and summon their dino zords. The Rangers leaped into their zords as giant Hatchasaurus appears.  Dragonzord arrives as well, and immediately begins battling Hatchasaurus.  It's an intense battle.  Hatchasaurus makes a couple of strikes, but so does Dragonzord.  Eventually Dragonzord grabs a hold of Hatchasaurus.  Pterodactyl, Sabretooth Tiger, Triceratops, and Mastodon all fire at Hatchasaurus.  Hatchasaurus is hit several times, goes flying through the air and lands on the ground.  Hatchasaurus gets back up and Tyrannosaurus fires at it.  Hatchasaurus is hit and blows up.  Cardiatron immediately begins working on putting Hatchasaurus back together.  The next day, Hatchasaurus is whole again and attacking the city once more. The Power Rangers arrive in their Megazord.  Red Ranger tells Hatchasaurus, you want a fight, you got it! Megazord and Hatchasaurus battle.  Megazord lands several punches.  Hatchasaurus strikes the Megazord hard enough to make it go back several steps.  Hatchasaurus charges at Megazord and rams it.  Megazord continues to fight Hatchasaurus.  Hatchasaurus grabbed Megazord and uses it's chest to shoot Megazord with electrical currents.   When Hatchasaurus released Megazord, it fell to the ground.  Hatchasaurus leaped on top of the fallen Megazord.  Hatchasaurus struck the Megazord several times.  Red Ranger pulled out the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord for help.  Dragonzord struggled against the spell Rita had cast on it, to help Megazord, but it was an effort to even walk.  Red Ranger knew sometime was wrong, when Dragonzord did not appear.  He continued to play the Dragon Dagger, but no Dragonzord.  Blue Ranger informed them that something was interfering with his mega receptors.  Hatchasaurus continued to strike the Megazord. Red Ranger decides it's time for the power sword.  It arrives, knocking Hatchasaurus off the Megazord.  Megazord gets up and grabs the power sword.  Hatchasaurus charges at it once more.  Megazord and Hatchasaurus battle.  Hatchasaurus picks up Megazord, spins around, and then throws it aside.  Megazord gets back up.  The Megazord uses it's power sword against Hatchasaurus as it charges towards them.  Hatchasaurus is defeated. Thanks to Cardiatron, Hatchasaurus is put together again, this time with the addition of horns.  Dragonzord roars, but he is unable to help the Rangers.  Red Ranger notes to the rest of the Rangers, it looks like we have to finish him again.  The Megazord raises it's power sword and battles Hatchasaurus as Dragonzord helplessly watches.   At one point, Hatchasaurus grabs a hold of the power sword.  Red Ranger notes there is something wrong and has Blue Ranger check it out.  Blue Ranger soon discovers there's an outside energy source working against the zord.  Red Ranger realizes Dragonzord is locked in Rita's spell and they are on their own.  Megazord manages to break the power sword free from Hatchasaurus and the battle continues.  Red Ranger leaves the cockpit and leaps inside of Hatchasaurus.  As Red Ranger tries to battle Cardiatron from within, the rest of the Rangers continue their battle with Hatchasaurus with the Megazord. The remaining Rangers notes that Hatchasaurus is charging towards them.  Megazord and Hatchasaurus battle again.  The Rangers continue to have a difficult time against Hatchasaurus.  Dragonzord struggles against the spell and soon falls to the ground. Yellow Ranger notes, he's helpless.   Black Ranger shouts out, Jase, the Dragon flute!  Although Cardiatron still has him in his grip, Red Ranger begins playing the Dragon Dagger.  Dragonzord continues to lay on the ground.  Red Ranger yells out, Dragonzord power!  This is enough to break the spell Dragonzord is under.  Dragonzord quickly gets back up and is able to move freely.  Megazord grabs a hold of Hatchasaurus.  Dragonzord walks over and uses it's tail to strike Hatchasaurus.  This knocks Red Ranger and Cardiatron out.  The rest of the Rangers are stun to see Cardiatron.  Cardiatron and Red Ranger battle.  Red Ranger eventually destroys Cardiatron with the Power Sword and Dragon Dagger.  Red Ranger is ready to destroy Hatchasaurus.  Red Ranger summons Titanus and Ultrazord is formed.  Hatchasaurus charges towards Ultrazord.  Ultrazord fires all weapons and Hatchasaurus is destroyed. 

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