Jellyfish - Voiced by Richard Cansino

Rita was furious when she discovered Miss Appleby was placing a photograph of the Power Rangers in the time capsule, for the future to remember them.  Rita felt she was the one the future should remember.  She storms into Finster's monster making room and searches for her monster book and soon finds it.  Rita turns the pages as she looks for the perfect monster.  Squatt tells her, she needs a monster that can defeat the Power Rangers once and for all.  Finster tells them, he has just the thing.  The dreaded Jellyfish.  I'll start making him at once.  Although Rita is in a hurry, Finster carefully creates his monster.  Calmly, Finster tells them, he must have the right ingredients.  Finster completes his monster with a backbone, otherwise his monster would just be a pile of sushi instead of my most wonderful horrible creation.  Finster places the clay into the Monstermatic.  After while, Finster announces, the Jellyfish monster is finally finished and has been sent down to Earth as you commanded.  Jellyfish had one hand capable of firing and the other arm ended in tentacles.  Jellyfish was also capable of shooting a toxic spray out of his hand and was able to time phase himself.  He also had an umbrella that he used as a shield and to teleport people to his dimension.  Jellyfish was in Angel Grove park when the Rangers leap in and strike Jellyfish with their Blade Blasters.  Jellyfish pushes them hard enough away, that they hit the ground and roll away.  The Rangers gather together as Jellyfish approaches.  Jellyfish taunts them, I was hoping I would catch you, little power fishes!  Jellyfish laughs.  The Rangers get back on their feet.  They still have their Blade Blasters drawn.  Black Ranger shouts back, you're the one who's gone slime!  Jellyfish is still amused and responds, flattery will get you nowhere, little Mastodon.  Black Ranger doesn't take well the comment, little.  Jellyfish continues, now try this on for size!  Red lasers shot out of Jellyfish's hand and hits the Rangers hard.  Jellyfish fires at them several times, hitting them each time.  The Rangers are knocked to the ground once more.  Black Ranger comments, man that Jellyfish has a sting alright.  Blue Ranger notes that somehow the blast penetrated their suits.  Jellyfish walks towards the fallen Rangers.  They quickly get back up.  Red Ranger tells his team they have to back up and figure something out before it's too late.  The Rangers quickly retreat.  Later, Jellyfish is singing and dancing, along with the Super Putties, and having a great time when the Power Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger shouts, you're through Jellyfish!  Jellyfish responds, that's what you think!  Get them Super Putties!  The Super Putties charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers charge towards the Super Putties.  Black Ranger battles several Super Putties.  Yellow Ranger battles another group of Super Putties.  Pink Ranger fights several Super Putties.  Jellyfish shouts, fight you clay brains!  The Super Putties are soon defeated.  The Rangers gather together in front of Jellyfish.  Jellyfish tells them, very impressive.  Jellyfish then sprays his toxic spray at the Rangers.  The Rangers leap out of the way.  A park bench is hit instead and partially dissolves.  Yellow Ranger points it out, look what it did to that bench!  Pink Ranger states, we got to stop him.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air with her Power Bow.  Yellow Ranger leaps alongside her with her Power Daggers.  They fire their weapons.  Jellyfish pulls out an umbrella which deflects the weapons.  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger leap towards Jellyfish.  Jellyfish shoots his toxic spray and hits the two Rangers.  Black Ranger and Blue Ranger fall to the ground.  Red Ranger hurries over and tells them to stay back.  Red Ranger charges towards Jellyfish with his Power Sword.  Red Ranger tries to strike Jellyfish several times, but Jellyfish is too fast for him, and vanishes and reappears several times.  Red Ranger can't land a strike against Jellyfish.  Eventually Jellyfish knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers gather around him.  Jellyfish twirls his umbrella.  The Rangers are swirled around and land in a strange place.  Red Ranger exclaims, where are we?  Black Ranger adds, what going on?  Red Ranger has his Power Sword drawn when Jellyfish approaches the Rangers.  Jellyfish welcomes them to his humble home.  Jellyfish then charges towards them, pointing his umbrella at them.  The Rangers try to fight Jellyfish, but every blow they try, goes right through him.  Jellyfish is able to strike them with ease.  Jellyfish gloats, you can't touch me, but I can touch you!  Jellyfish knocks Black Ranger and Blue Ranger to the side.  Black Ranger notes, he wasn't kidding.  What's up with that?  Blue Ranger replies, he's time phased.  Maybe a power burst from your Power Ax will knock us all out this dimension.  Black Ranger fires his Power Ax.   The plan works and the Rangers and Jellyfish are busted out of the dimension.  The Rangers have their power weapons drawn as they face down Jellyfish.  Black Ranger shouts, okay Jellyfish, now you are mine!  Black Ranger leaps towards Jellyfish with his Power Ax.  Black Ranger strikes Jellyfish with his Power Ax, knocking Jellyfish off his feet.  Jellyfish taunts them, it will take more than that Power Weaklings!  Black Ranger tells Red Ranger, we're going to need more power.  Red Ranger tells his team, get set everybody.

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