King Sphinx - Voiced by Richard Cansino

King Sphinx is one of Finster's monsters.  King Sphinx had wings that could blow people away.  He also carried a scepter that flames could shot out of.  King Sphinx could also use his crown to shot energy blasts as well.  Rita wanted to separate Jason from his friends, figuring it would be easier to defeat Red Ranger on his own.  King Sphinx and several Putties were sent down to the children's theater in the park.  Soon Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrived in the park.  The three Rangers battled the Putties.  Baboo and Squatt arrived as well.  They sat in the bleachers and cheer on the bad guys.  King Sphinx flapped his wings and Pink Ranger vanished.  Red Ranger asked what happened to Pink Ranger.  Black Ranger didn't know, but he was going to find out.  Black Ranger started fighting Baboo and Squatt.  Red Ranger told him it was King Sphinx.  Black Ranger went after King Sphinx.  King Sphinx flapped his wings and Black Ranger vanished.  King Sphinx and Red Ranger battled.  During the battle, King Sphinx grabbed a hold of Red Ranger and they flew away to a rock quarry.  King Sphinx and Red Ranger tumbled down to the bottom.  King Sphinx and Red Ranger continued their battle.  At one point, King Sphinx had Red Ranger pinned to the ground and told Red Ranger to just give up.  Red Ranger knocked King Sphinx away.  Goldar arrived and began blasting Red Ranger with his sword.  King Sphinx and Goldar then grew to giant size.  Both of them tried to stomp on Red Ranger and fired blasts at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger dodged their blasts.  After awhile, something hit the side of the rock quarry.  Red Ranger went after it and find the Power Crystals, which allowed the rest of the Rangers to arrive.  The zords were summon and the Megazord formed.  King Sphinx and Goldar battled the Megazord.  Eventually King Sphinx was destroyed by the Megazord's Power Sword.  Goldar retreated.

A Pressing Engagement