Lizzinator - Voiced by Dave Mallow

Lizzinator was created by Finster.  The plan was to kidnap Kimberly's cousin, Kelly, keep the Rangers occupied while Lizzinator destroyed the Earth.  Lizzinator is sent down to Earth immediately.  His arrival causes the ground to shake.  Lizzinator breaks through a wall.  Lizzinator shouts, Power Rangers!  Must destroy Power Rangers!  Not realizing there is one already there.  Jason glances around and sees no one.  He places the boxes down and morphs.  Red Ranger is ready.  Lizzinator spots a red car and decides it's a toy he can play with.  Lizzinator hits the car several times.  Lizzinator lifts the car.  Red Ranger yells at him to put it down.  Lizzinator claims he was just trying to help.  This car is illegally parked little Red Ranger.  Lizzinator slowly turns around with the car above his head.  Lizzinator continues, but if you want it down....and throws the car at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger tries to stop the car, but gets knocked aside instead.  Lizzinator laughs.  Red Ranger pulls out his Blade Blaster and charges towards Lizzinator.  Red Ranger fights Lizzinator with his Blade Blaster.  Lizzinator mocks Red Ranger throughout the fight.  Lizzinator strikes Red Ranger hard enough that he lands against the car.  Red Ranger charges in once more with his Blade Blaster.  Lizzinator stops a strike.  Lizzinator picks up Red Ranger, slings him over his shoulders, and spins around in a circle.  He tosses Red Ranger onto the car.  Red Ranger falls off the car and onto the pavement.  As Red Ranger gets up, Lizzinator charges towards him.  He grabs Red Ranger by the neck and lifts him off his feet.  Lizzinator tells him, have a nice trip, as he punches Red Ranger.  Red Ranger goes flying and crashes into some barrels.  Lizzinator comments, this is too easy.  I think all the Power Rangers would be a better challenge for the Lizzinator.  I'll be back.  Lizzinator vanishes.  After awhile, Lizzinator ends up in the rock quarry.  Lizzinator finds another car to play with.  Lizzinator begins pushing the car.  The Rangers arrive and Red Ranger shouts, hold it right there lizard breath!  Lizzinator is happy the Power Rangers have arrived.  Finally a suitable challenge.  Lizzinator shoots red beams out of it's eyes towards the Rangers.  The Rangers roll out of the way.  Lizzinator summons the Putties and orders them to attack the Rangers.  The Rangers are kept busy battling the Putties.  Lizzinator goes back to pushing the car.  Red Ranger spots him and leaps over, landing on Lizzinator's shoulders before landing on the car itself.  Red Ranger exclaims, this isn't yours.  Red Ranger leaps down and opens the car door.  He is taken by surprise when a Putty, inside the car, punches him.  Red Ranger hits the gravel as the Putty starts up the car.  Red Ranger quickly gets up and he is surprised.  What?!  Putties can drive?  The Putty drives the car straight towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger quickly runs as he notes, yup, they can drive.  Red Ranger leaps onto the top of the car.  The Putty tries to shake him off, but Red Ranger hangs on tightly.  Lizzinator shoots red beams at the car, and several explosions take place around the car.  Eventually Red Ranger is shaken off the car and lands on the gravel.  Red Ranger gets up as Lizzinator tells him, very impressive.  But I have something else in mind we can play.  Red Ranger shouts, any game you want and charges towards Lizzinator.  Lizzinator kicks a boulder towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger is hit and Lizzinator kicks another boulder.  Red Ranger is hit once more and lands on the gravel.  Lizzinator picks up a very large boulder and throws it towards Red Ranger.  Green Ranger leaps in and kicks the boulder away.  The boulder hits Lizzinator.  Green Ranger hurries over to Red Ranger.  Lizzinator is excited.  Oh good!  Two of you!  Green Ranger threatens, it's a fight you won't regret.  Lizzinator charges towards them.  Green Ranger vows, I'll make him pay for this buddy.  Don't worry, just sit tight.  Green Ranger gets up and charges towards Lizzinator.  Green Ranger and Lizzinator fight.  Green Ranger lands several kicks.  Green Ranger leaps up and lands a kick on Lizzinator's chest.  Green Ranger does another leap and then punches Lizzinator hard enough to knock him to the ground.  Lizzinator gets up slowly onto one knee and faces Green Ranger.  The rest of the Rangers join Green Ranger.  Lizzinator gets back up on his feet and asks, you think you are through with me?  You haven't seen anything yet chowder Rangers! 

Enter...The Lizzinator














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