Rita had been watching Trini at the Youth Center practice kung-fu gave Rita her next idea.  She had Finster create a mantis monster to take on Trini and destroy her.  Finster did so and Mantis was sent down to Angel Grove park.  Mantis is an expert on praying mantis kung-fu and very dangerous.  Mantis was soon discovered by Trini.  Trini quickly morphed.  Yellow Ranger faces down Mantis.  Mantis tells Yellow Ranger that she has no chance against her.  Mantis slices down a tree and Yellow Ranger leaps out of it's way.  Mantis charges towards Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger and Mantis fight.  Mantis strikes a hard blow that sends Yellow Ranger flying.  The rest of the Rangers arrive and gather around the fallen Yellow Ranger.  Red Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, don't worry, we're here.  Red Ranger is ready to go after Mantis, but Yellow Ranger stops him.  Yellow Ranger tells him, you have to be careful, it's kung-fu.  Mantis leaps away, telling Yellow Ranger, you called your friends.  It's not a fair fight.  You have no honor.  Mantis has shamed Trini and then he vanishes.  Later, at the Youth Center, Trini is lured away by a fake note from Master Li, telling her to meet him at the quarry for special training.  Trini walks through the quarry, calling out for Master Li.  Suddenly Mantis appears.  Mantis tells Trini, you have no honor.  Trini replies, I do have honor, I believe in fair play, but you're one of Rita's monsters.  You can't be trusted.  Mantis makes a motion to strike and Trini quickly fights back, but Mantis vanishes and reappears behind Trini.  Mantis laughs and Trini turns around.  Mantis tells her, I give you my word as kung-fu master.  Redeem your honor, accept my challenge.  Trini shakes her head no, refusing to believe Mantis.  A few moments later, Yellow Ranger faces down Mantis.  Mantis tells her, so you have decided to face me after all.  Yellow Ranger replies, yes, you see, I do have honor.  Mantis tells her, honor will not save you from destruction.  Mantis charges towards Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger charges towards Mantis.  Soon they are fighting each other.  Yellow Ranger is knocked to the ground, but gets back up.  She tells Mantis, that he hasn't beat her yet.  Yellow Ranger and Mantis continue to fight.  Yellow Ranger lands on Mantis' arms and strikes Mantis several times in the face.  Yellow Ranger leaps off and Mantis falls to the ground.  Mantis gets up and screams for Putties.  Several Putties arrive and surround Yellow Ranger.  Mantis laughs and tells Yellow Ranger, this should test your honor.  Yellow Ranger is outrage.  What about your honor?  Mantis replies, I have no honor.  Like you said, I'm one of Rita's monsters.  The Putties charge towards Yellow Ranger and fight her.  Yellow Ranger fights the Putties.  Yellow Ranger is knocked to the ground.  Yellow Ranger calls Mantis a cheater, which makes Mantis laugh.  Mantis calls Yellow Ranger a fool.  Yellow Ranger gets back up and goes after Mantis.  Yellow Ranger lands several kicks and strikes against Mantis.  Yellow Ranger pulls out her Blade Blaster and strikes Mantis with it, knocking Mantis to the ground.  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive at the quarry and stand behind Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger still has her Blade Blaster out.  Yellow Ranger tells Mantis, now it's a fair fight.  Mantis is very angry.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air and fires her Power Bow at Mantis.  Mantis strikes Pink Ranger and she falls to the ground.  Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger race over to Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger is okay.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger charge towards Mantis.  Mantis fights the three Rangers.  Mantis knocks Black Ranger and Blue Ranger to the ground.  Red Ranger continues to fight Mantis, but he is soon knocked down as well.  Mantis grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords.  When the zords arrive, the Rangers quickly form the Megazord.  Mantis and Megazord face each other.  Neither one moves.  Red Ranger asks Yellow Ranger, what's he doing?  Yellow Ranger replies, he's conserving all his energy for a quick, single blow.  Yellow Ranger warns, watch his foot work.  Slowly, Mantis moves forward.  Megazord cautiously moves forward as well.  Suddenly Mantis leaps into the air and strikes Megazord.  Megazord and Mantis battle.  Mantis lands a couple of kicks and a powerful strike against Megazord, knocking it backwards.  Red Ranger summons the power sword.  Mantis charges towards Megazord.  Megazord and Mantis continue to fight.  Mantis tries to strike Megazord and Megazord blocks it with it's power sword.  Mantis is knocked down, but quickly gets back up.  Megazord charges towards Mantis and strikes it several times with the power sword.  Eventually Mantis is destroyed. 

Plaque Of The Mantis













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