Nasty Knight - Voiced by Tom Wyner

It's the evening and Rita and Finster are on the palace balcony.  Rita has been watching Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Ernie set up a surprise birthday party for Zack.  Rita starts laughing.  Rita:  A birthday!  We must make a present.  Finster:  Oh yes, I have just the present in mind for good old Zack.  I'm going to make a monster that will wipe him out!   Rita was eager for the monster hurried into the monster room.  Rita wanted a really nasty monster.  Finster had just the thing - the Nasty Knight.  Rita looked through the monster book until she came across his picture.  Rita remembered that Nasty Knight had been very successful on Tarmac 3.  Nasty Knight had made space dust out of their finest warriors.  Rita wanted Nasty Knight - Finster was already working on him.  Rita, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt went down to Earth.  In the glow of the full moon, Baboo and Finster hammered out the Nasty Knight's sword.  Finster was very pleased with the sword.  Finster told Rita it was turning into a particulary nasty sword.  The sword could cut through any material in the universe and contained great magical powers.  Rita cast a spell as the sword floated in the air.  Lighting bolts hit a tree.  The tree split and revealed the Nasty Knight.  Nasty Knight grabbed a hold of the sword.  The following morning, Zack was walking through the mountains, upset because he thought his friends had forgotten his birthday.  Rita and Goldar appeared above him.  Rita wished him a happy birthday.  Rita revealed that Baboo and Squatt were here as well, and they were going to video tape the birthday.  Rita's present to Zack was revealed - Nasty Knight.  Zack quickly morphed.  Nasty Knight battled Black Ranger.  Nasty Knight could shoot energy from his sword.  Nasty Knight battled Black Ranger easily, knocking him to the ground.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrived.  Nasty Knight battled them with ease.  Nasty Knight ruined the Power Weapons by firing them.  The Power Rangers decided to use the Blade Blasters.  Nasty Knight fired at them, knocking them to the ground.  Rita made Nasty Knight giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords and formed the Megazord.  Nasty Knight battled the Megazord.  Red Ranger summon the Megazord's Power Sword.  Nasty Knight quickly fired the Megazord's Power Sword.  Nasty Knight knocked the Megazord to the ground and kicked it.  Black Ranger realized that Nasty Knight was burning their weapons because he was reflecting back any energy they threw at him.  Red Ranger asked him what they should do.  Black Ranger suggested they have the Megazord reflect back Nasty Knight's energy, with a bit of their own.  Nasty Knight started striking at the Megazord, when suddenly the Megazord reflected his energy back.  Nasty Knight was very surprised, and he couldn't move.  Rita told him to get free.  Nasty Knight replied that he was trying.  Meanwhile, the Megazord got back up on his feet.  The Megazord's Power Sword was back to normal.  Nasty Knight knew he was in trouble.  The Megazord struck and destroyed Nasty Knight with the Power Sword.    

Goldar had come up with a plan to destroy the Rangers' self confidence.  While the teens slept, Goldar used the Crystal of Nightmares to give the teens bad dreams.  Zack's nightmare was when he battled Nasty Knight and how he was knocked to the ground.  When he woke from the nightmare, he had lost his self confidence, along with his friends.  The teens' self confidence was restore when Jason destroyed the Crystal of Nightmares and the spell was broken.

Happy Birthday, Zack









Crystal Of Nightmares

Zack's Nightmare