Oysterizer - Voiced by Scott Page-Pagter

Rita has been watching the Youth Center and comments, so Zack's in love and wants to buy pearls.  What do you say Goldar?  Goldar replies, call on the Ecocide Pearl to unleash the Oysterizer.  Rita's likes the idea.  Baboo and Squatt also get excited.  Goldar continues, we'll pollute the sea and take over the world.  The following day, Rita looks into her crystal ball and comments, I believe it's time to awaken my monster.  Finster cautions her, careful, my queen.  Rita replies, ooh, too late.  Inside the crystal ball Oysterizer informs her, I shall bring you the pearl of stillness and bows before Rita.  Rita comments, what a lovely gift for Zack to give Angela.  Squatt adds, that will quick freeze him.  Rita screams, that's the whole idea and then laughs.  The plan works.  Zack unknowing bought the pearls of stillness from a Putty disguised as an old man.  Later, at the restaurant, Angela tried on the earrings and everyone in the restaurant froze, except for Zack and Tommy, who had left to clean themselves up in the restroom.  When they returned, they were stunned to find everyone still.  After being informed by Zordon of Rita's plans, Black Ranger and Green Ranger arrive at the beach.  Black Ranger searches one area of the beach as Green Ranger heads south.  Suddenly Oysterizer leaps out of the ocean and strikes Black Ranger, knocking him down.  Black Ranger remarks, you want to play like that.  Oysterizer responds, I'm not playing with a puny particle like you.  You couldn't whip a brine shrimp with the flu.  You're out of your league here.  You won't be able to take it what I'm doing to you.  Black Ranger responds, yeah, I can take it, and I can take you too!  Oysterizer laughs.  Me?  No way!  Oysterizer sprays acid gel onto Black Ranger.  Black Ranger is hit.  Zordon didn't say anything about this!  Tommy!  Help!  Oysterizer laughs some more.  Got you!  Bye-bye Power Ranger!  Oysterizer shoots flames at Black Ranger, who is hit once more.  Black Ranger is knocked off his feet once more.  Oysterizer gloats, your end is near.  Victory is mine!  Suddenly Green Ranger leaps in and strikes Oysterizer with his Dragon Dagger.  Oysterizer is knocked off his feet.  Green Ranger hurries over to Black Ranger.  Black Ranger warns him not to touch him.  Oysterizer sprayed me with some kind of acid gel.  It would get you too.  Green Ranger tells him to take his shield.  The powers in it will heal you and give you energy.  The shield transfers over to Black Ranger.  Black Ranger thanks Green Ranger and asks him, what about you?  Green Ranger replies, I'll be okay.  Green Ranger shouts out a warning as Oysterizer stands up again.  Oysterizer threatens Green Ranger, you're going to pay for that!  Oysterizer shoots out his acid gel towards Green Ranger.  Green Ranger shields Black Ranger.  Green Ranger is now struck with the acid gel and falls to the grounds.  Black Ranger hurries over to Green Ranger and tells him to sit tight.  I'll take care of this guy.  Black Ranger leaps over to Oysterizer and punches him hard.  Oysterizer goes flying and lands back into the ocean.  Black Ranger is confident that should break the spell.  Which is what happened.  Zack leaves to get the rest of the team.  The Megazord is quickly formed and descends onto the ocean floor.  The Megazord starts searching.  Soon Red Ranger spots the Ecocide Pearl.  Oysterizer quickly arrives.  Megazord fires a laser that destroys the pearl.  Oysterizer is furious.  No!  You fools!  You've destroyed my beautiful pearl!  Oysterizer charges towards the Megazord and strikes it several times.  You bunch of sea snails!  Take this!  Oysterizer strikes Megazord hard and Megazord falls to the ocean floor.  Oysterizer threatens them.  I'll turn you into flounder bait!  Oysterizer charges towards the fallen Megazord. 

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