Pudgy Pig - Voiced by Dave Mallow

Pudgy Pig is another of Finster's creations.  Rita had come in demanding a Pudgy Pig.  Finster already had a Pudgy Pig, but didn't consider him his best work.  Rita insisted.  Finster placed Pudgy Pig in the Monstermatic.  When Pudgy Pig emerged from the Monstermatic, Finster shook his head, thinking he was doomed.  Pudgy Pig had a large fork and knife in his hands.  Pudgy Pig was sent down to Angel Grove.  He was very hungry.  Pudgy Pig headed straight over to the trash cans and began emptying them of food.  When he was done, Pudgy Pig left to find more food.  Pudgy Pig went to the park and launched himself onto a picnic two couples were having.  The two couples ran in terror.  Pudgy Pig rolled around on the blanket, eating all the food.  Pudgy Pig continued eating his way through Angel Grove, never getting full.  If he wasn't defeated, he would eat the world's food supply in forty-eight hours.  Pudgy Pig was sitting on top of a building when the Power Rangers arrived.  Pudgy Pig battle the Rangers easily.  He shot flames out of his mouth.  During the battle, Pudgy Pig swallow the Power Weapons.  Pudgy Pig then sent the Power Rangers into a vortex.  Pudgy Pig headed off to the Cultural Food Festival held at the Youth Center.  People ran in terror as Pudgy Pig ate his way around the various booths.  Bulk & Skull ran into Pudgy Pig.  At first, Bulk mock Pudgy Pig.  Bulk held his nose into a snout and snorted at Pudgy Pig.  Pudgy Pig grunted back menacingly.  Bulk & Skull screamed and took off.  Pudgy Pig went over to the Asian booth, but the food was too spicy and he left it alone.  After the Youth Center, Pudgy Pig headed over to the food packing plant.  Later, Pudgy Pig heard the Rangers calling out to him.  They had trays of food.  Pudgy Pig step out and ate the food as it was being tossed to him.  The last dish contained a spicy radish.  This made Pudgy Pig sick and he spit out what he had eaten, including the Power Weapon.  The weaken Pudgy Pig battled the Rangers as they used their Power Weapons against him.  The Power Rangers formed the Power Blaster and fired at Pudgy Pig.  Pudgy Pig was destroyed. 

The Rangers had been battling a giant Mutitis with Dragonzord and Megazord.  During the battle, Mutitis spray toxic foam on Megazord and Dragonzord.  The Rangers were ejected and land on an island demorph.  They quickly discovered they didn't have their communicators or power coins.  Jason suggested they explore the island and they did.  They ran into Quagmire but he vanished as soon as he heard the name Rita.  Suddenly an image of Goldar's face appears in the sky.  He asks them if they lost their precious power coins?  You'll soon lose more than that!  Pudgy Pig, Pineoctopus, Eye Guy, Snizzard, and Shellshock appear.   Kimberly points the monsters out.  Zack is not happy.  Oh great!  No coin, a tone deaf little person, and an island full of monsters.  Trini points out they are monsters they have already destroyed.  Pudgy Pig, Pineoctopus, Eye Guy, Snizzard, and Shellshock race towards the teens.  Jason shouts that they are attacking.  The teens get into fight positions.  Pudgy Pig, Pineoctopus, Eye Guy, Snizzard, and Shellshock are almost at them when they suddenly vanish.  Billy comments that was weird - they disappeared.  Tommy asks what kind of place is this?  Goldar replies a place where nothing is what it seems except the danger.  Welcome to the Island of Illusion. 

Rita had come up with another plan.  She had a device/timer that was capable of transforming animals into monster.  Rita disguised a Putty as an elderly lady, who then went to the adopt a pet program in Angel Grove park.  The "elderly lady" asked Trini, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy if they could help her pig, Norman, find a good home.  They promised they would and the "elderly lady" walked away.  Moments later, Zack would see this same "elderly lady" go back to Putty form.  Several more Putties arrived and Zack fought them all.  During the fight, the Putty dropped the device/timer.  After Zack defeated the Putties, he would take this device/timer for Billy to take a look at.  Meanwhile, at the adopt a pet program Bulk and Skull come running up.  Bulk shouts at Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason, don't anybody move.  Skull tells them, they want a pet too.  Bulk adds, something cool and different, like us.  Norman comes squealing out from underneath the table.  Billy tells them, fellas, meet Norman.  Kimberly gives Bulk the leash.  Bulk and Skull take a look at the pig and decide they like the idea of Norman being their pet.  The next day, Bulk and Skull bring Norman to school.  A large crowd of students have gathered around them.  Bulk feeds Norman as he tells the crowd, this is my pig, Norman.  Isn't he cool?  The students are amused.  Skull is reading a book about pigs.  He tells Bulk, it says here that pigs are smarter than most animals.  Bulk replies, and some people.  Bulk tells the students to check this out.  Norman, roll over.  Norman continues to eat.  Bulk continues, Norman, play dead.  Norman continues to eat and the students start to laugh.  Bulk gives it one more try.  Norman, stand there and ignore me.  Norman ignores Bulk.  Bulk is happy, but the students are not impressed.  Bulk kneels down and tells Norman, he is the smartest pig in the world.  After school, Bulk is enjoying a sub sandwich at the Youth Center.  Skull takes a sneak bite out of it.  Norman is eating out of his dish.  A young woman walks up to their table and tells them, he's adorable.  What's his name?  Skull replies, Bulk.  Bulk tells him, not me, the pig.  Skull tells her, Norman.  The young woman walks over to pet Norman and fuss over him. Bulk leans over to Skull and tells him, this is going to work out better than I thought.  Skull adds, much better.  A few moments later, Ernie walks in with a carton of produce when he spots the pig.  He places the carton on the counter and walks over to Bulk and Skull.  He yells at them, what do you think you are doing?  You guys can't bring this pig in here!  Suddenly Norman transforms into Pudgy Pig.  Ernie and the patrons race out of the Youth Center.  Skull comments, it's didn't say anything like that in the book.  Bulk and Skull scream and get up from the table.  Pudgy Pig fills it's mouth with their popcorn.  Pudgy Pig chases Bulk and Skull around the Youth Center.  Trying to get away, Skull runs into the punching bag and lands on the floor.  Bulk helps him up.  Bulk asks Pudgy Pig, don't you recognize us?  We're your parents!  Skull points to his face and then Bulk's face.  Pudgy Pig clambers for more food.  Zack walks in and quickly assesses the situation.  Zack tells Bulk to give him the food (Bulk is still holding onto his sub sandwich), he's just hungry.  Bulk protests, I haven't eaten since lunch.  Skull adds, me neither!  Zack tells them you better give him food or you're going to be lunch.  Bulk tears a small piece of his sandwich off and tosses it into Pudgy Pig's mouth.  It's not enough and Zack tells Bulk, you're going to have to do better than that.  Reluctantly Bulk gives the rest of his sandwich to Pudgy Pig.  Bulk tells him, well nice knowing ya.  Skull adds, we're out of here.  Bulk and Skull race out of the Youth Center.  Zack faces down Pudgy Pig and goes into a fight stance.  Pudgy Pig vanishes.  Pudgy Pig goes into the city.  Soon the Power Rangers arrive.  Pudgy Pig is sitting on top of one of the buildings.  Red Ranger has his Blade Blaster ready.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, it's going to be all we can stomach guys.  Blue Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers that Pudgy Pig is about to descend.  Pudgy Pig jumps off the building and back on top of the building and then back down.  The Rangers charges towards him with their power weapons drawn.  Red Ranger strikes Pudgy Pig with his Power Sword.  Pudgy Pig knocks him aside.  Blue Ranger strikes him with his Power Lance, and is also struck aside.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger team up with their Power Bow and Power Daggers.  They are knocked to the ground.  Pink Ranger tells Pudgy Pig, we don't want to hurt you.  It means nothing to Pudgy Pig.  Blue Ranger leaps in and Pudgy Pig lands a kick that sends Blue Ranger flying.  Black Ranger charges towards Pudgy Pig with his Power Ax.  Pudgy Pig stops the Power Ax and knocks Black Ranger down.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Power Sword.  Red Ranger battles Pudgy Pig with his Power Sword.  Pudgy Pig soon knocks Red Ranger down.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Pudgy Pig blasts them.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger are knocked to the ground.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger hurried over and help them back up.  Red Ranger had his Blade Blaster drawn when he notices Pudgy Pig has vanished.  Eventually Pudgy Pig is found at a farm and the Power Rangers teleport there.  Black Ranger is the first to find Pudgy Pig and he has the rest of the Rangers follow him.  They hide behind a stack of hale bales.  Black Ranger tells them, check that out.  Pudgy Pig is dancing.  Pink Ranger can't believe it, a dancing pig.  They all laugh.  Yellow Ranger tells them, now I've seen everything.  Red Ranger cautions them to not be so loud.  We don't want him to know we are here.  Pudgy Pig kneels before another pig and talks to it.  Yellow Ranger concludes Pudgy Pig is in love.  Pink Ranger finds the idea gross.  Blue Ranger tells them it confirms their hypnosis that beneath the facade, it is indeed Norman.  Yellow Ranger adds, one of Rita's monsters could never fall in love that way.  Red Ranger's communicator goes off.  It is Zordon.  He tells them it appears Pudgy Pig was a diversion to keep you occupied.  Zordon continues, Goldar is attacking Angel Grove.  There is not a moment to lose.  Intercept him immediately.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, let's go get him Rangers!  The Rangers teleport out.  The Power Rangers defeat Goldar with their Megazord.  After the battle, Jason, Billy, Kimberly, and Zack returned to the farm.  Pudgy Pig was still trying to charm the pig.  Billy had the device/timer in his hands.  Kimberly asks him if he was sure it was going to work?  Billy was able to recalibrate the transformer.  If my calculations are correct, it should reverse the process with no harm to Norman.  Billy holds out the device and points it at Pudgy Pig.  Pudgy Pig transforms back to Norman.  Zack exclaims, you did it Billy!  Jason tells him good work.  Kimberly can't believe she is going to say this, I actually think they look cute.  Norman and his pig nuzzle.  The next day, Trini informs her friends that the farmer of the pig Norman fell in love with decided to adopt Norman too. 

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