Pumpkin Rapper - Voiced by Michael Sorich

Rita had learned of Kimberly becoming a contestant on the game show Trick or Treat.  This gave her and Goldar the idea to send down Pumpkin Rapper.  Pumpkin Rapper was planted along with rotten pumpkin seeds in the park.  Pumpkin Rapper quickly grew into a giant pumpkin.  Soon Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger arrived to investigate the pumpkin patch.  Soon several Putties, with pumpkins for heads, attack the Rangers.  The Rangers fight the pumpkin Putties.  As the Putties get defeated they revert back to being a pumpkin.  But every time the Rangers knock the pumpkin Putties down, more pop up.  Black Ranger notes, these pumpkin heads keep coming.  Blue Ranger points out the very large pumpkin.  Red Ranger is confident that is the Rapper's pumpkin.  Let's check it out.  The Rangers leap over to the large pumpkin.  The Rangers surround the pumpkin and are eager to wake it up.  The Rangers rap as they stare at the pumpkin.  The Rangers laugh and the large pumpkin begins to shake.  The large pumpkin rolls away from them and then transforms into Pumpkin Rapper.  Pumpkin Rapper is mad at the Rangers for waking him up with a rap that bad.  Pumpkin Rapper has the pumpkin Putties attack the Rangers.  The Rangers fight the pumpkin Putties with their Blade Blasters.  The pumpkin Putties are defeated.  The Rangers faced down Pumpkin Rapper with their Blade Blasters.  Using his vines, Pumpkin Rapper knocks the Blade Blasters out of the Rangers' hands.  Pumpkin Rapper then shoots his vines out at the Rangers, encasing them.  The Rangers struggle to free themselves from the vines.  Pumpkin Rapper uses his vines to blast the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard and fall to the ground in a pile.  Suddenly, Green Ranger leaps in with his Dragon Dagger and slices the vines.  The force knocks Pumpkin Rapper off his feet.  Green Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers as Pumpkin Rapper gets back up on his feet.  Green Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers to get their weapons ready.  Green Ranger charges towards Pumpkin Rapper with his Dragon Dagger drawn.  Pumpkin Rapper fires at Green Ranger several times, but misses.  Green Ranger leaps into the air once more and strikes Pumpkin Rapper with his Dragon Dagger.  Green Ranger grabs a hold of Pumpkin Rapper as the rest of the Rangers put together the Power Blaster.  Green Ranger kicks Pumpkin Rapper away.  Pumpkin Rapper falls to the ground, but gets back up on his feet.  The rest of the Rangers fire the Power Blaster, hitting and destroying Pumpkin Rapper. 

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