Rhinoblaster - Voiced by Richard Epcar

Watching a football game, gave Rita the idea to plan a football game of her own.  Goldar suggested sending down Rhinoblaster with several Putties.  Rhinoblaster is cruel look rhino.  He is quick on his feet and very cunning.  Rhinoblaster is vicious and very strong.  He is also able to blow a mist through his nostrils that can transport people to a vortex.   Rita liked the idea and Rhinoblaster was sent down to Angel Grove.   The Rangers quickly arrived and the five Rangers face down Rhinoblaster.  Rhinoblaster boosts, you power brats are no match for my team!  Five Putties arrive, with football jerseys on.  Rhinoblaster sends the Putties in.  The five Rangers charge towards the Putties.  The Putties manage to push the Rangers back.  The Putties knock the Rangers off their feet.  The Putties charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers get back up and flip out of the way.  The Putties don't give up and go after the Rangers relentlessly.  The Rangers are knocked to the ground once more.  Rhinoblaster tells them, you've been sidelined!  Hit the showers!  Rhinoblaster blows a white mist towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and teleported away.  After awhile, Green Ranger arrives and immediately punches and kicks several Putties.  Green Ranger faces Rhinoblaster.  Rhinoblaster and Green Ranger fight.  Green Ranger kicks Rhinoblaster to the ground.  Rhinoblaster tells him, the clock hasn't run out yet.  Rhinoblaster grows to giant size.  Green Ranger immediately summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger.  Dragonzord arrives and strikes Rhinoblaster with it's tail.  Rhinoblaster head butts Dragonzord.  Rhinoblaster tries to land several kicks, but Dragonzord blocks them.  Dragonzord tries to strike Rhinoblaster with it's tail, but misses.  Rhinoblaster lands a hard punch that causes Dragonzord to take several steps back.  Rhinoblaster strikes Dragonzord several more times.  Rhinoblaster strikes Dragonzord with his sword.  Dragonzord stumbles back.  Green Ranger calls out stop!  I can see now that the Dragonzord and I are no match for you.  Rhinoblaster is pleased that Green Ranger has finally come to his senses.  That makes it easy on both of us.  Rhinoblaster uses his sword to blast Green Ranger.  Green Ranger is blown off his feet and lands on the grass.  Green Ranger calls out, wait!  Wait!  Won't you let me spend my last few moments with my friends?  Rhinoblaster considers it only for a moment.  Since I'm such a nice guy....no!  Rhinoblaster blows a mist out of his nostrils.  Green Ranger jumps out of the way.  Green Ranger hopes this works as he tosses the Dragon Dagger into the mist, shouting Jason!  Catch!  Rhinoblaster is taken aback.  Green Ranger notes, looks like it's right on target.  I guess I can do it!  Let's finish this guys!  Green Ranger leaps inside Dragonzord.  Alright guys, the home team is taking back the field!  Rhinoblaster charges towards Dragonzord.  Rhinoblaster strikes Dragonzord with it's sword.  When Rhinoblaster goes in for a second strike, Dragonzord grabs the sword and stops him.  Dragonzord and Rhinoblaster break apart.  Rhinoblaster strikes Dragonzord with the sword once more.  Dragonzord tries to strike Rhinoblaster with it's tail, but misses.  Rhinoblaster charges in for another strike, but misses.  Rhinoblaster shoots a red laser out of it's horns at Dragonzord.  Dragonzord is hit hard.  Green Ranger exclaims, I'm losing power!  Zordon!  I'm going down!  Dragonzord falls down.  Green Ranger is ejected from Dragonzord and hits the grass among the rubble.  Green Ranger notes, I can't do this alone.  Rhinoblaster laughs.  Score one for the invaders!  Rhinoblaster tries to stomp on Green Ranger, but Green Ranger manages to get out of the way. 

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