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 Trumpet Top had the power to create illusions.  In order to wear out the Rangers, Trumpet Top created illusions of past monsters.  Rhinoblaster was one of the illusions created, along with Fighting Flea, Saliguana, Soccadillo, Grumble Bee, Stag Beetle, and Slippery Shark.  The first illusion to appear was Grumble Bee.  The Power Rangers face down Grumble Bee.  Soon, Fighting Flea and Saliguana appear.  The three monsters face down the Rangers.  The Rangers fight Fighting Flea, Saliguana, and Grumble Bee.  Soccadillo quickly joins the fight.  The Rangers break apart to fight the various "monsters".  Black Ranger has a difficult battle with Grumble Bee.  Eventually Black Ranger defeats Grumble Bee, but Rhinoblaster runs up, ready to fight Black Ranger.  Black Ranger and Rhinoblaster fight.  Black Ranger defeats Rhinoblaster, but now Praying Mantis fights Black Ranger.  Soon the Rangers are surrounded by Rhinoblaster, Fighting Flea, Grumble Bee, Stag Beetle, Soccadillo, Saliguana, and Slippery Shark.  The Rangers break through the circle and fight Rhinoblaster and the rest of the "monsters".  Within a few moments, Alpha 5 teleports the Rangers away.  At the Command Center, the Rangers are informed that they have been fighting illusions.  Later, Trumpet Top is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

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