Rockstar - Voiced by Tony Oliver

Squatt had reported to Rita that the teens had left for a field trip.  Rita thought this was a good time to search for the Mirror of Destruction.  Unfortunately for Rita, Jason did not leave with his friends and was spending the day with his cousin Jeremy.  They were fishing when Jeremy caught a bottle with a map inside it.  Jeremy was unaware that the map lead to the Mirror of Destruction.  Rita sends Scorpina to go get the map.  Scoprina, Baboo, and Squatt arrive at the beach house by the beach.  They stay hidden in some bushes.  Scorpina spots Jason and Jeremy walking along the beach.  Scorpina snaps her fingers, and the Rockstar is quickly formed by several boulders.  Scorpina is confident that Rockstar will take care of Jason in no time.  Scorpina gives the command to get the map from the kid.  Jason sees Rockstar, Scorpina, Baboo, and Squatt.  He tells Jeremy to run and he takes off.  Several Putties arrive.  Scorpina gives the command to attack.  The Putties race forward.  Rockstar starts shooting boulders as big as a house out of his chest.  The first one hits Jason in the chest and he is knocked down.  Two more boulders follow.  Jason is pinned to the ground.  Jason screams you are not going to get away with this Scorpina!  Rockstar, Scorpina, Baboo, Squatt and more Putties were at the beach house, by the swimming pool, when Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrived.  (Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy had teleported to the beach and freed Jason from the boulders pinning him down.  Billy had continued the search for Jeremy.)  Scorpina has the Putties attack.  Red Ranger battles a couple of Putties.  Black Ranger battles several more Putties.  Yellow Ranger battles a couple of Putties.  The three Rangers do well against the Putties and they are defeated.  Pink Ranger goes flying through the air, firing her Power Bow at Scorpina.  Scorpina blocks each arrow with her sword.  Pink Ranger battles Scorpina and is knocked to the ground.  Red Ranger races over to protect Pink Ranger from Scorpina.  he has his Power Sword drawn.  Red Ranger races forward and battles Scorpina with his  Power Sword.  Rockstar joins in the battle.  Rockstar battles Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger.  Yellow Ranger uses her Power Daggers against Rockstar and Black Ranger uses his Power Ax against Rockstar.  Rockstar has an easy time against the two Rangers.  Rockstar knocks Black Ranger to the ground.  Yellow Ranger races over to make sure he is okay.  Rockstar shoots boulders out of his chest.  The boulders hit Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger and they are knocked off their feet.  Rockstar walks towards the two Rangers.  They are pinned down and unable to get away.  Rockstar kicks Black Ranger into the swimming pool.  Rockstar grabs Yellow Ranger and tosses her into the swimming pool.  The boulders are still attached to the two Rangers and they try desperately to stay above water.  Baboo and Squatt have been watching the battle.  Baboo calls out a warning to Scorpina that they got to find the kid with the map.  Scorpina has been battling Pink Ranger and her Power Bow and Red Ranger with is Power Sword.  Scorpina gives the command to hurry and finish them.  Scorpina knocks Red Ranger and Pink Ranger aside and takes off.  Rockstar takes off as well.  Rockstar, Scorpina, Baboo, Squatt, and more Putties are back on the beach.  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger are on the beach as well.  Scorpina gives the command to attack.  Baboo shouts out there they are!  Get them!  The Putties race forward.  Baboo and Squatt become frighten and take off.  Red Ranger battles three Putties.  Scorpina laughs as she watches the battle.  Pink Ranger battles another three Putties.  Rockstar also laughs as he watches the battle.  Red Ranger defeats the Putties he was battling.  Red Ranger takes a flying leap towards Rockstar and kicks him.  Rockstar knocks him to the ground.  Pink anger helps Red Ranger to his feet as Rockstar laughs at them.  Rockstar asks Scorpina if he should finish them off?  Scorpina tells him it's a good idea.  Rockstar shoots out more boulders, which hit Red Ranger and Pink Ranger, knocking them off their feet.  Scorpina then blasts the two Rangers.  Scorpina laughs as the two Rangers go flying through the air.  Rockstar and the rest are distracted by a blast in the hillside.  Scorpina realizes Jeremy has the Mirror of Destruction, above them,  and sends Rockstar after him.  Rockstar approaches Jeremy.  Rockstar lifts a large boulder to throw at Jeremy.  Jeremy uses the Mirror of Destruction and Rockstar is destroyed.  Later, the Megazord's power sword will destroy the Mirror of Destruction.  Scorpina and Goldar, who had joined in the battle, retreat.

The Rockstar