Scorpina's Pet Worm - Voiced by Richard Cansino

Rita had decided she was tired and taking a day off.  Goldar spotted the Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack on the beach and determined they had dropped their guard.  Goldar sent down Scorpina and several Putties.  Trini spotted Scorpina first.  The teens quickly morphed.  Scorpina had the Putties attack.  The Power Rangers battled the Putties and Scorpina.  Scorpina knocked Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Red Ranger gets up and they all face Scorpina.  She tells them, now meet my pet worm.  An ugly looking worm appears and starts spraying the Rangers with strings.  The strings wrapped around the Rangers, forms into a cocoon, and encases them inside.  The Rangers are unable to break free.  The Putties throw the cocoon into the ocean.  Eventually the Power Rangers break through the cocoon with their Blade Blasters.  Alpha 5 teleported the Rangers to the industrial complex where they battle a giant Babe Ruthless, Goldar, and Scorpina.  The Power Rangers destroyed Babe Ruthless with Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.  Goldar retreats to the Moon Palace, but Scorpina is still in Angel Grove.  Scorpina's Pet Worm grows to giant size.  The Pet Worm released it's strings once more and it wrapped around the Megazord.  Scorpina command her Pet Worm to make the cocoon stronger.  The Megazord was soon encased in the strong cocoon and unable to break free.  It took Dragonzord using it's tail to break the cocoon.  Megadragonzord is formed.  The Pet Worm and Megadragonzord battle.  Megadragonzord destroys Scorpina's Pet Worm.

A Star Is Born