Slippery Shark - Voiced by Steve Kramer

Watching Tommy and Jason teach a karate class together, made Rita ill.  This gave her an idea for her next plan of attack.  Rita had Finster create Slippery Shark.  Slippery Shark's fin was able to place people under a spell, which made them angry at each other.  When Rita spotted Jason and Tommy walking through the park, she sent down several Putties to attack them.  One Putty made sure that Tommy and Jason caught the fin during the battle and very quickly they were under it's spell.  The following day, Slippery Shark was ready and send down to Angel Grove.  Slippery Shark had lightening fast speed and he zips through the air shouting come out, come out, wherever you are!  Slippery Shark is also very elusive and Alpha 5 had a hard time trying to pin point it's location.  Not only can Slippery Shark fly through the air, but it's able to travel underground with it's exposed fin tearing into anything in it's path.  Zordon had sent Green Ranger and Red Ranger to fight Slippery Shark.  The only way to break the spell, was to have them work together.  Slippery Shark travels underneath the ground at first, and then leaps through the area.  He is laughing as he moves along with ease.  Red Ranger stops in an area and demands that Slippery Shark show itself.  Red Ranger spots Slippery Shark's fin just in front of him and goes after it.  Slippery Shark leaps through the air to get away.  Slippery Shark flies by Red Ranger and knocks him to the ground.  Red Ranger rolls onto the ground, but quickly recovers.  Red Ranger comments, talk about fast!  Slippery Shark goes beneath the ground once more.  Red Ranger pulls out his Blade Blaster and fires at Slippery Shark's fin.  It doesn't faze Slippery Shark at all.  Slippery Shark heads straight for Red Ranger. Red Ranger quickly gets up and tells Slippery Shark to back off.  Red Ranger leaps out of the way as Slippery Shark goes past him.  Slippery Shark breaks through the ground and continues on it's way.  Red Ranger races after it.  Green Ranger is searching a different area.  Green Ranger pauses for a moment and then notices Slippery Shark's fin coming towards him.  Slippery Shark's fin knocks Green Ranger off his feet.  Slippery Shark keeps going after Green Ranger.  Green Ranger tries to stay out of the way but is knocked off his feet once more.  Green Ranger gets back up on his feet.  Slippery Shark breaks through the ground and strikes Green Ranger.  Green Ranger is knocked off his feet and rolls onto the ground.  Slippery Shark disappears beneath the ground and then uses it's fin to knock Green Ranger off his feet once more.  Green Ranger chases after Slippery Shark.  Soon he runs into Red Ranger.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger to stay out of his way.  Green Ranger tells him to knock it off.  The two continue to argue and eventually take off in opposite directions.  Slippery Shark is flying through a wooded area.  Red Ranger spots him and chases after him.  Green Ranger is also chasing after Slippery Shark, commenting, man, this guy is fast!  Get back here!  Soon Green Ranger and Red Ranger run into each other once more.  Red Ranger asks, where did he go?  Did you see him?  Green Ranger replies, I was right behind him.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, we got to do something.  Green Ranger tells Red Ranger to stay out of his way and pushes him aside.  The two Rangers look around, unaware that Slippery Shark is headed towards them beneath the ground.  Slippery Shark pops up through the ground and strikes both Rangers as he flies by them.  The two Rangers hits the ground.  Red Ranger notes, this shark is going to make history out of us if we don't start working together.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger start to get up.  Red Ranger asks Green Ranger, what do you say bro?  Green Ranger replies, I'm in buddy.  The two Rangers get up as Slippery Shark's fin heads towards them.  Red Ranger suggests they combine both plans.  Green Ranger agrees.  Slippery Shark pops up through the ground and flies towards them.  Green Ranger leaps onto Red Ranger's shoulders and then into the air.  He throws a net over Slippery Shark, capturing him.  Slippery Shark struggles to free himself from the net.  I can't move!  Red Ranger is excited.  Alright!  We did it!  Green Ranger agrees.  Slippery Shark pleads with them.  Come on fellas.  Give a fish a break, will you?  Green Ranger replies, you should have thought of that before fish face.  Trying to break me and my partner up.  Slippery Shark struggles to free himself from the net.  Slippery Shark tells Red Ranger and Green Ranger that they leave him no choice.  Slippery Shark uses it's weapon to break free from the net.  Slippery Shark leaps into the air and towards the two Rangers.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger fight Slippery Shark.  But Slippery Shark quickly knocks them to the ground.   Red Ranger comments, we're going to need some help here.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger leap in with their Blade Blasters drawn.  The four Rangers fight Slippery Shark with their Blade Blasters.  Slippery Shark has an easy time battling the four Rangers.  Eventually he knocks all four Rangers to the ground.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger leap in and simultaneously land on Slippery Shark.  Slippery Shark is knocked to the ground.  Slippery Shark tells them, later losers and he slips beneath the ground.  The Rangers gather together as Green Ranger cautions them to keep their eyes open.  He's really fast.  The Rangers keep a close eye on the ground.  Blue Ranger is the first to notice Slippery Shark's fin heading towards them and calls out a warning.  Slippery Shark's fin knocks each Ranger down as it goes past them.  The Rangers gather together once more.  Black Ranger pulls out his Power Ax and fires it.  The blast forces Slippery Shark above ground.  The Rangers stand up and face down Slippery Shark.  The five Rangers assemble their Power Blaster.  The five Rangers fire their Power Blaster just as Rita's wand hits Slippery Shark.  Slippery Shark grows to giant size.  He taunts, miss me!  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger summon their zords.  The zords arrived and the Rangers quickly leap inside them.  The crystals are powered up and Megazord is formed.  Green Ranger summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger.  Megazord and Dragonzord face down Slippery Shark.  Slippery Shark charges towards them with his weapon.  Slippery Shark runs in circles around Megazord and Dragonzord.  Slippery Shark strikes Megazord with it's weapon.  Dragonzord tries to strike Slippery Shark with it's tail, but misses.  Dragonzord and Megazord can't keep up with Slippery Shark.  Red Ranger shouts, alright shark breath!  You've had it!  Red Ranger summons the power sword.  Megazord tries to fight Slippery Shark with the power sword, but continues to miss striking Slippery Shark.  Slippery Shark strikes a powerful blow against Megazord.  Megazord knocks Slippery Shark aside.  Slippery Shark gets in another strike against Megazord.  Red Ranger notes Slippery Shark is too fast.  Megazord blocks a blow from Slippery Shark.  Megazord pushes Slippery Shark's weapon down, keeping Slippery Shark in place.  Dragonzord strikes Slippery Shark with it's tail.  Megazord pushes Slippery Shark to the ground.  Slippery Shark gets back up.  Megazord charges towards Slippery Shark with the power sword drawn.  Megazord strikes Slippery Shark several times with the power sword.  Slippery Shark threatens to cut Megazord up into fish bait.  Megazord knocks Slippery Shark's weapon onto the ground.  Megazord then destroys Slippery Shark with the power sword.

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