Soccadillo - Voiced by Brianne Siddall

Rita had been watching the Youth Center.  Goldar, Finster, Squatt and Baboo were with her.  Jason and Zack had convinced Ernie to give the kids a second tryout for soccer.  Goldar states, if the Rangers want to have help that brat play ball, we can supply the equipment.  Rita excitedly agrees.  Bring me a ball that will kick around the Rangers!  Finster tells her, I have just the thing my queen.  The Soccadillo ball.  Rita asks, will it destroy the Power Rangers?  Finster is confident that it will once it is fully energized.  Goldar instructs Finster to continue charging it.  We'll send it down as soon as it's ready.  Rita adds, and then we'll have something to clobber those Rangers.  Rita laughs.  Rita asks Finster to tell her about her monster.  Finster replies, of course.  The more Soccadillo absorbs energy, the more nasty power it gets.  When it finally reaches full charge it will have terrible claws, electric beams.  Goldar adds, even the Power Rangers will not stop it.   Later, Jason and Zack are at the park helping Roger with his soccer skills.  Rita is watching the park.  Rita comments, that kid's terrible.  I want to send my monster down now!  Rita yells for Goldar.  Goldar tells her, the monster is not fully charged.  I suggest we first send down Putties to wear the Rangers down.  Rita likes the idea.  Alright, we'll have a little game with them.  After awhile, Rita gets frustrated.  Squatt and Baboo cower in fear as Rita yells, I don't care if it's ready or not!  Send down the Soccadillo!  Goldar replies, very well my queen.  Begin the attack!  At the park, the Putties stand around until Soccadillo (in a ball shape) arrives at the park.  Soccadillo rolls down towards them and the Putties chase the ball around.  The Putties begin to kick around the ball.  A Putty kicks the ball towards them and Zack and Jason leap out of the way.  The ball reverses it's direction and rolls towards them again.  Jason and Zack jump out of the way.  Soccadillo heads towards them once more.  Zack and Jason flip over the ball shaped Soccadillo.  Roger is watching from behind the tree.  The Putties are afraid of the ball as it floats towards them.  As the ball comes towards Jason, Jason strikes the ball away.  It flies towards Zack.  Zack powerfully kicks it away.  Soon, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly arrive at the park.  Trini stays with Roger.  Billy and Kimberly join Jason and Zack.  Billy, Kimberly, Jason, and Zack run towards ball shaped Soccadillo.  Kimberly quickly does a split onto the grass, avoiding being hit by the ball.  The ball then bounces off a tree Billy is by.  Two Putties appear behind the tree and Billy fights them.  Kimberly does several flips and then fights a batch of Putties.  Landing several powerful kicks to the Putties.  Zack flips towards another group of Putties.  Zack fights a group of Putties.  During the fight, he manages to land on the shoulders of one of the Putties.  Using the Putty as leverage, Zack kicks several Putties to the ground.  Jason fights yet another batch of Putties.  Jason lands several kicks on the Putties and defeats them.  The ball flies towards Jason, but he ducks down in time.  The ball goes after Zack next, but Zack ducks down in time as well.  Zack goes back to fighting yet more Putties and defeating them.  Rita is very angry.  Squatt, Baboo, Finster, and Goldar all cower in fear as Rita screams what is it doing?!  That thing should have crushed those kids!  The ball rolls onto the ground and then vanishes.  The remaining Putties gather together and vanish as well.  Soccadillo returns to Moon Palace, where it's charges up more.  Soon Soccadillo is ready and is sent down to the rock quarry in monster form.  After a few moments, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive and face down Soccadillo.  Soccadillo warns them that their puny weapons are no much for his armor.  Soccadillo gears up to fight the five Rangers.  The Rangers have their Blade Blasters ready as Red Ranger shouts, let's get him guys!  Soccadillo charges towards the Rangers.  The five Rangers charge towards Soccadillo with their Blade Blasters.  The Rangers fight Soccadillo with their Blade Blasters.  Soccadillo has an easy time with the Rangers, knocking them down with ease.  Soon it's just Red Ranger fighting Soccadillo with his Blade Blaster.  Soccadillo lands a powerful strike that knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Soccadillo crosses his arms and fires at the Rangers from his wrists.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Soccadillo taunts the Rangers.  What's the matter chowder Rangers?  Tired so soon?! Blue Ranger struggles to a sitting position as he keeps his Blade Blaster ready.  Blue Ranger tells the rest of the team that Soccadillo is gaining strength rapidly.  We've got to stop him!  Red Ranger gets up and shouts, the game isn't over yet!  Tower formation!  The five Rangers quickly form the tower formation.  Soccadillo becomes alarmed.  The Rangers power up their Blade Blasters and fire at Soccadillo.  Soccadillo quickly goes into his ball shape, which protects him from the blast.   Soccadillo laughs as he rolls towards the Rangers.  He asks them if they would like to play a little ball  as he knocks them off their feet.  Soccadillo rolls away from the Rangers and goes back into his monster form.  You're not very good at soccer, are you?!  The Rangers gather together and face down Soccadillo once more.  Soccadillo tells them he's going to bring some coaches for them.  Several Putties arrive.  Soccadillo commands the Putties to get them.  Five Putties hold out several clay ball shapes.  The five Putties kick the clay balls towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and knocked off their feet once more.  Soccadillo laughs.  Score five for our side!  Soccadillo goes into ball shape.  Two Putties race forwards and kick Soccadillo towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit.  Green Ranger arrives and gives a strong kick to the ball shape Soccadillo when he arrives.  Soccadillo hits the ground and reverts to monster form.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Green Ranger.  Soccadillo goes back into ball form and flies through the air towards the Rangers.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger punch the ball and it goes flying in the opposite direction.  Once more, Soccadillo loses it's ball form and reverts back to monster form.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger leap into the air with their power weapons.  Yellow Ranger strikes Soccadillo with her Power Daggers at the same time as Pink Ranger strikes Soccadillo with her Power Bow.  Black Ranger and Blue Ranger leap into the air and strike Soccadillo with their Power Ax and Power Lance.  Followed by Green Ranger and Red Ranger who strike Soccadillo with their Dragon Dagger and Power Sword.  Soccadillo falls to the ground.  As he scrambles back up, he vows he will fix those Rangers just as soon as he stops feeling dizzy.  The Rangers gather together with their power weapons drawn. 

Second Chance

Soccadillo In Ball Form






Soccadillo In Monster Form









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