Spidertron - Voiced by Tom Wyner

Rita had sent down Baboo, Squatt, and several Putties down to Angel Grove Park to steal the Forest Spirit Statue.  Finster had made a fake statue that he admired greatly.  Rita orders Finster to make her a monster.  Finster quickly makes a sweet, slimy, spider monster.  Spidertron emerges from the Monstermatic.  Rita is pleased.  She plans to stash Spidertron into the exact copy of the statute that they had stole.  Rita also wants to fill the statue with spiders and moths.  The moths have a sleeping powder.  The fake statue was placed in Angel Grove park.  The following day, in the afternoon, several moths were released in Angel Grove park.  Zack had been teaching a hip hop kido class when he left his students briefly.  When Zack returned, he found his students asleep.  Zack had contacted Zordon, who told him that he was the next target.  Zack races through the park.  After awhile, Zack remembers the Forest Spirit statute  - it's suppose to protect people from bad bugs.  Zack reaches the Forest Spirit statue.  He can't believe it when he sees the statue is covered with moths.  Zack takes a closer look at the statue and realizes it is not the real statue.  The real statue had flowers in it's hair, not snakes.  Zack morphs and uses his Power Ax to blast apart the fake statute.  Spidertron is revealed.  Suddenly Goldar arrives.  Black Ranger uses his Blade Blaster as he battles Goldar.  Goldar knocks Black Ranger to the ground.  Soon Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrive and help Black Ranger up.  Spidertron and Goldar face down the five Rangers.  Spidertron shoots out webbing.  The webbing ensnares the five Rangers.  Goldar then blasts them with his sword.  The five Rangers are knocked off their feet.  The Rangers are having a hard time getting up.  Spidertron and Goldar charge at them.  Black Ranger breaks free and leaps into the air.  Black Ranger takes out his Blade Blaster and fires it at Spidertron and Goldar.  Suddenly Spidertron grows to giant size as Goldar retreats.  The five Rangers summon their zords.  The Megazord is quickly formed.  Spidertron and the Megazord battle.  Megazord lands a punch that sends Spidertron flying.  Spidertron shoots out a white, foamy spray.  it lands mostly on the Megazord's legs.  The Megazord can't move it's feet.  Spidertron then shoots out webbing.  The Megazord is quickly ensnared.  Spidertron blasts the Megazord.  The Megazord is disengage as it falls to the ground.  Spidertron and Tyrannosaurus Dinozord battle.  Triceratops Dinozord joins in, firing blast at Spidertron.  Mastodon joins in the battle as well.  Mastodon uses it's deep freeze.  Spidertron can move, but only for a few seconds.  Spidertron shakes himself free of the deep freeze.  Spidertron blasts Triceratops, Mastodon, and Sabretooth Tiger.  Spidertron and Tyrannosaurus leap towards each other.  Spidertron knocks Tyrannosaurus to the ground.  Green Ranger arrives and starts playing his Dragon Dagger.  Dragonzord arrives.  Spidertron and Dragonzord fight each other.  Dragonzord lands a kick that sends Spidertron flying and he hits the ground.  Spidertron quickly gets back up and shoots webbing at Dragonzord.  Dragonzord is trapped in the web.  Spidertron lifts up his flaps and shoots out several needle missiles towards Dragonzord.  Dragonzord fires it's missiles and breaks free.  Tyrannosaurus walks over to Dragonzord.  Spidertron fires energy bolts at them.  Dragonzord in Fighting Mode is formed.  Spidertron charges at it.  The Dragonzord uses it's Power Staff against Spidertron.  Spidertron is destroyed.  After the destruction of Spidertron, Zack's students woke up.  The Forest Spirit Statue also reappeared unharmed.

Itsy Bitsy Spider