Terror Toad - Voiced by Michael Sorich

Rita had been watching Angel Grove and was pleased to see Kimberly and Billy had changed into punks.  Baboo had been the one to plant the punk potion, but Rita ignore him and went to see Finster.  Rita wants a monster to finish off the rest of the Rangers.  Finster is already working on a frog monster.  Finster explains it will be the Terror Toad and reminds Rita of the success Terror Toad had on Sorcery 7.  He's large, hungry, and quite mean.  Once Terror Toad was completed, he was sent down to Angel Grove.  Terror Toad was Rita's worst creation yet.  Moments after he arrive, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive with their Blade Blasters drawn.  Terror Toad battles the three Rangers easily.  Terror Toad knocks Yellow Ranger to the ground.  Terror Toad's tongue becomes yellow and wraps around Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger turns into a yellow ball on Terror Toad's tongue.  Terror Toad retracts his tongue and swallows Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger's helmet appears on Terror Toad's stomach.  Terror Toad tells them with each Ranger he swallows, he becomes more powerful.  Red Ranger and Black Ranger fire at Terror Toad with their Blade Blaster.  Terror Toad deflects their blasts.  Black Ranger has his Power Ax and Red Ranger his Power Sword.  Terror Toad fights the two Rangers with ease.  Terror Toad knocks Black Ranger to the ground.  Terror Toad sticks out his tongue and wraps it around Black Ranger.  Black Ranger turns into a ball which Terror Toad swallows.  Black Ranger's helmet appears on Terror Toad's stomach.  Terror Toad tells Red Ranger there is plenty of room for him.  Terror Toad battles Red Ranger.  Eventually Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger arrived.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger had been cured by an anti-dote Alpha 5 made from the sap of a singing squash.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger had been informed by Zordon that the only way to defeat the Terror Toad was to remove it's horn and then look for the weak spot beneath his neck.  Terror Toad battles the three Rangers by shooting a blast of energy of his horn.  Blue Ranger cuts off Terror Toad's horn with his Blade Blaster.  Terror Toad is furious to lose his horn and captures Red Ranger and swallows him, head first.  Red Ranger's helmet appears on Terror Toad's stomach.  Terror Toad battles the two Rangers and eventually swallows Blue Ranger head first as well.  Blue Ranger's helmet appears on his stomach.  Pink Ranger is about to fire her Power Bow when she is pushed to the ground.  Baboo has arrived and pushed Pink Ranger to the ground.  Terror Toad and Baboo walk menacingly towards Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger fires her Power Bow and several arrows hit Terror Toad's neck.  The four Rangers are released and hit the ground.  They quickly get up.  Each Ranger has their Power Weapon drawn.  Baboo runs from Terror toad's side.  The Rangers battle Terror Toad with their Power Weapons.  Going in by twos and ones.  Pink Ranger is last and she fires her Power Bow.  It lands inside Terror Toad's mouth.  Terror Toad is destroyed by the Power Bow.

Goldar had come up with a plan to destroy the Rangers' self confidence.  While the teens slept, Goldar used the Crystal of Nightmares to give the teens bad dreams.  Billy's nightmare was when he and Pink Ranger battled Terror Toad and how he was swallowed by the Terror Toad.  When he woke from the nightmare, he had lost his self confidence, along with his friends.  The teens' self confidence was restore when Jason destroyed the Crystal of Nightmares and the spell was broken.

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Crystal Of Nightmares

Billy's Nightmare