Twin Man - Voiced by Bryan Cranston

Twin Man had gathered with several Putties, Goldar, Scorpina, Baboo, Squatt to listen to Rita's plan.  She exclaims, you puny Rangers think you are so tough, but the Twin Man is a whole lot tougher than you are!  Goldar places Scorpina in command of this mission.  And with the help of the Twin Man's powers, they shall pulverize those power brats once and for all.  Baboo feels they have their work cut out.  Rita instructs the Putties that the Twin Man will transform them into duplicates of the Power Rangers.  Once you're on Earth, do your best to do your worst.  Make them look bad and ruin their reputation.  Then you will slice them and dice them!  Rita laughs.  Twin Man transforms four Putties into duplicates of Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Zack.  Twin Man transforms himself into a duplicate of Jason.  They teleport down to the park in Angel Grove. "Jason" reminds them that they have their orders.  Let's go. The "teens" walk down the hall of Angel Grove High School.  Another student walks by them and gets slam into the lockers.  Bulk and Skull walk into the same hallway and are surprised by the "teens" behavior.  They stop to watch them.  The "teens" spot a water fountain and "Billy" gets to work removing the top half of it.  "Kimberly" is standing by some lockers when Bulk and Skull approach.  Skull asks "Kimberly" if she would like to catch the submarine races tonight?  "Kimberly" replies sure sweet lips, give me a call.  "Kimberly" blows a kiss and walks away.   Skull and Bulk are stunned.  One of Billy's friends walks up to "Billy" to say hi.  "Billy" grabs the guy by his shirt and tells him it's going to hurt him a lot more than it's going to hurt him.  "Billy" slams his friend into the lockers and then throws him onto the floor.  "Jason" removes the top of the water fountain and "Trini" pours in laundry detergent.  "Jason" puts the water fountain back together.  The "teens" walk away. The "teens" are amused by Mr. Caplan's predicament.  The water fountain continues to spray the soap suds everywhere.  Mr. Caplan tries to walk away, but slips and falls on the floor.  Just then classes end and students pour out of the classrooms and spot Mr. Caplan on the floor.  Mr. Caplan tries to get up, but slips onto the floor.  "Jason" comments and this is only the beginning. Mr. Caplan continues to struggle to get up off the floor.  "Trini" taunts gotcha!  Mr. Caplan screams at them, detention!  The "teens" laugh.  As they walk away, "Zack" comments, we really cleaned up!  This prank placed Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini in detention.  The "Power Rangers" stand on top of a building as a crowd gathers below.  The "Rangers" jump down into the crowd and start firing their "Blade Blasters" into the crowd.  People run terrified and screaming.  Scorpina is with them and she is very pleased.  Soon the real Power Rangers arrive.  Scorpina stands with the fake Rangers.  "Red Ranger" tells them they don't stand a chance.  Red Ranger replies, you can't fight the real thing.  Scorpina has the fake Rangers charge into battle with the Rangers.  Each Ranger fights it's fake counterpart.  Eventually Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger defeat their counterpart and in the process reveal a Putty. Red Ranger and "Red Ranger" fight each other with their Power Swords.  It is an intense fight, but eventually Red Ranger strikes "Red Ranger" with a hard kick that sends him flying and landing on the grass. "Red Ranger" reverts back to Twin Man.  The Rangers race towards Twin Man as he got up.  Twin Man exclaims farewell Power brats!  He twirls around a weapon shaped like a silver rod that releases energy towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and knocked to the ground.  Twin Man chants, mirror, mirror, all around.  Smash the Rangers to the ground.  A kaleidoscope effect forms around Twin Man and the Rangers.  Twin Man forms circles with his weapon which makes the Rangers dizzy.  Twin Man fires the weapon and the Rangers are hit once more.  Twin Man laughs as the Rangers struggle to get up.  Twin Man charges towards the Rangers.  The Rangers fire their Blade Blasters at Twin Man, striking him and knocking his weapon out of his hands.  The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it at Twin Man.  Twin Man is destroyed. 

A Bad Reflection On You






Twin Man As A Duplicate Of Jason

Twin Man As A Duplicate Of Red Ranger