Beamcaster - Voiced by Dave Mallow

Angel Grove was hosting Stone Canyon triathlon.  Lord Zedd:  "When the cats away, the mice will play.  As those pathetic Power Rangers watch this ridiculous athlete competition, I will quietly enslave the world and all will obey my every command."  Later, Goldar entered.  Goldar:  "Oh great Master it is time to put your ingenious plan into action."  Lord Zedd:  "Yes and when the population is expose to my mind controlling Zedd waves, I will rule the world."  Goldar:  "Oh my Master, if only..." Lord Zedd:  "Quiet!"  Lord Zedd then made Bulk and Skull's power scanner, fishing rod, radio, and basket vanish.  Lord Zedd created  Beamcaster from these items.  Beamcaster immediately arrived in Angel Grove. 

Zedd Waves














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