Bloom Of Doom - Voiced by Alex Borstein

Lord Zedd had used a jealousy spell on Kimberly.  Watching Kimberly, Lord Zedd concludes it the perfect time to send the monster, Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom arrives in Angel Grove.  Bloom of Doom gloats, feel the fire of my poisonous pollen, pitiful earthlings!  Bloom of Doom's pollen is scatter in every direction.  Soon the Rangers arrive at the park.  Bloom of Doom is surprised to see them all together.  Green Ranger remarks, yeah, well we're a team.  And together, we're going to destroy you.  Bloom of Doom replies, we'll see about that.  Several of Zedd's Putties appear by Bloom of Doom's side.  Bloom of Doom adds, I have some friends too, you know.  The Putties charge towards the Rangers.  Bloom of Doom laughs.  Pink Ranger fights a group of Putties.  Black Ranger fights another batch of Putties and quickly destroys two of them.  Blue Ranger fights another set of Putties.  Blue Ranger kicks several of them.  Red Ranger fights a Putty and destroys it.  Black Ranger tosses a Putty into a tree.  Green Ranger fights a batch of Putties.  He kicks several at a time and trips over another one.  Pink Ranger lands several powerful kicks on a Putty and it quickly is destroyed.  Green Ranger tosses a Putty through the air.  Red Ranger fights another Putty.  Eventually the Putties are destroyed and the Rangers face down Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom releases it's pollen.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger leap out of it's way but it's not enough to escape the pollen.  Yellow Ranger asks, what's happening?  Red Ranger screams, what is it?  It burns!  Blue Ranger feels like he's going to bust.  Black Ranger shouts, it feels like fire!  We've got to stop it somehow!  Green Ranger tries to shake off the pollen but he can't, instead it's making him weaker.  Yellow Ranger shouts at Bloom of Doom to leave her friends alone!  Pink Ranger comments, forget it Trini.  I have just the thing to put the wraps on this weed.  Pink Ranger pulls out the weapon Alpha had sent her.  Pink Ranger gets the weapon to wrap around Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom struggles to break free.  Yellow Ranger shouts, way to go Kim!  Yellow Ranger leaps into the air with her Blade Blaster and strikes Bloom of Doom.  Instead of helping, it frees Bloom of Doom.  Yellow Ranger tries to strike Bloom of Doom again with her Blade Blaster, but it vanishes.  Yellow Ranger is puzzled.  What happened?  Where did she go?  Pink Ranger shouts, Trini, I almost had him!  You spoil everything.  Pink Ranger leaps through the air with the weapon when Bloom of Doom reappears.  Once more she gets the weapon to wrap around Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom yanks on the ribbon, pulling Pink Ranger towards her.  Pink Ranger lands hard on the walkway.  Bloom of Doom asks, how does it feel to be consume with jealousy?  Look at me!  Gaze deep into my eye!  Bloom of Doom laughs as Pink Ranger panics.  Wait!  What's happening?!  I can't think straight.  Pink Ranger is teleported to another dimension.  The spell of jealousy is gone.  Pink Ranger asks, where am I?  Bloom of Doom welcomes Pink Ranger to her little garden.  I do hope you like it.  Because you are here for eternity!  Bloom of Doom laughs.  Bloom of Doom tells Pink Ranger that she has driven her friends away.  Alone, you shall now be destroyed!  Bloom of Doom laughs.  Pink Ranger replies, I don't think you know who you're dealing with.  Bloom of Doom states, you're all talk, but let's see you deal with this.  Bloom of Doom releases it's pollen.  The pollen covers Pink Ranger, causing several explosions.  Pink Ranger is knocked off her feet.  Pink Ranger is in pain as the pollen burns.  Bloom of Doom gloats, see you cannot fight me human.  You're doomed!  Bloom of Doom laughs again.  Pink Ranger disagrees.  I won't let you get away with this.  Pink Ranger struggles to stand back up as she mutters, I got to fight this.  Bloom of Doom laughs and then tosses one of her tentacles towards Pink Ranger.  The tentacle wraps itself around Pink Ranger.  Bloom of Doom yanks the tentacle around, causing Pink Ranger to be tossed around.  Pink Ranger yells, you'll never win you disgusting plant!  My friends know that you have me and they'll come for me!  Bloom of Doom laughs and then shocks Pink Ranger with her tentacle.   Pink Ranger falls to the floor.  Bloom of Doom taunts Pink Ranger.  You have no friends.  Your jealousy put an end to them forever!  Bloom of Doom asks, why do you still struggle human?  No one can help you now.  Suddenly, the Power Daggers go flying through the dimension and hit Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom is knocked out of the dimension.  Yellow Ranger is standing close by and screams Kimberly!  Hang on!  I'm here!  Pink Ranger has also been knocked out of the dimension.  Yellow Ranger states, alright, let's chop this weed.  Bloom of Doom tells them, it's going to destroy them both.   Yellow Ranger asks Pink Ranger, ready partner?  Pink Ranger replies, let's get her.  Both Rangers leap over to Bloom of Doom.  Yellow Ranger lands a kick on Bloom of Doom.  Pink Ranger lands on Yellow Ranger's shoulders and leaps off, firing her Power Bow several times at Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom is knocked to the pavement.  Pink Ranger lands close to Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers have arrived.  Bloom of Doom gets back up and states, maybe you power punks need more pollen?  Pink Ranger tells the team, let's not give her the chance.  The Rangers assemble the Power Blaster and fire it at Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom is hit hard and destroyed.

Bloom Of Doom