Lipsyncher - Voiced by Alex Borstein

Lipsyncher was created by Lord Zedd from Kimberly's lipstick.  Lipsyncher is a very vain creature.  Lord Zedd had his Putties distract Kimberly and Tommy while a Putty took the lipstick.  The Putty dropped it on the grass and Lord Zedd turned it into Lipsyncher.   Lipsyncher asks where are those gorgeous Power Rangers?  I just want to kiss them all to pieces. Soon,  Red Ranger arrives to battle Lipsyncher.  Lipsyncher uses it's voice to release powerful sound waves that knock Red Ranger off his feet.  Red Ranger gets back up and manages to gain the upper hand and cut a slice into Lipsyncher's  face.  This causes Lipsyncher a great deal of distress.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Lipsyncher grows to giant size. 

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