Nimrod The Scarlet Sentinel - Voiced by Brianne Siddall

Nimrod was created by Lord Zedd from a statue in the park.  Initially Nimrod was hidden within the statue, until Lord Zedd was ready for him.  Only his face could be seen on the back of the statue.  Unfortunately, Zack went after a out of bounds football and became suspicious when he spotted the statue oozing goo.  Zack quickly brought back his friends to check out the statue.  They were immediately suspicious.  Lord Zedd was angry they had spotted the statue too soon and sent down several Putties to keep the teens busy.  The teens battled and defeated the Putties.  Jason tries to contact Zordon and gets no response.  This makes the teens more uneasy and they decide to teleport to the Command Center to find out what is going on.  After the teens teleport, Nimrod, still a part of the statue, and only a glowing face at the moment, comments, catch you later, Power Rangers.  After awhile, Lord Zedd grows impatient and decides to go ahead and unleash Nimrod. The spell hits the statue and the statue begins to form into Nimrod. Nimrod is capable of producing powerful lightening.  Quickly the Rangers arrive.  Nimrod greets them with a welcome and calls them Power Brats.  Nimrod fires at the Rangers.  Black Ranger leaps into the air and tries to strike Nimrod with his Blade Blaster, but Nimrod knocks him aside first.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Black Ranger.  Nimrod fires lightening at them from it's staff.  The Rangers are hit hard.  Nimrod then opens it's mouth and shoots more lightening at the Rangers. 

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