Octophantom - Voiced by Eddie Frierson

Octophantom is a combination of an octopus and an elephant.  He is very strong and carries a magic jar that is capable of capturing people and draining them of their power.  Octophantom is also very vain.  Lord Zedd wanted to get rid of the Rangers and wanted to start with Green Ranger.  Tommy, Jason, and Kimberly are, along with other teens, helping to clean up the park.  Several of Lord Zedd's Putties are sent down.  The teens run in terror, except for Jason, Kimberly, and Tommy.  The three teens morph and fight the Putties.  Several of the Putties get a hold of Green Ranger.   Octophantom arrives and points his jar towards Green Ranger and opens it.  Green Ranger is pulled in.  Green Ranger is held captive in one of Lord Zedd's dimension.  Octophantom lands in West Union park and begins ruining the Pacific Heritage monuments in an attempt to lure out the remaining Rangers.  It works.  The five Rangers arrive at the park and simultaneously punch Octophantom.  Octophantom quickly knocks them away.  As the Rangers get back up, Octophantom greets them.  Red Ranger asks, where's Tommy?  Octophantom replies, right where you five are going.  Octophantom blasts the five Rangers with his hands.  Octophantom then shoots starfish at the Rangers.  The starfish attached themselves to the Rangers and erupted in explosions, knocking the Rangers off their feet once more.  The Rangers struggle as they get back up.  Black Ranger tells Red Ranger, come on Jason!  We can take this guy!  Red Ranger agrees and shouts, lets!  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger charge towards Octophantom.  Blue Ranger is more cautious and shouts at them to wait.  It's a trap!  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger fight Octophantom.    Red Ranger lands several kicks on Octophantom.  Yellow Ranger takes out her Blade Blaster and fights Octophantom with it.  Pink Ranger also uses her Blade Blaster as she joins Yellow Ranger in fighting Octophantom.  Octophantom soon knocks the two Rangers to the ground.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger leap into the air and try to land a kick on Octophantom.  Instead, he tosses them onto the pavement.  Octophantom gloats, you're no match for me.  Prepare to meet your fate.  Blue Ranger calls out another warning, Jason, watch out!  Octophantom tells them, it's time to meet your friend, the Green Ranger.  As you donate your powers to the...Octophantom becomes distracted by his reflection on the back of a metal monument.  He notes, I've never noticed what a handsome fella I am.  Those lips, those eyes.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.  Octophantom turns away from his reflection as he states, okay back to business.  Octophantom takes out his jar and asks, who wants to be the first one to join the Green Ranger in this jar?  Red Ranger replies, none of us creep!  Octophantom decides to take all of them at once.  He points his jar at the four Rangers.  Red Ranger manages to leap away but Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger are sucked into the jar.  Octophantom gloats, four down!  Two to go!  Red Ranger threatens, you won't get away with this!  Octophantom very confidently asks, who's going to stop me?  You?  If you want to join me, meet me at the quarry!  Octophantom vanishes.  Later, Red Ranger runs as he searches for Octophantom.  He pauses at the bottom of a gravel pit and shouts, alright ugly!  Where are you?!  With a flash of lightening, Octophantom appears.  Octophantom notes, so you decided to come.  Big mistake.  Red Ranger shouts, where are my friends?!  I want to see them now!  Octophantom concludes that he is being rude and points above them, where the four Rangers are tied to poles.  Red Ranger yells, are you guys alright?!  Yellow Ranger responds, we're okay.  Black Ranger adds, I'm not too sure about Tommy.  Green Ranger tells them I'm alright, just get this guy!  Pink Ranger urges Red Ranger to hurry.  Lord Zedd is trying to put us under a spell!  Octophantom lets them know that the power transfer is almost over.  It looks like you're all alone now!  Red Ranger responds, I am be standing here alone, but my friends are still with me in spirit. 

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