Pirantishead - Voiced by Scott Page-Pagter

Pirantishead was created by Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd selected a piranha out of the rampoon river and used his staff to turn it into Pirantishead and sent it immediately to Angel Grove.  Pirantishead has two fish flutes, which he used to cause explosions throughout the city.  Pirantishead also had the ability to freeze things.  Pirantishead is standing on top of a building and laughs as he spots the Rangers when they arrive.  He taunts them, watch this Power Rangers!  Pirantishead puts a fish flute to his mouth and blows on it.  The icy air causes several explosions in the city.  The five Rangers try to stay out of the way of the falling debris.  Pirantishead shouts at them to give up!  You'll never defeat Lord Zedd!  Red Ranger shouts back, that remains to be seen fish face!  The five Rangers summon their zords.  Pirantishead states, I'm afraid this time you're going to be left out in the cold.  Using his fish weapons, Pirantishead freezes the zords.

Red Ranger tells his team they are not beat yet.   Let's do it!  The Rangers summon Tyrannosaurus.  Tyrannosaurus quickly arrives.  Pirantishead gloats, watch this, as he blows on his fish flute.  The icy breath put Tyrannosaurus under Pirantishead's control.  Tyrannosaurus immediately knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Red Ranger shouts, hey!  What's going on?!  Tyrannosaurus charges towards them.  Red Ranger concludes Tyrannosaurus has turned on them.  Our only hope now is Tommy and his Dragonzord.  Soon, Green Ranger arrives and the rest of the Rangers are glad to see him.  Black Ranger informs Green Ranger that fish face froze our zords and turned Tyrannosaurus against us.  Green Ranger uses the Dragon Dagger to call Dragonzord to protect them.  Dragonzord arrives and fights Tyrannosaurus.  Pirantishead shouts, hey you two!  It's not nice to fight each other.  Pirantishead uses his fish flute once more and fires the icy blast towards Dragonzord.  The blast hits Dragonzord and it immediately turns against the Rangers.  Pink Ranger asks, what are we going to do?  Dragonzord swings it's tail towards the Rangers and strikes them.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet and hit the pavement.  Red Ranger exclaims, this can't be happening!  Pirantishead is having fun as he tells the Rangers, their own zords will finish them off.  Red Ranger can't believe Pirantishead has turned the zords against them.  The Rangers have no choice but to retreat.  Later, Pirantishead appears at one of the tracks of a charity race.  A short distance away, Bulk and Skull are racing along.  Skull is teasing Bulk as he takes the lead.  Pirantishead picks a spot as the race continues.  After a few moments, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger arrive close by as they search for the monster.  From above, Pirantishead laughs and asks if they are looking for something?  Green Ranger points Pirantishead out.  Black Ranger adds, in the flesh or should I say scale.  Red Ranger shouts, let's go!  The four Rangers charge towards Pirantishead.  Pirantishead laughs and tells them to think again as he vanishes.  The four Rangers are surprised.  Red Ranger shouts, where did he go?  Suddenly several of Zedd's Putties arrive.  Green Ranger shouts a warning.  Heads up!  Putties!  Black Ranger realizes it was a trap.  The four Rangers are kept busy battling Zedd's Putties.  Lord Zedd contacts Pirantishead and tells him I sense intruders approaching.  Take care of them.  Pirantishead comments this should be fun before vanishing. 

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