Primator - Voiced by Richard Epcar

Lord Zedd waits until the planets are in alignment and concludes Zordon must be fully de-ionized.  Time to bring the Primator to life!  Lord Zedd creates Primator out of Zack's discarded ape costume.  Primator had the ability to disguised itself as any Ranger.  A few moments later, Lord Zedd was delighted to discovered Alpha 5 had left the Command Center and was in Angel Grove park.  Lord Zedd sent Primator to the park. Primator assumes Billy's shape and walks towards Alpha 5 and Dylan.  "Billy" tells Alpha 5 that he has been a naughty boy and it's time to return to the Command Center.  Alpha 5 realizes that he is not dealing with Billy.  "Billy" reverts to his true form of Primator and tries to get Alpha 5 to take him to the Command Center.  Primator grabs a hold of Dylan, but Dylan fights him off.  Alpha 5 tells Dylan to run and activates his own self-destruct button. 

The Wanna-Be Ranger









Primator Disguised As Billy






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