Saliguana - Voiced by Steve Kramer

Lord Zedd created Saliguana from Miss Appleby's iguana.  Lord Zedd had combined the iguana with the mystical salamander.  A creature capable of living in and breathing fire.  Saliguana first appeared in Miss Appleby's classroom, when Bulk and Skull overfeed her iguana.  Bulk and Skull screamed and ran from the room.  Saliguana left and began it's attack on Angel Grove.   Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger soon arrived.  They battled and defeated Zedd's Putties.  Saliguana states, you're good with Putties, now try me!  Black Ranger and Blue Ranger leap through the air and land kicks on Saliguana.  Saliguana hits the ground but quickly gets back up.  Black Ranger fights Saliguana.  He lands several punches and kicks against Saliguana.  Saliguana hits the ground once more but gets back up.  Saliguana tells Black Ranger, you're going to pay for that.  Blue Ranger calls out a warning.  He can turn up the heat and bar-b-que you at any time he wants.  Black Ranger isn't worried.  This guy's nothing.  Saliguana is offended.  Nothing?!  I'll show you nothing!  Here's a very hot something!  Saliguana shoots flames from his mouth towards Black Ranger and Blue Ranger.  The two Rangers roll out of the way.  Black Ranger notes, we got him spitting mad.  I think it's time to break out the extinguisher!  This should cool you down.  Black Ranger aims the ice device at Saliguana.  Saliguana isn't worried.  Toasted Ranger anyone?  Saliguana shoots out his flames once more.  Black Ranger fires the device, but nothing happens.  Black Ranger asks, what's wrong?  Blue Ranger doesn't know.  The two Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Saliguana charges towards them.  Blue Ranger tells Black Ranger, try to figure out what's wrong.  I'll distract him!  Blue Ranger fights Saliguana.  Saliguana strikes Blue Ranger on the helmet and knocks him to the ground.  Saliguana gloats, now I've got you.  Black Ranger leaps in and knocks Saliguana away.  Blue Ranger suddenly realizes he knows what's wrong with the ice device.  We designed it with a back flow inhibitor in mind.  Blue Ranger takes the device from Black Ranger.  The extra computer chip Trini told us to bring should fit right here.  It's essential for this device to work.  Blue Ranger places the computer chip into the ice device and states, there that should do it.  Saliguana states, you two are history!  Blue Ranger is confident the ice device will work now.  Black Ranger takes the device and aims it Saliguana.  Saliguana blows flames at the two Rangers.  Black Ranger fires the ice device, shouting, take that lizard breath!  The ice device works and Saliguana's flames are extinguished.  Saliguana is angry.  You'll pay for that!  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger race over and join Blue Ranger and Black Ranger.  Red Ranger asks if they are okay?  Black Ranger replies, Billy got hit in the head, but I think he's alright.  Blue Ranger adds, yeah, I'm fine.  Saliguana is really mad and charges towards the five Rangers.  The Rangers form their Power Blaster.  Saliguana is hit hard.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb.  Saliguana grows to giant size.  Red Ranger notes, it looks like Lord Zedd has upped the stakes.  Saliguana gloats, now your precious Angel Grove will be history.  The Rangers summon their thunderzords.  Red Dragon Thunderzord goes into warrior mode.  Saliguana has the ability to breath fire once more and shoots flames at Red Dragon Thunderzord.  Red Dragon Thunderzord is hit hard.  Saliguana doesn't understand why Red Dragon Thunderzord is still standing.  In the sky, the rest of the Thunderzords arrive.  As they fly, they form the assault team.  Red Dragon Thunderzord leaps up and rides on top of the assault team.  Saliguana shoots more flames at them.  The assault team manages to outmaneuver the flames.  Saliguana gets very angry.  Thunder Megazord is formed.  Saliguana has the ability to stretch out it's tongue and it did so.  Wrapping it's tongue around Thunder Megazord.  Saliguana laughed as Thunder Megazord struggle to break free.  Thunder Megazord pulls out it's sword and slices it through Saliguana's tongue. 

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