Turbanshell - Voiced by Barbara Goodson

Turbanshell was created by Lord Zedd from a seashell Kimberly had found.   Turbanshell appears on the beach and responds, I'm here Lord Zedd. Your wish is my command.  I'll take care of those Power Rangers for you.  Turbanshell walks away from the beach.   Turbanshell becomes giant size and begins wrecking Angel Grove.  Soon the Rangers arrive and quickly summon their zords.  Thunder Megazord is formed.  The Rangers battle Turbanshell with Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord but they are unable to defeat Turbanshell.  The Rangers are ejected from their zords and watch as Turbanshell triumphantly leaves.   Moments later, Lord Zedd tells Goldar to pay attention.  The Dark Rangers are standing close by.  Lord Zedd tells Goldar, the siphoning to the crystal is nearly complete.  When the Green Ranger is rendered completely powerless I want you to see to it...Turbanshell appears, which startles Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd yells at Turbanshell, what are you doing here?!  Turbanshell explains, I had to recharge.  Lord Zedd yells, you're suppose to be fighting the Power Rangers!  Turbanshell replies, I had them on the ropes Lord Zedd.  This makes Lord Zedd more angry.  What?  And you let them go when you could have finished them?!  Get back down there and fight until the Green Ranger is through!  Do you understand?!  Turbanshell replies, as you command, oh patient one.  I shall not fail you.  Turbanshell vanishes and appears in a vast field.  Moments later, Green Ranger arrives.  Turbanshell and Green Ranger fight.  Turbanshell easily defeats Green Ranger.  Turbanshell drains Green Ranger's powers.  Powerless, Tommy hides.  Turbanshell enjoys taunting and stalking Tommy, as he hides behind a rock.

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