Beezara - Voiced by Sarah Banasiak

Beezara went to the Warstar Spaceship and met with Admiral Malkor.  She told him she was royalty.  Beezara waited in the wings to meet the rest of the crew.  Beezara could overhear their conversation.  She laughed at Creepox's impatience.  Beezara stepped out.  Beezara:  "As the queen of my hive, I must look my best for my royal subjects.  In contrast to drones like yourself.  When was the last time you had a bath?"  Creepox gets very angry.  Creepox:  "Why you?!"  Beezara isn't fazed at all.  Beezara:  "Really Admiral, I'm shocked you can stand the stench of your subordinates.  We all know females are much better company than males, and deadlier adversaries.  Plus we're far smarter."  Creepox:  "I'll show you who's smarter!"  Beezara shot her venom towards Creepox, but Creepox managed to dodge it.  Beezara:  "Someone needs to learn some manners!  I am the great Queen Warrior Beezara!  I command respect."  Vrak:  "Ah, yes.  Your excellent reputation proceeds you."  Admiral Malkor:  "We've heard you are ruthless and very cunning.  How do you plan to help me deal with the humans?"  Beezara:  "My royal jelly venom will make all human males my loyal servants.  One taste and they will be unable to refuse my command.  The females will fight until they destroy one another.  I plan to start with the girl Rangers."  Beezara laughed.  Beezara went to the photo shop, where she knew Gia and Emma were at.  She hid behind a mannequin and waited for the to walk past.  Beezara:  "Fool!"  Once Emma and Gia were outside, Beezara shot her venom at them.  They were hit from behind and unaware that Beezara had used her venom on them.  Beezara:  "And best friends will soon become worst enemies."  Beezara laughed.  Moments later, Beezara went to the soccer field at Harwood County High School.  She had several Loogies with her.  Beezara:  "Silly games for silly boys.  It's time to work for a living."  Beezara blasted all the guys with her venom.  They fell to the ground and were unable to move.  Beezara:  "Take them to my hive."  The Loogies dragged the guys away.  Beezara:  "I'll show Malkor and his cronies that I mean business.  I'll work these males to the bone."    Two guys ran onto the field.  Noah:  "Stop right there!"  Jake:  "Whoa! That's a big bad beetle!"  Beezara:  "Beetle!!  How dare you insult me!  I am Queen Bee and will be address as such."  Beezara shoots her venom at the guys.  Noah and Jake leaped out of the way and avoided being hit.  The guys pulled out their Gosei Morphers.  Noah:  "It's morphin time!"  Noah and Jake:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger charged towards Beezara.  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger fought Beezara.  Beezara:  "You insolent humans!  You think this is any way to treat a queen!"  Beezara knocked Blue Ranger to the ground.  Beezara kicked and struck Black Ranger, knocking him to the ground as well.  Blue Ranger hurried over to Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "Jake!"  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger got up.  Beezara shot them with her venom.  Blue Ranger:  "Bee venom!  It's toxic!"  Black Ranger:  "I'm going numb!"  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger demorph and fall to the ground, in a lot of pain.  Beezara:  "Oh, what happened?"  Jake:  "I can't move!"  Noah:  "Me neither!"  Beezara walked up to the fallen guys.  Beezara:  "You'll move when I let you.  Once you're in my hive, you'll become my slaves.  Think what an honor it'll be to serve me, the Queen Bee, for the rest of your sorry little lives."  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger leaped towards Beezara.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger:  "Mega Blasters!"  The three Rangers fired several times at Beezara.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger ran up to their friends, while keeping their Mega Blasters aimed at Beezara.  Red Ranger:  "Jake! Noah!"  Pink Ranger kneeled down by Noah.  Pink Ranger:  "Hey, are you okay?  What happened?"  Yellow Ranger kneeled down by Jake as Red Ranger stood guard.  Beezara:  "Hello girls!  How did the photos turn out?"  Pink Ranger:  "Huh?  How did you know?"  Beezara:  "Were there any keepers?"  Beezara blasts her venom.  Red Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Red Ranger leaps up.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  Red Ranger protects them from the blast with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger leaps towards Beezara.  Red Ranger fights Beezara with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger:  "Buzz off bee!"  Beezara:  "I suppose you think that's clever.  Soon all you males will be under my command!"  Red Ranger:  "Never!"  Beezara:  "Allow me!"  Beezara strikes Red Ranger with her tentacle.  Red Ranger:  "Oh really?!"  Beezara lands an powerful strike against Red Ranger.  Red Ranger falls to the ground but quickly gets back up and leaps towards Beezara.  Beezara strikes him with her venom.  Red Ranger demorphs and hits the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger races forward.  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!  Activate!"  Pink Ranger:  "Gia!  To Summon the Megaforce Blaster, I need to call Phoenix Shot first."  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger push and shove each other.  Pink Ranger tries to force the two weapons together.  Yellow Ranger:  "No way! Our weapons don't fit together.  They're not connecting!"  The guys watched the argument between the two Rangers.  Noah:  "What's wrong with the girls?"  Jake:  "They can't stop arguing."  Troy:  "The monster knew they were at the photo shop.  She must have done something to them!"  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue to push and shove each other and trying to jam their weapons together.  Yellow Ranger:  "Quit it!  We've got a battle to win!  Don't force it Emma!"  Pink Ranger:  "They're not compatible.  But we can't wait!"  Pink Ranger charges towards Beezara.  Yellow Ranger:  "What do you think you're doing?!"  Beezara:  "Good, my spell is working."  Pink Ranger fights Beezara with the Phoenix Shot.  Quickly, Beezara knocks Pink Ranger to the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma!  What are you doing?!"  Yellow Ranger races over and blocks Beezara's blast.  Beezara picks up Yellow Ranger by the scruff of her neck as she places a foot on Pink Ranger's stomach.  Beezara:  "You two are bitter enemies and don't you forget it!"  Beezara kicks Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger hard, and they go flying.  The two Rangers hit the net and bounce off it, hitting the ground and demorphing.  Beezara:  "Goal!"  Beezara glances at the guys.  Beezara:  "You three!  Carry me to my hive!"  Troy:  "What?!"  Against their will, Troy, Noah, and Jake walk over to Beezara and lifted her up onto their shoulders.  Jake:  "I can't help myself!"  Noah:  "Neither can I!"  Beezara:  "Quickly now!  That's much better.  No dawdling!"  Noah, Jake, and Troy carry Beezara away.  Emma and Gia helplessly watch.  At her hive Beezara had all the guys working.  One guy was doing the wash.   Beezara was sitting comfortably as Jake fan her, Noah rubbed her feet, and Troy worked on her nails.  Beezara:  "It's been an eon since I've had a manicure."  Beezara looked at Troy.  Beezara:  "Make them pretty!  My venom is quite effective, huh?  You should all feel honored to serve as my slaves."  Noah was trying to avoid looking at Beezara's feet as he rubbed them.  Noah:  "I can't believe I'm rubbing her stinky feet.  But I can't stop myself."  Beezara overheard the comment and whipped her head towards Noah.  Beezara:  "Silence!"  Beezara looked at Jake.  Beezara:  "Strike him!"  Jake struggled against following this command.  Beezara:  "Hard!"  Against his will, Jake struck Noah hard on the head.  Noah:  "Oww!!"  Jake:  "Sorry!"  Beezara laughed until she felt a bit of pain.  She yanked her hand away from Troy.  Beezara:  "Hey, what are you trying to do?!  Start a fire!"  She gave her hand back to Troy.  Beezara:  "Go gentle."  Troy started working on her nails again.  Beezara:  "Ahh, much better."  Beezara looked at Noah.  Beezara:  "Hey foot boy!  Don't forge to clean the gunk from my toenails."  Noah:  "Okay, okay!"  Noah cleaned the gunk from the toenails and felt a little sick.  Noah:  "Jeesh!  Why did I get the feet?!"  Jake had been watching and he tried hard not to get sick.  Troy tried to keep his eyes close as he worked on Beezara's nails.  After awhile, Beezara became fed up with them.  She got up and yelled at the guys.  Beezara:  "Enough of your constant complaints!  Clean up this mess and be grateful that you serve me!"  Emma:  "Stop!"  Beezara turned around and saw Emma.  Beezara:  "You!  I've been waiting for you."  Jake, Noah, Troy:  "Emma!"  Beezara shot her venom towards Emma.  Emma leaped into the air.  Emma:  "It's morphin time!"  Emma morphed into Pink Ranger.  Beezara shoots her venom towards the ground.  The venom turns into vines which wrapped themselves tightly around Pink Ranger.  Troy asks, where's Gia?  Yellow Ranger suddenly leaps in.  Jake can't help but smile at her dramatic entrance.  Yellow Ranger lands a kick and is soon fighting Beezara.  Jake is ready to lend a hand, but he walks into a force field instead.  Yellow Ranger is knocked to the ground.  Pink Ranger yells at her to get up!  Yellow Ranger responds, I don't need your advice.  Jake yells at them.  What's gotten into you both?!  You're best friends!  Beezara tells them, not anymore.  I hit them with my venom after they came out of the photo store.  Now they can't help but argue.  They will never be best friends again. 

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