Dizchord - Voiced by Dean Young

Dizchord was on the Warstar spaceship.  Admiral Malkor:  "I've called up a new alley, Dizchord."  Dizchord leaps in.  Dizchord:  "Did someone say my name?  That's music to my ears.  Get it?  Cause this guy right here is all about music.  Check it out!"  Dizchord twirls around and starts singing and playing his guitar:

Super star of a guitar!
Hotter than a quasar!
The power of rock & roll
Is just too hot to hold!

Creepox is in disbelief.  Creepox:  "And he actually thinks he's good."  Vrak:  "Horrible."  Admiral Malkor:  "It's so bad it hurts."  Dizchord doesn't pay them any attention and continues with his song.

I'm tops on the ax!
Awesome to the max!
Electrical or acoustic
I'm totally havoc!

Dizchord:  "Thank you!"  Dizchord walks over to Creepox and Vrak.  Dizchord:  "So who here wants backstage passes?"  Creepox:  "To what?"  Dizchord gets very close to Creepox.  Dizchord:  "My concert.  I'm going to rock their world.  And if you want to see the show, I'll take care of you little people."   Creepox gets mad.  Creepox:  "You blowhard!  I'll take care of you!"  Vrak:  "Wait!  Let's use his music against the humans."  Dizchord is sent down to Harwood County.  Dizchord stands on top of a building.  The people below are unaware of him.  Dizchord:  "Prepare to be amazed!  You're in the presence of musical greatness!"  Dizchord begins to play his guitar. 

I got lock on how to rock
My music gets you hotter than an aftershock!

The people below immediately begin to cover their ears and fall to the ground.  They are in a great deal of pain.  Dizchord:  "Now check out this sweet move!"  The necks of Dizchord's guitar swing back and forth rapidly.  It causes more distress to the people below.  The Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger:  "That sound is splitting my brain!"  Pink Ranger:  "Mine too!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Really?  It just sounds loud to me."  Black Ranger:  "Yeah, it's bad, but it's not that bad."  Red Ranger:  "It must be because we were closer when it first started."  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger run over to a table.  Pink Ranger:  "Come on!  You all need to run to safety!"  The three young ladies take off running.  Red Ranger:  "We can't take much more of this Emma!"  Blue Ranger looks up at Dizchord.  Blue Ranger:  "Turn off that noise!"  Dizchord stops playing.  Dizchord:  "Noise?  How dare you!  I'm the greatest musician in the entire universe."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Dizchord:  "No one gives me a bad review.  Loogies attack!"  Several Loogies leap in.  The plaza still has a lot of people.  The Rangers encourage them to leave.  Black Ranger:  "People take cover!"  Pink Ranger:  "Don't just stand here!"  Black Ranger:  "Go!  Quickly!"  Red Ranger:  "Go!"  Black Ranger:  "Come on!  Come on!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Move it!  We can handle this!"  The people get up and quickly ran away from the plaza.  Dizchord:  "Teach these haters a lesson Loogies!" Dizchord begins to play his guitar again and sing.  The Loogies dance in formation as Dizchord sings. 

You diss my tunes and that ain't nice!
Now you buffoons will pay the price!

All Rangers:  "Battle gear!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon battle gear!"  The battle gear arrives and the Rangers reach out and grab their weapon.  Red Ranger:  "Luckily this song isn't hurting me like the last one!"  The Rangers charge into battle and quickly fight the Loogies.  Red Ranger fights the Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights another batch of Loogies with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger:  "It seems to be powering up these Loogies"  Yellow Ranger is fighting the Loogies with her Tiger Claw.  Yellow Ranger:  "We got to stop them before the music really amps up their power."    Dizchord continues singing and playing his guitar.  It is affecting Pink Ranger badly.  Pink Ranger tries to fight several Loogies with her Phoenix Shot, but it is difficult.  Blue Ranger notices and fires his Shark Bowgun at the Loogies surrounding Pink Ranger.  Blue Ranger races over to help Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger is feeling badly as well.  Black Ranger leaps through the air to help out Red Ranger.  Black Ranger defeats a couple of Loogies with his Snake Ax.  Dizchord leaps down from the top of the building.  Several Loogies form a circle around Dizchord and dance to his music.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger struggle against the pain from the music.  Blue Ranger makes the call to form the Megaforce Blaster.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger struggle with this task.  Pink Ranger even drops her Phoenix Shot.  Black Ranger encourages them to hang in there.  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire, but with Red Ranger and Pink Ranger weak, the blast misses Dizchord and the Loogies.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger kneel on the ground, clutching their helmets.  Red Ranger apologizes.  Dizchord prepares for his encore.  An extra special something from me.  Dizchord fires a blast that has the ability to demorph the Rangers.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger are hit and they demorph.  Dizchord thanks the Rangers.  My power cords knocked you out!  It's time to rock and roll over some more humans!  Dizchord and the Loogies leave the plaza.  Later, Dizchord is standing on a top of a building, looking out over the city.  Dizchord thinks he's a local sensation because he's so fantastic.  He is unaware that Vrak has arrived.  Vrak states, what you need is a manager to take you to the big time.  Dizchord turns around and really likes the idea.  My talents are too terrific to waste on just one little city.  Do you want to be my manager?  Vrak walks towards Dizchord as he replies, agreed.  I will make you a big star.  Dizchord spins around and yells out excellent!  I'm going to be the greatest musician of all time.  Standing very close to Dizchord, Vrak tells him, your music deserves to be heard by the whole world.  I can make a device that will broadcast your show to the entire planet.  Your music will hit harder than you ever thought possible.  Soon they are at an outdoor stage.  Dizchord instructs the Loogies to be careful with that machine, as the Loogies set up the stage.  Dizchord continues, after our city wide sound check, that thing is going to broadcast my music around the globe.  Vrak stands a small distance away and comments excellent.  Dizchord starts the sound check.  He plays his guitar and sings as the Loogies form a circle around him and dance in sync.  Soon Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive.  Yellow Ranger is happy to note there is no music.  We caught them by surprise.  Black Ranger adds, this will be easier than what we thought.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger start heading down the stairs.  Blue Ranger warns the other two to stay on their toes.  Several Loogies are moving a device towards the center of the stage.  Dizchord is eager to start their worldwide broadcast.  Vrak blasts the three Rangers.  He tells them, glad you made it.  I am the master mind behind this plan.  Now listen as we transmit Dizchord's music and wipe out the whole world!  Dizchord laughs and states, that's my manager!  Dizchord starts the concert.  Dizchord sings and plays his guitar as the Loogies dance around.  Vrak states, and I'll make sure there are no interruptions.  Vrak leaps down and lands by the three Rangers.  Vrak fights the three Rangers with ease.   Vrak quickly knocks the three Rangers down.  Vrak orders a Loogie to activate the transmitter and spread his music across the globe!  The Loogie does so.  Vrak comments, now every human will get an earful of Dizchord.  Dizchord continues with his show as Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger battle Vrak.  During the battle, Black Ranger has a hard time concentrating.  It's that noise!  Vrak tells them they can't win this fight and knocks Black Ranger down.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger go over to Black Ranger to make sure he is okay.  As the three Rangers get up, Vrak blasts them off their feet.  Vrak informs them, this armor shields me from that horrible music.  But you humans have no such protection.  And now I shall finish this off.  Vrak points his staff at the three fallen Rangers.  Vrak gloats, I knew I would find your weakness Rangers.  Vrak continues, and now I will finish you all!  Vrak pauses when he hears singing.  Dizchord stops singing when he hears another voice singing.  What is that horrible sound?  Even the Loogies stop dancing.  Black Ranger asks, who's that?  Yellow Ranger, is it...Emma?  She is right, it is Emma.  With his arm around her shoulders, Troy guides Emma towards the top of the seats, surrounding the stage.  Black Ranger comments, I didn't know Emma could sing.  Troy glances over at a bare branch and watch it blossom with flowers.  Dizchord is not happy.  Hey!  You're ruining my big moment!  Vrak is angry.  He starts to run towards Emma and Troy when he is struck from behind.  Vrak turns around and glares at the three Rangers.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger leap into the air and strike Vrak with the Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  The two Rangers fight Vrak as Emma continues to sing her song.  Troy activates the Twist Tornado Power Card to amplify Emma's singing.  It also blows the flowers off the trees and onto the stage.  Troy encourages Emma to keep going, it's working!  Dizchord comments, so horrible.  Dizchord decides it's time for a battle of the bands and begins to play his guitar, but it's not effective against Emma's singing.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger continue to keep Vrak away by fighting him with their mega weapons.  The flowers on the stage wreck the transistor.  Dizchord is furious.  He tries to play his guitar but it sparks and eventually the center of it is blown away.  Dizchord collapses onto the stage and calls out for his manager.  Vrak is battling Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Vrak glances over at the stage and is very angry.  The Rangers are ruining everything!  Black Ranger tells Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger, if Emma and Troy can pull that off, we have to do our part too!  The Megaforce Blaster is formed.  The three Rangers fire at Vrak and he is knocked off his feet and goes flying through the air.  Emma and Troy morph.  Dizchord orders the Loogies to get them!  The Loogies race off the stage and head towards Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger fights the Loogies with her Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger fights the Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Eventually the two Rangers destroy the Loogies.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger race over to Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  Black Ranger tells them, good job guys!  Red Ranger points out, but we're not done.  Dizchord gets back up on his feet and states, I'm no one hit wonder.  Dizchord fires several times at the Rangers.  The Rangers managed to block the blasts with their mega weapons.  The Rangers then use their mega weapons and fire at Dizchord.  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster and fire at Dizchord.  Dizchord is defeated and falls onto the stage. 

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