Dragonflay - Voiced by Robert Mignault

Dragonflay was on the Warstar, waiting to show off for Admiral Malkor.  Once he heard Creepox call for him, he zipped into the room  and did a dramatic pose before facing the three.  (Vrak was there as well.) Dragonflay:  "I'm so cool.  Send me into battle and I'll make quick work of these humans."  Admiral Malkor was impressed.  Admiral Malkor:  "Yes, your magnificent speed may be just the thing."  Creepox stood next to Dragonflay.  Creepox:  "Forget Vrak's complicated schemes.  This is the path to victory.  Strike fast and strike hard."  Dragonflay immediately went into the city and started attacking.  He laughed as he watched the exploding building.  Dragonflay:  "First the buildings, and next the whole world!"  Dragonflay enjoyed himself as he attacked various areas of the city.  Dragonflay:  "Creepox was right!  We're on the fast track to victory!"  Jordan:  "Stop monster!"  Dragonflay was surprised to see the young man.  Dragonflay:  "Who the heck are you?!  A scaredy cat I guess.  Well, whoever you are, I'll cut you down quick!"  Dragonflay shot lasers out of his eyes.  Jordan quickly ducked and Dragonflay missed.  Dragonflay:  "You won't dodge the next one!"  Black Ranger:  "Hey stop!"  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrived and faced down Dragonflay.  Yellow Ranger:  "Why don't you deal with someone who can actually fight back?!"  Dragonflay:  "Rangers!"  Jordan:  "Cool."  Jordan felt a hand on his shoulder and quickly turned his head.  It was Red Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "Leave this to us.  I need to get you to safety.  Come on!  We got to go now!  As you can see, it's going to get busy!"  Red Ranger helped Jordan up and they raced out of harm's way.  Blue Ranger:  "Okay, they're clear."  Dragonflay went into his super speed and struck the four Rangers hard, knocking them off their feet.  Dragonflay was gleeful.  Dragonflay:  "Strike!  One hit from Dragonflay and you're all thrown!  Guess you guys aren't up to speed!  We insects are taking over this entire world!  None of your little Ranger tricks can stop me, I'll take you down, fast and furious!"  The four Rangers got back up on their feet to face down Dragonflay.  Dragonflay used his super speed against the four Rangers once more.  The four Rangers formed a circle, with their back facing each other.  Yellow Ranger:  "Where is he?"  Black Ranger:  "He's so quick, we can't see him."  Yellow Ranger:  "Maybe he went after that kid."  Red Ranger came running up.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Red Ranger:  "I got that guy out of the way!"  Blue Ranger:  "Careful, this guy moves so fast, he's invisible!"  The Rangers could hear Dragonflay's voice, but they couldn't see him.  Dragonflay:  "You can't stop what you cant' see losers!"  Red Ranger was knocked off his feet.  Pink Ranger:  "Troy!"  Dragonflay became boastful.  Dragonflay:  "And I'm not even trying hard here!"  The rest of the Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Jordan is running out of the city when he hears a sound that makes him stop and turn around.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers that he sense Dragonflay right before he struck.  Red Ranger tells himself, I know I can do this.  Red Ranger holds his Dragon Sword in front of him as he concentrates.  Red Ranger tells himself to focus his awareness like he did before.  Pink Ranger asks him, what are you doing?  Pay attention!  Red Ranger replies, that's exactly what I'm doing.  Attention to the wind.  Pink Ranger is amused, the wind?  Red Ranger responds, we can't see him, but we can feel the wind he creates when he moves and use it to discover where he is.  Red Ranger suddenly glides towards a spot and Dragonflay is hit and falls to the ground.  Dragonflay wonders how Red Ranger did that.  The rest of the Rangers run up to Red Ranger.  They are in high spirits.  Blue Ranger comments, smart move, now let's finish it.  Dragonflay tells them, I won't let you stop me that easily.  Unseen, Creepox watches the battle and comments to himself, Red Ranger is a bigger problem than I thought.  Black Ranger is eager to shut the monster down.  The five Rangers charge towards Dragonflay, but Red Ranger pauses when he hears a cheer.  It is Jordan.  Jordan shouts, you guys rock!  Pink Ranger asks, what is he doing?  It's not safe.  Dragonflay gets back up.  Dragonflay sees Jordan and states, you again!  This time I'll finish the job!  Red Ranger shouts out a warning as Dragonflay fires at all of them.  The Rangers and Jordan manage not to get hit.  Creepox thinks this is the perfect time to say hello.  Jordan runs and hides, but is still able to see what is happening.  The Rangers are charging towards Dragonflay when they are knocked down by Creepox.  Creepox strikes the Rangers several times.  Creepox tells Red Ranger, you're mine now.  Creepox laughs.  Red Ranger gets up, holding his Dragon Sword and responds, think again cockroach.  You really don't understand a thing about us humans.  Creepox states, I don't want to understand you.  Red Ranger tells Creepox, and that is your big mistake.  Creepox responds, my only mistake is not crushing you before now.  Red Ranger charges towards Creepox with his Dragon Sword drawn.  Creepox easily stops the blow and strikes Red Ranger, sending him flying.  Suddenly Creepox is hit several times.  It's the rest of the Rangers with their Mega Blasters.  Creepox threatens, I'll be back when you least expect me.  Dragonflay and Creepox vanish. Later, Dragonflay is attacking the city once more.  Dragonflay is having lots of fun and wonders what else he can destroy.  The Rangers arrive and face down Dragonflay.   Red Ranger tells him our planet is not your playground.  You better be careful.  You will get more than you bargain for.  Dragonflay laughs at the Rangers and tells them they got lucky last time.  Dragonflay charges towards the Rangers with his super speed.  Red Ranger reminds the rest of the Rangers to concentrate.  Red Ranger suddenly leaps through the air with his Dragon Sword.  Creepox stops his strike.  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger fire their Mega Blasters at Dragonflay and knock him to the ground.  Black Ranger states, speed means nothing now that we can sense where you are.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger to leave Dragonflay to them.  The four Rangers race towards Dragonflay as Red Ranger battles Creepox.  Dragonflay tells the four Rangers, I'm not done yet and seemingly vanishes.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger form a circle with their backs towards each other and their Mega Blasters at the ready.  Meanwhile, Red Ranger battles Creepox.  The fight takes them away from the rest of the Rangers.  Dragonflay battles the four Rangers and knocks them down.  Dragonflay taunts them.  Humans may be fast learners, but I don't need to learn anything!  The four Rangers form their circle again and keep alert.  Suddenly the four Rangers sense where Dragonflay is at and fire their Mega Blasters.  Dragonflay is hit hard and goes flying.  Yellow Ranger exclaims, we got him!  Now let's finish him.  Blue Ranger calls on the Sea Brothers card.  Gosei tells them to use the small zords to power up their Mega Blasters.  The three zords land in the hands of Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  Pink Ranger notes, they may be small but they are going to deliver a big punch.  Blue Ranger tells them, now let's get this job done.  Dragonflay gets up as the four Rangers aim their Mega Blasters at him.  The four Rangers shout, sea blast!  Dragonflay, once again, is hit hard and is defeated.  Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger are thrilled.  Red Ranger stumbles over to the rest of the Rangers.  He tells them battling Creepox took a lot out of him.  Sorry he got away.  But this guy is not going anywhere.  The Zombats have revived Dragonflay and now he is giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their zords and form Gosei Great Megazord.  Dragonflay brags, I'm bigger and stronger.  You'll never catch me now!  Dragonflay takes off at high speed.  Pink Ranger wonders where he went.  Dragonflay races around the Gosei Great Megazord and lands several strikes.  Dragonflay laughs and tells them it's hopeless.  Dragonflay takes off.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, we're moving way too slow.  To beat this bug, we're going to need to be quicker.  Red Ranger then confesses that he is exhausted.  He tells them they need to take over.  Yellow Ranger reassures Red Ranger, that they got this.  Yellow Ranger tells Black Ranger that our zords control the Megazord's feet.  This is our show.  Let's see what they can do.  Black Ranger is ready.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay at great speed.  Dragonflay is very surprise to see how fast Gosei Great Megazord caught up to him.  Black Ranger launches Snake zord.  Snake zord strikes Dragonflay at his knees.  Dragonflay has to stop to remove Snake zord and tosses Snake zord aside.  Dragonflay takes off once more.  Black Ranger can't believe how fast Dragonflay is.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay again.  Gosei Great Megazord almost catches up to Dragonflay.  Dragonflay starts firing at the Megazord.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger are determined to get Dragonflay.  Suddenly there is a glow and two Power Cards float up.  Gosei informs them, these new cards will increase the pulsation power of your Megazord.  Black Ranger notes, these will really speed us up.  Yellow Ranger adds, new zords, new speed.  The Power Card is for the Land Brothers Zords.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger activate the zords.  The Land Brothers Zords are the Dino, Beetle, and Rhino zords.    Land Megazord is then activated as the three zords attach themselves to the Megazord.  Dragonflay takes a panic look behind him and notes he is getting nowhere fast.  The Land Megazord races after Dragonflay.  Dragonflay tries to stay ahead of Land Megazord.

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