Dream Snatcher - Voiced by Joseph Rye

A man is dozing on a bench when Dream Snatcher pops up from behind.  Dream Snatcher stared at the man.  "Ai yi yi.  His dreams look delicious."  The man was dreaming of winning a brand new car.  Dream Snatcher:  "Time to eat."  The man's dream turned unpleasant as he helplessly watched it being chomped away.  Dream Snatcher:  "And now the dream is eaten it's gone forever.  Now to find some little girl's dream for dessert."  Dream Snatcher was wiping his mouth when suddenly Bigs appeared behind him.  Bigs:  "Hola!  Dream Snatcher!  Vrak said we'll find you here."  Dream Snatcher was startled when he turned around and saw Bigs and Bluefur.  Dream Snatcher:  "Ole Senor Bigs and Senor Bluefur.  My pleasure to see you.  Why would your bulk and bigness want to catch up to me?  A poor, obscure dream eating loner?  Por que senors?"  Bigs:  "You might be helpful to us.  We have the mighty Aurora Box and we need to test it's secret powers on someone."  Bluefur:  "Yeah, and you're going to be our guinea pig!"  Bluefur pointed the Aurora Box towards Dream Snatcher.  Dream Snatcher was bathed in a golden glow.  Dream Snatcher:  "What a scary dream!"  In the city, a young man was singing as he played his guitar.  "I had a dream.  I hope comes true.  That I sing my songs for you."  Suddenly Dream Snatcher was standing next to the young man.  Dream Snatcher:  "Hola!  My singing supper!  Thanks to the Aurora Box, I can eat the dreams of people who are awake."  The young man scream, but it was too late.  Dream Snatcher quickly ate his dreams.  The young man collapsed onto the pavement and roots grew beneath him.  Dream Snatcher:  "Muchas Gracias!  Such a tasty dream!  Now you'll grow roots of despair."  In the park, a young man was running.  "I'm not going to stop short this time.  This year I'm going to finish the marathon!"  Dream Snatcher quickly caught up to the runner.  Dream Snatcher:  "And that big dream is going to be my lunch!"  The young man tried to outrun Dream Snatcher, but he couldn't.  Dream Snatcher ate his dreams and the runner collapse and roots grew beneath him.  Dream Snatcher:  "A little salty, but delicious.  Gracias!"  Dream Snatcher laughs and continued into the city to eat more dreams.  Soon the Rangers arrive in the city. Dream Snatcher was close by and quickly ate a young woman's dreams.  Dream Snatcher:  "Supperso!  So yummy in my tummy.  What a fantastico feast."  The Rangers noticed the monster close by and gather together.  Dream Snatcher spotted them as well.  Dream Snatcher:  "You must be the Rangers I've been hearing about."  Blue Ranger:  "What are you doing to these people?!"  Dream Snatcher:  "Just dining on the useless dreams of the useless humans."  Pink Ranger:  "What?"  Dream Snatcher:  "They call me the Dream Snatcher.  Usually dream snatchers eat dreams only when people are asleep.  But I've been empowered by the Aurora Box.  Now I can eat people's hopes and dreams while they're awake."  Dream Snatcher swivel his hips.  "Their spirits are imprisoned in my dark dream world. They'll never escape."  Dream Snatcher laughs.  Black Ranger:  "The Aurora Box.  So Vrak has a new weapon, huh."  Dream Snatcher:  "And the catcher is, after their dreams are eaten, their bodies grow roots of despair.  Roots that will make the Earth rot away.  After that, all you humans will wither away and this world will be ours."  Pink Ranger:  "We've got to help them."  Dream Snatcher:  "So adios muy cha-chas.  And don't be sore losers."  Yellow Ranger:  "Losers huh.  You think we would let you destroy the Earth!"  Pink Ranger:  "And take away people's dreams!"  The Rangers charge towards Dream Snatcher.  Dream Snatcher waved a white flag around as he fought off the Rangers.  Dream Snatcher:  "Ole! I am a matador at heart and I love a good bull fight.  Ole!" 

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