Hisser - Voiced by Estevez Gillespie

Hisser is a toxic monster that is known to Bluefur.  Bigs and Bluefur, along with Vrak, decided it was time to strike back at the humans.  Hisser popped up from beneath the ground and faced down the Rangers.  Hisser:  "It's time to destroy some humans."  Red Ranger:  "Back off!  You're not destroying anyone!"  Hisser:  "Your species has had it's day.  My toxic venom will alienate all of you."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Pink Ranger:  "No chance."  Black Ranger:  "Think again."  Yellow Ranger:  "No way."  Blue Ranger:  "That's not going to happen."  Suddenly Bigs and Bluefur appear.   Bigs:  "You puny humans think you can stop us.  Us mutants are unstoppable."  Bluefur:  "I can't wait to bash these little runts.  I'll stomp you all into dust."  Bluefur stomps his foot, leaving a print similar to the one spotted in the mud patch earlier by the teens.  Pink Ranger points at Bluefur.  Pink Ranger:  "Big Foot!  But how?"  Bigs laughs.  "You humans closed down that toxic factory but never cleaned up the chemicals."  Bigs laughs some more.  "You had the chance to take care of that toxic mess for years, but did you?  No.  No human ever lifted a finger to make things right.  Now it's our time."  Bluefur:  "Yeah.  We joined forces with the bugs and Vrak to take you humans out."  Pink Ranger:  "We never knew just how bad the pollution was."  Bigs:  "You brought this upon yourselves."  Bluefur growls.  Bigs:  "Think of how harmful toxins and sludge are to you, and then image how it would feel to be made of it.  Now we're going to finish what mankind foolishly started."  Blue Ranger:  "What's that?"  Bluefur:  "The destruction of your environment.  You created a toxic world.  We'll just speed up the process"  Black Ranger:  "You won't get passed us."  Bigs laughs.  "Once we attack, you'll become part of the sludge pile."  Yellow Ranger:  "No!  We'll never let you harm the earth.  Or it's people."  Bigs:  "Hisser!  Get them!"  Hisser takes a flying leap and knocks the Rangers off their feet as he flies pass them.  Hisser leaps towards the Rangers again.  Blue Ranger leaps into the air, towards Hisser, and lands a powerful kick.  Knocking Hisser out of the sky and landing on the ground.  Blue Ranger:  "I've got this one.  Watch your backs!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger fight Bigs while Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Bluefur.  Blue Ranger leaps into the air.  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Bowgun!"  Hisser is hit several times.  Hisser:  "Now I'm hissing mad!"  Hisser and Blue Ranger continue to fight.  Eventually the Rangers gather together.  Bluefur tells Bigs, these humans are much weaker than I expected.  Bigs replies, no, it's not that these silly humans are much weaker, it's just that we are much stronger.  And more pollution every day, means more and more power for us mutants.  The Rangers are surprised.  Bluefur tells them, you thoughtless humans have been making us more powerful with your pollution.  Hisser leaps up from behind the Rangers.  Hisser hits them with his slitter spit.  Hisser gloats, toxic waste in action.  The Rangers are covered in filth.  Black Ranger notes, this stuff really is nasty.  Yellow Ranger adds, it's sapping all my energy.  The Rangers can't move and soon fall to the ground.  Bluefur gloats, once you're all gone, we can start the real fun.  Bigs glides over to the fallen Rangers.  Bigs tells them, we're going to break open all the chemical tanks everywhere.  Hisser adds, the earth will become a sea of slime.  A paradise for mutants and a graveyard for humans.  Red Ranger protests, no, and he struggles to get back up.  The Rangers manage to get back up.  Red Ranger cries, get them!  The Rangers charge towards the three.  Hisser charges towards the Rangers.  The Rangers fight Hisser with their mega weapons.  Hisser dives beneath the ground and back above ground several times, avoiding the blows from their weapons.  Hisser strikes the Rangers and they fall to the ground once more.  Hisser gloats, down for the count.  Red Ranger tells his team, keep fighting no matter what.  Hisser is surprise.  These humans are more resilient than I expected.  Bigs thinks a ball of toxic fire will change that.  Bluefur and Bigs combines their weapons and fires it towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard and knocked off their feet once more.  Hisser is ready to use his slime to finish off the Rangers.  Hisser is laughing when a sudden bright light streaks past Hisser, knocking him off his feet and landing a short distance away. 

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