The Rangers, with their Gosei Great Megazord, had been having an suspiciously easy battle with Distractor.  Distractor:  "It seems you're just too incredibly powerful for me.  I'll need some reinforcements.  Phantom creatures who share my cause.  Rise and join me."  Distractor uses his ability to summon four monsters.  Two previous monsters, Hisser and Psychotick and two new monsters, Mummy and Kesaran.  Pink Ranger:  "Just like that, there's more of them!"  Mummy, Hisser, Psychotick, and Kesaran step forward and line up with Distractor.    Distractor:  "Surprise!  I summoned some long lost friends, who have a burning need to fight against you.  Their anger has increased their strength by a hundred times."  Red Ranger:  "Let's take them down guys!"  All:  "Victory Charge!  Activate!"  Gosei Great Megazord prepares to strike.  All:  "Megastrike!"  But the strikes does nothing against the four monsters.  Distractor:  "Slash all you want.  You can't hurt them."  All:  "Huh?"  Soon the four monsters have Gosei Great Megazord surrounded.  Yellow Ranger:  "This is crazy.  What's going on?"  Distractor is enjoying himself.  "You're clueless!  You Rangers are too easy to fool!"  Suddenly Distractor is hit several times.  Distractor:  "What?!  Who did that?!"  Distractor spotted a giant figure coming towards him.  Distractor:  "No!" A giant Robo Knight suddenly appears.  Robo Knight:  "Threats to the Earth must be destroyed."  Robo Knight strikes Distractor several more times with his Robo Blade.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Pink Ranger:  "No way!"  Yellow Ranger:  "He has a giant form too!"  Robo Knight:  "He is trying to trick you.  The monsters he created are only illusions."  Robo Knight continued his fight against Distractor and knocked him to the pavement.  Pink Ranger:  "Huh?  They're not real."  Black Ranger:  "Watch this!"  Gosei Great Megazord tried once more to strike the monsters, but it's sword simply went through them.  Blue Ranger:  "So they're fake, but why?"  Gosei Great Megazord continued to strike the monsters with no success.  Robo Knight:  "Time for me to bring you back down to Earth!"  Robo Knight struck Distractor hard enough with his Robo Blade that Distractor ended up in the woods and back down to normal size.  Robo Knight returns to normal size as well.  The rest of the Rangers arrive and Robo Knight informed them that Distractor was keeping them busy and away from the Wild Sword.  The Rangers went after the Wild Sword and were tricked by Vrak, who ended up with the Wild Sword.  Soon the Rangers are facing down Vrak and Distractor once more.  Vrak decides to test out the sword by powering up Distractor.  Distractor:  "I can feel it's force surging through me!  Phantoms!  Join me!"  Mummy, Hisser, Skyfish, Psychotick, Kesaran, and Gremlin suddenly appeared and stood in a line with Distractor.  Black Ranger:  "I'm not going to waste time on these illusions again!"   The Rangers charge towards the monsters and are immediately struck by the various monsters.  Distractor:  "They're not illusions anymore!"  Black Ranger:  "What?!"  Black Ranger got back up only to be hit with Hisser's goo.  Electrical currents run through Black Ranger and he falls to the ground.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger race over and kneel by him.  Pink Ranger:  "Jake!"  Yellow Ranger:  "What's going on?  I thought they were holograms."   Distractor:  "Thanks to the Wild Sword's power, now they can attack!"  Mummy, Hisser, Psychotick, Kesaran, Gremlin, and Skyfish walked towards the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly got back up with their mega weapons at the ready.  Red Ranger:  "And so can we!"  The Rangers charged towards the monsters.  Red Ranger fights Mummy.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  Black Ranger fights Hisser.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger fights Gremlin.  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Gremlin and Hisser are knocked to the ground, but they quickly get back up and strike Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger hard.  Pink Ranger is fighting Skyfish.  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Shot!"  Pink Ranger fires her Phoenix Shot at Skyfish but Skyfish vanished before it could be hit.  Pink Ranger:  "Where did it go?"  Suddenly Skyfish was behind Pink Ranger.  Skyfish:  "Surprise!"  Pink Ranger tried to kick Skyfish, but it ducked out of the way.  Skyfish struck Pink Ranger with it's weapon.  Blue Ranger leaped over a half wall and then fired his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Bowgun!"  Kesaran knocked the blasts away with ease.  Kesaran ran over to where Blue Ranger stood and struck him.  Robo Knight was fighting Psychotick.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blaster!"  Robo Knight fired his Robo Blaster at Psychotick several times.  But it does nothing and Psychotick shoots it's energy at Robo Knight and hits him hard.  Red Ranger continues to fight Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger:  "I don't get it.  No matter how hard we hit them, these monsters keep bouncing back."  Mummy knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers are knocked to the ground as well.  Only Robo Knight remains standing.  The Rangers get back up.  Distractor:  "All right!  Eight leg assault!"  Distractor stretches out it's legs and attacks the Rangers as well.  The Rangers are knocked to the ground once more.  Vrak walks up to stand beside the monsters.  Vrak:  "It's time for all of you to get a reality check you won't forget.  Courtesy of my Wild Sword."  Vrak is ready to fire but Wild Sword begins to resist once more.  Vrak:  "Still resisting?"  Vrak has a hard time keeping his hand on it.  Vrak shocks the sword.  But this time it doesn't work.  Vrak:  It's out of control!"  Vrak spins around and Wild Sword blasts away.  The blasts knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Vrak walks up to the fallen Rangers, followed by the monsters.  Vrak:  "This sword may be fighting back, but it's power is amazing!  And I will make it obey me."  Robo Knight:  "Why would it want to obey you?"  Yellow Ranger:  "You're just hurting it.  Forcing it to fight against it's wishes."  Red Ranger:  "Of course!  That's it!  The sword isn't out of control.  It just doesn't want to follow Vrak's evil commands!"  Pink Ranger:  "He's right."  Yellow Ranger:  "Yeah!"  Red Ranger:  "Why else would it rebel against Vrak's orders to destroy the city.  The Wild Sword wants to be a force for good.  It's choosing to fight it's evil plan"  Blue Ranger:  "It must want to protect the Earth too."  Black Ranger:  "but if that's true, then why do you think it resisted you?"  Red Ranger:  "I don't know.  Maybe we have to show we're worthy first."  Red Ranger stands up.  "And that's a risk, I'm willing to take."   Red Ranger drops his Dragon Sword to the ground and charges towards Wild Sword.  Vrak:  "So, you've chosen your own destruction."  Red Ranger grabs a hold of Wild Sword through the blast.  Red Ranger holds tightly onto Wild Sword as Vrak blasts him with it.  Vrak:  "You're out of your mind!"  Red Ranger:  "The Wild Sword is ours Vrak.  It won't bend to your will."  Blue Ranger:  "Hang tough Troy!"  Black Ranger:  "Don't let go bud!"  Pink Ranger:  "You can do it!"  Yellow Ranger shouts, we believe in you!  Red Ranger struggles to hold onto the Wild Sword.  Red Ranger makes a telepathic connection to Wild Sword.  After a few moments, Red Ranger shouts out to Vrak that he is connected to the true spirit of the Wild Sword.  I know it's on our side.  Vrak gets mad and shakes Red Ranger off.  Telling him there is no way a human can connect to a sword's spirit.  Red Ranger shouts back, you're wrong Vrak!  Vrak yells stop it!  I will force it to do my bidding!  Red Ranger holds out his hand and yells, dragon spirit!  Protect the Earth!  Wild Sword breaks free of Vrak's grasp.  Gosei informs them that now they have tamed the Wild Sword, your new ultra powers are unlocked.  The time has come for you to take control of your new ultra zords.  The Rangers watch in amazement as the ultra zords fly above them.  The ultra zords line up in front of the Rangers and beams emerged from their mouths.  The Ultra Swords appear in each Ranger's hand.  Robo Knight is impressed.  Amazing.  Red Ranger notes, using these we'll be able to connect with the dragon spirit.  The Rangers open the top of their Ultra Swords and place their ultra zord inside it.  Ultra mode is activated.  Vrak is furious.  What is this?  Why didn't the Wild Sword give it's power to me?  Red Ranger replies, simple.  Because you want to destroy the Earth.  Not protect it!  Vrak proclaims he is going to get the Rangers and their new ultra zords.  Vrak shoots his power at the Rangers.  The Rangers' golden wings immediately shield them.  Vrak is surprised.  Vrak and the Rangers charge towards each other.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Vrak with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is hit hard and rolls onto the pavement.  Vrak gets back up and Black Ranger and Blue Ranger strike him with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is knocked to the pavement once more.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and when he comes down he strikes Vrak with his Ultra Sword.  Red Ranger lands several strikes against Vrak.  Vrak ends up on the pavement once more.  Distractor steps in front of Vrak to shield him.  Distractor states, I will take over from here.  Attack!  Mummy, Hisser, Skyfish, Psychotick, Kesaran, and Gremlin charge towards the Rangers.  Vrak instructs Distractor to finish them for me!  Vrak vanishes.  The Rangers fight the monsters with their Ultra Swords as Robo Knight looks on.  Robo Knight notes, these creatures are no match for the Rangers' new powers.  Black Ranger fights Hisser with his Ultra Sword.  Hisser sprays Black Ranger with his goo.  For a moment, Black Ranger is encased in stone.  Black Ranger breaks free.  Black Ranger laughs and comments, I rock!  Black Ranger charges towards Hisser and continues to fight him with his Ultra Sword.  Mummy uses it's power to wrap Pink Ranger tightly.  Pink Ranger breaks free.  Mummy is on fire as Pink Ranger comments, really?  You used mummy cloth against my phoenix flame.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air, spins around, and strikes Mummy with her Ultra Sword as she comes down.  Yellow Ranger battles Psychotick with her Ultra Sword.  Yellow Ranger is having a hard time until the armor's headpiece gives Psychotick a bite.  Psychotick goes flying through the air and when he comes down, Yellow Ranger hits him with her Ultra Sword, sending him flying once more.  Blue Ranger is fighting Skyfish with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger comments, you're looking a little blue, but that's not going to stop me.  Skyfish blasts Blue Ranger, but the armor protects him.  Blue Ranger comments, I think I like this new armor.  Blue Ranger turns around and his Ultra Sword stretches out and strikes Skyfish hard.  Red Ranger is fighting Kesaran and Gremlin with his Ultra Sword.  Gremlin thinks they have the advantage with two against one.  But Red Ranger fights them with ease.  The monsters tumble back towards Distractor.  Distractor is in disbelief.  This can't be.  My army is getting toasted.  The Rangers line up.  Red Ranger declares, time to finish this.  Uniting their ultra power, the Rangers used the dynamic strike against the monsters and they are destroyed.

Ultra Power