No Joke- Voiced by Simon McKinney

No Joke has the ability to collect people's laughter into a pod he carries with him.  No Joke was in Harwood County and watched as two comics had their audience in stitches.  Soon the audience turned into golden orbs, except for Jake, Noah, and Emma, and floated towards No Joke.  No Joke holds out his pod.  "Come to me little laugh balls!"  The golden orbs are sucked into the pod.  The comics scream and run off the stage as No Joke gets on the stage and faces the teens.  No Joke:  "You think laughter makes the world go round?!  I'm here to end that sound."  Jake:  "Who are you?  I mean, what are you?"  No Joke:  "My name is No Joke and that's no joke!  I want to silence laughter because it annoys me!  So when people laugh, I trap them!"  Gia's image could be seen through the pod.  Gia:  "Hey!  Quit it!  Let us out now or I'll kick your butt!"  Jake becomes alarmed.  "Gia's in there!"  No Joke:  "I caught one of your friends!  Well then time is ticking away for her!  Once it runs out, they'll all dissolve in there, and I'll drink them up!"  No Joke pretended to drink from his pod.  "Yum!"   Troy:  "We got to get everyone out of that pod!"  No Joke:  "No Joke out!"  No Joke hurried off the stage and took off.  No Joke is running through the city.  No Joke:  "When it comes to laughter, I rather skip it."  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger are close behind him.  No Joke skids to a stop as he is hit with several blasts.  It's Robo Knight with his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight:  "No need to chase him when you have weapons to stop him."  Red Ranger:  "Wait!"  Pink Ranger:  "Hey No Joke!  Free Gia and the others!"  No Joke is surprised.  "What do we have here?!  You're saying I got a Power Ranger in my gourd?  Well, if Gia hadn't laughed so hard, she would have been out of her gourd instead of trapped in mine."  No Joke laughs.  Black Ranger charges towards No Joke, trying to grab the gourd.  "Give that to me!"  No Joke easily outmaneuvers him.  The rest of the Rangers join in. No Joke hands the gourd to Black Ranger.  "Here, hold your friend while I beat up your other friends."  No Joke makes easy work of the three Rangers and just as easily takes the gourd back from Black Ranger.  No Joke flies up into the sky.  "Looks like you could all use some fresh air!  And I'm your biggest fan!"  No Joke uses his wings to create strong winds that knock the four Rangers off their feet.  Robo Knight:  "Easy target."  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke.  No Joke is hit and falls to the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Let's get him!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger:  "Twist Tornado!"  No Joke is not impressed.  "That's a light breeze compared to my winds of discontent.  Choke on that!"  No Joke uses his wings to create wind that pushes the Twist Tornado back against Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The two Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Robo Knight quickly stands in front of them.  Robo Knight:  "I will protect you."  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster.  No Joke flies away.  No Joke:  "Too bad I can't stay and play."  No Joke laughs.  No Joke lands close to a riverbank where Bigs and Bluefur are waiting for him.  No Joke:  "Hi!"  Bigs:  "Well, it's about time."  Bluefur:  "How did it go?"  No Joke:  "Great!  I captured a lot of laughter.  Even caught me a Power Ranger!"  Bigs:  "Nice.  Since humans like to laugh a lot, this plan is fool proof."  No Joke:  "I'll keep them giggling until there are no more humans left.  If they laugh long and hard, they can't escape me!  Soon I'll never have to hear that terrible noise again."  Bluefur:  "No more Rangers to deal with.  And the Earth wiped clean of humans!  That sounds wonderful!"  Bluefur laughs and begins to be pulled into the pod.  No Joke:  "Stop that awful laughing!  If you don't quit, you'll end up trapped in my pod!"  Bluefur quickly stops laughing and hangs his head in shame.  "Oh no!  Sorry."  No Joke:  "That's better.  Think evil thoughts."  Bigs:  "Keep sucking up those happy people until there's no laughter anywhere!"  No Joke:  "Don't worry.  Soon this place will be as quiet as a library."  Soon No Joke is wandering through the city, looking for more laughs.  He spots a birthday party being held at a park with a clown for an entertainment.  No Joke:  "Perfect.  A human buffet of laughter.  My pod will suck them up like a smorgasbord."  No Joke skips over to the party.  "My turn!  My turn!"  No Joke pushes the clown aside.  "Beat it Bozo!"  The parents and children all think this is part of the performance and laugh.  No Joke easily gathers them into his pod.  "A laugh here.  A laugh there.  Everywhere a laugh, a laugh.  I should have been in show business.  I would have been a star."  No Joke sets off to gather more laughter.  No Joke is prancing around an underground garage and singing.  "Humans, the joke's on you!"  No Joke laughs and continues with his jingle.  "Humans, the joke's on you!"  Black Ranger:  "There he is!"  No Joke is startled to see the Rangers.  "Rangers!  Talk about spoiling the moment!"  Red Ranger:  "Okay guys.  Let's use Noah and Robo Knight's lack of humor to our advantage.  Since they won't laugh, they can take him out!"  Pink Ranger:  "Right."  Black Ranger:  "Good call.  You guys need to save Gia."  Pink Ranger:  "Don't forget to save the others too.  Good luck."  Blue Ranger:  "Don't worry, we've got this covered."  Blue Ranger goes into a fight stance.  "Let's do this together Robo Knight."  Instead Robo Knight charges forward.  Blue Ranger:  "Hey!  Wait for me!"  No Joke fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight lands several punches on No Joke.  No Joke:  "Now that's not funny."   Blue Ranger leaps in and fires his Shark Bowgun.  No Joke fights Blue Ranger.  No Joke:  "You're a joke.  Now watch me deliver a punch line."  No Joke knocks Blue Ranger to the pavement.  Blue Ranger lands by Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "You failed to engage the enemy in a synchronized fashion.  What happened?"  Blue Ranger:  "What happened is you jumped the gun."  Robo Knight:  "I didn't see any gun to jump over."  No Joke leaps towards the two.  No Joke:  "May I jump in?!"  No Joke fights Blue Ranger and Robo Knight.  No Joke manages to knock Blue Ranger to the pavement once more.  Robo Knight:  "Follow my lead!  Sea shower!"  Blue Ranger:  "Sea shower!"  Blue Ranger & Robo Knight:  "Activate!"  No Joke manages to avoid being hit.  No Joke:  "You guys couldn't hit a target if it slapped you in the face!  So allow me!"  No Joke slashes them several times.  "Take that!  And that!  And that!  And that!"  Robo Knight and Blue Ranger are pushed back, with Blue Ranger landing on the pavement once more.  Pink Ranger:  "Noah!"  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger quickly run over to them.  Black Ranger looks at Robo Knight.  Black Ranger:  "You two aren't working together!"  No Joke:  "Maybe this will tickle your fancy.  Tickle wind!"  No Joke does several more slashes towards the Rangers.  No Joke then summons his tickle wind.  It wraps around Pink Ranger and Black Ranger.  They both start laughing.  Quickly they are sucked into the pod.   Red Ranger shouts, stop right there!  No Joke comments, guess I'll just have to wing it until I can get all of you to laugh!  No Joke starts laughing, but quickly stops and covers his mouth.  No Joke does several more slashes towards the remaining three Rangers.  No Joke vows to be back with a new routine.  No Joke flies away. 

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